Those who choose to lay in the river, eventually drift into someone they know, they call it fate!

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  • 12mizzy 1w

    My mom used to tell me,
    "The world is really wild"
    Not because you are a teen or adult,
    But because you are a "girl child".

    "Don't keep flaunting your dress,
    Keep a scarf on your chest,
    Stay away from your male friends,
    What? were you laughing with them?"

    Am i not meant to be happy?
    Or not free to flex my clothes?
    Is it a crime to be flabby?
    Or hear people say"why do you wear those"?

    My clothes are the problem?
    Life was in peace,
    But someone said,
    "Girl something is visible from your shoulder"
    Ahaa! The strap or bra,
    That's where you focus gone colder.

    But why don't boys,
    Keep their eyes,
    In a perfect manner,
    And let the girl feel safe in every corner.

    Do clothes really define a girls character?
    What was the fault of that 2 months old toddler?
    Got raped by her own brother.
    What was the fault of that hijabi girl ?
    With just two eyes popping to see the world.
    What was the 65 years old womens fault?
    She was crying out loud in pain,
    But he was enjoying evey part of her vein.

    Why don't this world understand?
    I don't want Superiority,
    I want equal priority.
    I want to enjoy those,
    night walks and funny talks,
    I want to feel safe at 3am.
    Travelling back home after,
    Working for my dreams.
    I want the driver to drop me safe,
    Instead of throwing me in a vacant building.

    I want to feel safe at my own shelter,
    From my father,
    From my brother.
    I want to feel safe with my male friends,
    With my security guard,
    With my school professor,
    I want to live,
    I want to fill my journey,
    with happiness.

    I am sorry to myself,
    I am sorry to my parents,
    I am sorry to all my near and dear ones.
    I know i am meant to survive,
    I know my dreams are yet incomplete.

    But that fingers crossing,
    Each part of my body,
    Uff!! That devil touch.
    That painful moment.
    That Breathless instant.
    Won't allow me to live the life.
    So i am leaving you all.
    My soul isn't strong anymore.
    Take care ❤

    @mirakeeworld @mirakee_words @mirakee_post @11maria

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  • 12mizzy 18w

    When God made us sisters,
    He united the two best bonds together.
    Relation named as cousins,
    Actually best friends.
    A middle child of the family,
    A half slice of me.
    Not always together,
    But the bond we introduced is forever.
    The vibe is as perfect as mine.
    Trusting each other blindly.
    Waiting eagerly for another meet.
    The album's we create,
    With so many wierd pics,
    Has made our bond more brighter.
    The time I am upset,
    I can just scroll and text you,
    Boom! My mood swings.
    Whenever the work is incomplete,
    No worries just call mubby,
    And guess what?
    You are done with everything.
    Now, she is not a teen anymore.
    Life is now more complicated,
    Than her science subject.
    Happy birthday bhena❤

    @11maria @mirakeeworld

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    Happy birthday


  • 12mizzy 20w

    I lost myself while making him smile,
    Made up all the gaps of his life.
    Wrote his name on every chapter of my life,
    But he left me Spiritless.
    Now the day bleeds and night falls,
    I catched you several time when you fall,
    but now you are not here,to heal me at all.
    Is it wrong to love someone?
    Or make memories with someone?
    Was i not enough for you?
    I agreed in your each and every decision.
    Though now I am used of being betrayed.
    But you say don't you feel tired betraying me?
    I started my life's chapter with you,
    And wanted to fill each and every page with you.
    But you weren't that Lucky to be a part of my life.
    As my God doesn't make false decision.
    We both were in love,
    But now the situation is,you was and i am still.

  • 12mizzy 37w

    9th May' 21


    My happiness, Her sacrifices
    My fitness, her care
    My success, Her hard work
    My outfits,her choice
    My manners, her guidance
    My decision, her advices
    My anger, her control

  • 12mizzy 38w

    How happy the childhood was.
    The eagerness for the evenings,
    To play with stone and sticks,
    Marbles on knees,

    Playing Hide And seek,
    And finding our friends.
    The one use to have Beyblade,
    Was the richest guy of the group.

    Receiving two chocolates from our friend,
    On thier birthday,
    And making their celebration grand.

    Making friends was just a hobby,
    But now we need a friend who is comely.
    How easy it was to kick people from our life by just saying,
    "Katti toh katti tu khaa matti mai khau chocolate"
    The second day we played with the same person we fought yesterday by just touching the two fingers with theirs and saying,"bucchi"

    I never felt the needs of toys,
    Though it was infinite,
    But my childhood wasn't.

    I am not that eager to be a billionaire,
    As compared to going through
    My childhood pictures,
    And wanting those days back.

    Childhood was something,
    To laugh on anything,
    And cry on senseless things.
    Now we need manners to laugh,
    And loneliness to cry.
    @11maria @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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  • 12mizzy 39w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    "A LITTLE BOY! "

    A little bit of heaven came down,
    There was a child born.
    Apple of his mothers eye,
    Diamond for his father ring.
    As he was the first born son,
    With big dreams,
    And mind gleams,
    Miracle to the family.
    He was wondering the best day of his life,
    Though it was the first day of his beginning.
    Growing older day by day,
    Turning mischievous from the behavior.
    Enjoying the evenings,
    Coming back with bruising knees.
    Waiting for the Friday night,
    To see all the friends Unite.
    After some years he turned as a Teenager,
    Time to place all the memories in shelf,
    Holding the bag with responsibilities.
    And taking life decisions,
    A route to his further journey.

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  • 12mizzy 39w

    Brother from another mother!

    The first time we saw each other,
    We became the best brothers.
    Each and every time together,
    Has made our bond more brighter.
    And the album full of crazy pictures.
    Trusting each other blindly and,
    Sharing the galaxy of memories.
    The infinity set of secrets to hold,
    Waiting eagerly for the another meet.
    To share more secrets with heavy greed.
    The debris advices we share,
    are always the best.
    Relations named as cousins,
    Actually best friends.
    The vibe is as same as mine,
    What can i expect from a person,
    More than this.
    The bond we made is unbreakable.
    The memories we made are unforgettable.
    The perfect way of describing you is,
    "Brother from another Mother".

  • 12mizzy 39w

    A live today!

    Everyone know stability,
    But no one knows how to balance.
    Everyone need somebody to love them at their worst,
    But no one wants to be somebody to love someone at their worst.
    Our world is changing,
    Everyone's busy blaming our youth.
    Though we ourselves made the world this way.
    This generation all want is Facebook, Pubg, Instagram.
    They no longer want to have conversation face to face.
    Playing X-box and watching Netflix,
    No excitement left for doraemon movies.
    Old generation was something full of respect.
    Today's generation all want is respect,
    But don't know to respect back.
    They don't make friends until thier vibe match,
    Though we were the one to make numerous of friends!

  • 12mizzy 39w

    The unbeatable sky

    Darker the sky, peaceful the nights,
    How adorable to remember the memorial sights.
    Unload the bag packs of dreams and promises,
    In the arrival of wishing stars.
    Dream and wish and overlook your faults,
    Welcome them with your blemishes.
    Darker the sky, brighter the moon.
    Round like a coin,
    Wrapped in silver shinning womb.
    Always there to shine.
    The presence of moon,
    is different level of comfort.
    A star sparkled and,
    Vanished in a minute.
    The Darker the sky, Peaceful the night.

  • 12mizzy 39w