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  • 17musancwadi2003 31w

    I am sorry

    I looked at your coffin as it descended down to the earth.
    My heart ached with pain as it reminded me of your birth.
    Peacefully lying there with a smile on your face
    When you were born it was the same.

    I felt ashamed of being there
    Because I knew that I never deserved it.
    I hid behind the tombstones
    I wanted to cherish the moment.

    To see you one last time
    Before you would take a full ride,
    My heart broke into pieces remembering all the excuses.
    Excuses that I made as reasons to be far away.

    I thought I made a mistake.
    I thought you were the mistake.
    I am sorry for things to turn out this way...
    Because as a Father I have failed.

  • 17musancwadi2003 34w

    You Once Told Me

    You once told me you will stay by my side
    But all of that was a lie.
    You once told me you would protect me
    Only to find out later that you would be my enemy.

    I trusted your words
    I believed your promises
    Never knew that they were full of mysteries.
    To my eyes they were clear as day
    They made me believe that you would stay,
    To my dismay,to you it was all just a game.

    You once told me things will be okay
    But where are you now?
    I am drowning in this darkness and decay,
    There is no one to pull me out.

    Your words have hurt me that I can't trust anymore
    Your words have pained me that I can't feel no more.
    My soul is shattered,it can never be repaired.

    You once told me you will stay by my side
    But you left me to die.

  • 17musancwadi2003 35w


    The grass is green
    The road is clean.
    The trees whisper a song
    The birds chirp 'so long'.

    Sun shines bright,
    Bringing a pure and beautiful light.
    The wind calm and accepting,
    Is this what peace feels like?

    Song of nature humming.
    Blue sky brightening and smiling.
    Waves of the sea clashing softly
    A wonderful hymn calming.
    Sparks in the dark
    Stars with no lark
    Is this what peace feels like?

  • 17musancwadi2003 35w

    Holding On

    Life is complicated. The choices you make each and everyday shape your reality. Nothing is achieved easily. For you to reach the top you have to start at the bottom. Climbing the hill of success is so difficult that many times you feel like giving up. But giving up is not a choice when you want to live a successful life. Holding on is the choice you have to make because when you are holding on through the difficulty things become easier to achieve. Your mind and body learns to adapt. Hence at the end you are able to achieve your success.

  • 17musancwadi2003 40w

    The Rise of the Sun

    I was born on the land of great rivers.
    I grew up between the roots of salvation
    Deep down protected from the rest of the world.
    The only light I could see was the dawn of the sun.
    The only book I could read was my father's words of wisdom.
    Wisdom that made me believe I was a warrior.
    But,Oh.Life proved me wrong.

    Taught and spit out from my forefathers tongue my hair grew and
    so did my thoughts.
    My mind wandered endlessly through the roots of salvation.
    Over the great rivers into the mountains.
    From the mountains to the horizon beyond my imagination.
    I never knew my imagination would take me on a journey of redemption.

    Crossing the grasslands of where I was born,
    Revolution and resistance filled my mind.
    Warrior I was turned me into man.
    Man that knew nothing of the dangers of the world.
    Father's words of wisdom flew west with the wind.
    But my mind threaded east
    where the sun rose.

  • 17musancwadi2003 42w

    Sticks and Stones

    Sticks and stones may break your bones
    But you will remain stronger and stronger.
    Sticks and stones may break your bones
    But you will remain stronger and stronger

    Being strong makes you stand pain
    One day you will be stronger than any fighter.
    Sticks and stones may break your bones
    But you will remain stronger and stronger.

    Fight and fight,
    You will gain your right
    To stand tall through fright
    Fight and fight,
    You will gain your right
    To stand tall in might.

    Rise and rise,
    You will see the light
    That sticks and stones strengthen your life.

    Sticks and stones may break your bones
    But you will remain stronger and stronger.

  • 17musancwadi2003 44w

    Pureless Heart

    During the day as the sun shines bright I smile the brightest to enlighten the hearts of those who are saddened.
    Through the rough winds of hatred I stand still and strong to protect those vulnerable to their enemies.
    In the rain I open my arms and wings, and embrace those with scars and dark lives to give them the warmth in my heart.
    I extend my hands and take hold the hands of those suffering and walk them through the hailstorms they face.

    At the end of the day when darkness overshadows the light my wounds open and my scars bleed. But I do not feel the pain as I know I have something to live for. I have a purpose. And that purpose is to be the shield for those who suffer.

  • 17musancwadi2003 45w

    Death Covered Me

    I was lying down on the floor
    Blood dripping from the corner of my mouth
    Thinking about my family and friends
    Thinking about them talking to me
    Warm smiles on their faces never fading
    But I guess it was too late.

    Wishing I could have ran when I had the chance
    But I guess it was my destiny
    I thought I could soar high and reach heaven
    But instead,death covered me.

    My eyes were too blind to see
    That I had no friends and no family
    Only enemies.
    Those I called friends turned up on me
    I was really too blind to see
    That death covered me

    I have a lot of history
    But that is a tale for another day.

  • 17musancwadi2003 45w


    The sun was shining bright
    I could see the beautiful light.
    The stars were dazzling in the night,
    Everything felt right.

    Smiles were our everyday masks.
    To wear them was our everyday task.
    No blood shed on the dust
    We gave each other trust
    Believing it would last.

    Time passed and emotions changed.
    Eyes opened and revealed what was hidden
    The wrong doings and the pain of our sins
    It couldn't be changed and it couldn't be unseen.

    The euphoric moments we had
    Lost in the darkness were dead.
    Tears flowed at night in bed
    Wishing we cherished what we had.

    Trust cost us life
    Love cut deep like a knife
    Reality hit in hard like a stroke
    Memories were lost and that was when we awoke.

  • 17musancwadi2003 45w

    Mental Breakdown

    Feeling all alone in this cold world
    I have no where else to go.
    All I see and feel is darkness
    My mind is in a whirl.

    I try to break free from the devil
    But he keeps on pulling me back.
    Although I do my best to rebel
    Against the evil I lose.

    He makes me choose between Life and Death
    But he already knows I'll choose his path.
    The loneliness drives me crazy that I feel like I am the king of insanity.
    There is no one to save me from this pain,I believe it'll last up to infinity.

    This mental breakdown is the fall of my walls
    A curse put upon my soul to make me fall.
    As I fall,hell opens the gates to welcome me to a world gone mad
    What is that light up ahead?