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  • 11maria 1w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    "Unread Books"
    Vexations, Dejected or Weeping
    Commence ourselves Inking Unpredicted piece of Poetry
    Broken, rhyming or Free Verse
    Lyric, Narrative or Dramatic
    A tête-à-tête Betwix His Soul and He Himself,
    As soon as the First Paraphrase touches untouched Surface of a Diary.

    Writer's block, a remote Isolation
    Emotional state stays in Mayhem,
    The idea to Pen Revireing is Frightening,
    Phrases Haunting, inducing horror Sentences in Mind,
    Pens, An antagonist,
    Writer's block Make Author Ne'er to
    Inscribe Words Together.
    Surprisingly Writers Come back originating from the Scratch,
    And possibly end up with de novo book.

    The Book United with the Others,
    In a Dark and Silent Library,
    Placed in the Bookshelf as per its review,
    Only removed when it's Dusting Phase.

    An Author, battling against Writers block, Surprised himself by writing a Book,
    Wants us to read the Meaning behind every page he Wrote,
    He wants to heal Where he's hurt by Watching Readers, read!
    But instead the pages they're getting old and torn, with Spiders webbing.

    Libraries, Always Bleeding in Pages
    No one's gonna comes, to pick up the Torn pages,
    That pages which defined someone's Life one time
    Is now Flying in the Sunlight with the Autumn leaves.

    Old pages whole heartedly Communicates with The Sunlight,
    "Mr Shine,
    The moment they'll come to read my Yellow Pages of poetries,
    Will be the Moment when my Owner Dies! "

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    When the Time comes,
    Writers are missed in the middle of the Poetries, Quotes and Stories.

  • 11maria 6w

    There are some people who don't know what they really want.
    And some others who are hesitating even though they know what they want.
    But this thing called opportunity is suddenly coming to you like an unpredicted shower,
    So only the people who are prepared can grasp it!
    ©Mubasshira Quraishi

  • 11maria 7w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    There's tranquility in Cold Water
    I touched it, I felt
    A scintilla of Silence
    I don't know how,
    But, I cherished it.

    In an ounce of moment,
    I Percieved an enthusiasm to escape
    Break free in the Freezing Ocean
    Experience quietude altogether,
    Freeze up towards the bottom of the Ocean.

    I Adore the Beauty of Horizon apprehended only from this far,
    Unbelievable creations I'm eyeing with Naked eyes Underwater.

    Calamatious Rainy Clouds Assembled on top of The Ocean
    Dark Black Clouds, Thunder, Lightening,
    It Scared me!
    The clouds Smiled at me and started to Precipitate,
    Making me fell in Love in the Complexions Once again.

    Cold Water was Cascading Down with Intense Thunder stroke,
    Striking Far and Wide
    I was Afraid!
    The Clouds Smiled once again and It Began to Snow,
    Snowflakes were like a Group of Dandelions who left their roots And started flying.

    The Water became much Colder than Before,
    This time I Smiled while looking towards the Clouds from underwater,
    Drowning in an Ocean with Mesmerizing Creations Contented me.
    Don't come to save me
    I'm Drowning in Harmony!
    ©Mubasshira Quraishi

    "Next time Let's escape in Space"(Part 2)

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    Cold Water

  • 11maria 10w


    I wrote something after a long time.

    In peace with capturing Moment's
    Memories came rushing forward
    Frozen time, nostalgic, euphoric!
    It was Hard to Inhale Candids and Awkward!

    Looking back in the days
    I think a lot of time has passed
    With Scrapped knees and cherishing heart, came along
    Little rain of tears for the Time which ran so fast.

    Never have I thought about how,
    How Easily our life will be here
    Stuck in Frames and Photo books,
    Books which will never be opened for years.

    It's time for farewell
    A bye bye to the past
    Hard to erase the Joyful years of our life
    But still, nothing lasts!

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  • 11maria 25w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    In your routine life
    You may feel low
    Aspirations to win every need
    Make sure you buy words too!

    Distanced with Writings
    Excused poetries
    No more birthday Poems
    Come back, Oh jeez!

    Eager for challenges
    You were a big Part of it
    Delighted by Writersnetwork repost
    Will once again feel it!

    Oh, what about Collaboration?
    Communications with friends
    Describes the gifts of poetry
    "Use of Distinctive style and rhythm"

    Anticipated to write
    Why not make it true?
    Aren't you gone for a long Break?
    Hope to see you soon!

    Happy birthday shaiz❤
    Have a great day!
    May Allah bless you!

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    Mr Personification,
    You are a Writer. Start again. We're here for you!

  • 11maria 25w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @12mizzy

    "Poetry for a little girl"

    Little girl and her innocence
    Didn't realize,
    She's Growing up so fast
    Yeah, time flies!

    Little girl and her Spectacles
    Two eyes to four
    Matching Specs with Dress
    That flawless smile of yours!

    Little girl stealing my Playlist
    "Pop", the music genre
    Rhythm we truly adore
    Pieces of Lyrics you do know!

    Little girl and our secrets
    Oh, Our trust!
    Meaningless videos Always pop-up
    Grinning Faces, focus!

    Little girl and her Assignments
    Why did I do?
    Me "Writings completed!"
    Exhilaration rushed inside her
    Little did I knew!

    Little girl and Her games
    Do not disturb her in between tho!
    Pro player in COC and COD
    Pubg Her first love or Second, Dunno!

    Little girl and her Write-ups
    How Heartedly she Pen!
    Like the waves of Ocean
    Peaceful, enliven, tranquilizing if read!

    Little girl, still a little girl
    My little girl!
    My little sibling!
    May you have a Blessing life with me❤
    Happy birthday girl❤

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    Poetry for a little girl


  • 11maria 27w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    Brother (An emotion, Not Referring a guy)
    It's a Today Generation thing so let's use this word.

    It's an advice By me and to Me too.
    A 19 years old Teenager Advising Teens

    If you are dating a guy or a girl,
    Just because you don't really want to be alone. Feel alone, Or Just you wanna make it impressive In front of your brothers
    I Swear never really date.
    You don't really care for him/her.
    in fact You're letting yourself Drink a burden
    In Alphabets together read as "C A R E"
    It's just not a good timing for your Soul
    You are drowning in emotions
    Letting him/her drown by breaking his/her heart.
    Which will one day make him/her so Heartless
    That they'll not let you down and Happily Continue the Cycle.
    Just Look at yourself
    You can't take care of yourself
    So how will you take care of your Luv.
    Love is An affection, a Warmth
    You Need to care of them
    As you care for your Families, Friends, neighbours
    And finally love them with all your heart.

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    This Generation need an advice

    Love isn't subjecting you a command to care
    it's natural and it comes from the inside.

  • 11maria 30w


    If Objects could talk!
    My Pillow would already have been Ordered
    A transparent wall to protect my Heart
    from the Storms of the outside world

  • 11maria 31w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork


    "I'll weep on stranger's shoulder
    Rather then on known's "

    Familiar faces will judge
    Let it be Good or bad
    Compliment or Criticism
    For Love or hate
    At time's take advantage of flaws
    Let fall you in Situations
    There ain't promises and secrets
    Kept for word well-defined as "Forever"

    Stranger! Won't judge
    Instead they are Helping hand to make a day
    A tissue for tears
    A cheering to smile
    Will leave you in time Dear!
    Leaving blessings from miles

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    Blessings from strangers

  • 11maria 36w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    (One's hand looking dull - Without a Present)


    Rose, Sunflower, Marigold, Daisy
    Why only Flower?
    Have to Witness Emotions
    When one's word possess power.

    Twilight for a Proposal,
    Or a well-wisher Visit to the Hospital,
    Plucked up Flowers from exquisite Sceneries
    It's just an excuse to forbid one's hand looking dull.

    Don't make heart sprout for Affections
    With A Face wearing Smile
    And a Hand bearing plucked flowers
    Words still acquires "the Countless"
    Jackpot Crown of the emotions.

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    They were Alive! "The Flowers" They weren't withering too!

    You Pulled out flowers For her
    And she's still Dreaming to view
    A Landscape flowers full of life
    With you!