Returning Sadiah her bits of kindness, from the cosmos�� @daphnae ��

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  • 17wishesforsadiah 16w

    There are golden boundaries,
    Melting inside her bones.
    And polychromatic skies,
    Dissolving around her eyes.
    When she smiles colors bloom,
    A little like charming daisies,
    And a lot like sunflowers.
    She brews art inside her soul,
    And paints grief over skylines.
    And she looks like an angel
    We hear about in old fairytales.
    Or maybe in the mythology of greek.
    Constellations whirl around her,
    Melancholy burst into happiness.
    She blaze like a million suns,
    And mourns like a dying star.

    Hey sadiah! you are amazing. Happiest birthday to you. I wish you loads and loads of happiness and warmest skies. You are one of the most beautiful and kindest person i’ve ever met. stay like this, okay?
    Enjoy your day. cheers! ��

    @writersnetwork Thank you for the like!
    Everyone loves you Diah :")��

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    Oh to kiss the silent voids while simply adorning the presence of a person.

  • 17wishesforsadiah 16w

    In thickets of time
    There lived a dreamer
    A loud meditator
    One silent screamer
    Who whispered to winds how she felt
    And winds brought back stories to tell
    She held them close and mend them well
    In solitude of a bustling street
    She was aura of peace, colourful seashell
    In which rumbled oceanic waves
    Like winds whistling inside the caves
    She heard them again, she heard them well
    In her heart those sounds forever dwell
    Before she knew they became songs
    A place to where she actually belongs
    She became a poet and a poetry herself
    Like one magic book on bookshelf
    She glimmered in radiance of her words
    She stood alone in middle of herds
    All she had were her feelings
    But she made them into poetic revealings
    And lived in them for eternities
    Defying all bounds of infinites

    Wishing you again a very happy birthday Sadiah! @daphnae

    Zaid, @virtually_real

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    Her words were just beautiful
    Gorgeous was her heart

  • 17wishesforsadiah 16w

    They told her to hold back
    What was brewing in her heart
    She unbridled all the letters
    She had hidden in the dark
    One after the other
    She poured verses on paper
    From its surface rose upwards
    All emotions as if vapour
    Becoming clouds and raining down
    Her petrichor made the canvas brown
    In whiff of all there was to see
    She painted herself a dairy
    In which all worlds merged together
    And lived inside a heart happily
    Words became her friends
    And she started giving them life
    Beauty sprawling out of her poems
    Was full of love and life

    Ahaaaa enjoyyy your dayyy Diahhh�� @daphnae

    Afira @afira_albab

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    For all that it matters
    I must tell you you're awesome

  • 17wishesforsadiah 16w

    Blooming in distance
    A flower sways sideways
    Dancing upto the beat of winds
    It catches shining sunrays
    Keeping them in her arms
    She looks up at the sky
    Winds are moist, clouds dry
    All world whispers birds are shy
    She rises above the ground
    Looks the birds into eye
    They fly around her at once
    Sky's now got another sun
    It's her eyes shining from up
    Like coffee in a paper cup
    She makes herself a sup
    Of dreams and miracles
    Breaking past all shackles
    She becomes the shining sun
    But the one slightly more fun

    Happy birthday Sadiahh! @daphnae

    Zaid, @virtually_real

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    You're the rising sun. Still a shining one.

  • 17wishesforsadiah 16w

    to the prettiest person on this earth

    Sadu, I don't know from where to start and what to start because whenever I sit to write something for you I always fall short of words. Kabhi kagaz kam ped jaate hain, kabhi kalam ruk jaati hai to kabhi dawaat khatm ho jaati ha as it is impossible to define a masterpiece. And you know what it becomes even more difficult when the other person is very close to your heart. You are that person for me. We have come a very long way together. From just say "hi" in dms to replying to your whatsapp status with stickers. From "how are you?" to "Kaisi Hai". From " Sadiah" to "Sadu" and. Wait.. you don't take my name, you just say "Tu". Oh Holy God! Imma cry and make a tini-tiny pond over here. From "I'm happy for you" to "ahan! blushing! blushing!" With time our bond has become stronger. I never knew it will become this strong one day. The connection which we have when the bond that we share isn't with anyone. I love you and adore you from the core of my heart. Isn't it magical that went through all ups and downs together and found happiness together?

    You know when I saw your account and your huge number of followers, I thought, "Oh- She's a celebrity, baat karne ka koi chance hi nahi hai" but after few days I typed "daphnae" in Instagram's search area just because I wanted to talk to you and luckily I found your Id. There I read your writings and listened to your song. And believe me you became my favourite since the day I read you. Your voice settled deep inside me. After few days you uploaded a story singing the song "Ya to barbaad kardo, ya fir aabad kardo" I hadn't heard that song yet as it was a new song but still I was so in love with the way you sang. It started playing on loop and then after a while I started singing along. I always loved singing but couldn't put up the courage to sing freely and frankly in front of others but after listening you I started doing so. After listening to that song I requested you to sing "Khamoshiyan" song for me and Boom! That was the start. That's how we started talking finally. But after few weeks you left that place because of your boards. And when saw your Id deactivated, I went completely numb and my eyes were wet.
    It was so difficult for me as you were the only one person whome I talked to and shared everything and there was a connection between us. Any how I handled myself holding up all my bones together. After a month you came back on Mirakee and from there onwards we started talking on Hangouts but just for a week or two maybe. But this time I didn't fell weak as you left something behind for me. It was hope. You were the reason I never lost hope in anything. You inspired me. You taught me to stand strong and still in tough times. After few months you were finally back. Back with a bang. And believe me I was happiest person on this planet when I saw you back. We started talking again. Nothing was changed. You were the same Sadiah but a little more happier than before and the reason behind your happiness made me dance on my bed but later on I was kicked off by siblings as I was behaving like a nomad.

    You're the kindest person I've ever known. The way you talk to people, listen them and try to solve their problems makes me admire you more and more. Your humbleness is the reason why people adore you so much. You make others smile and laugh even if you're sad. You're one of the best creations of God. You're the best "best friend". May you get all the happiness of this world and always stay blessed. May Allah (swt) grant you good health and success in your life. I'm blessed to have a friend like you. The fact that you never sang " Khamoshiyan" for me shows that, Yes. Yes Afira. She's your best friend only. And also the fact that you forgot to wish me on my birthday shows that, I can't get a better bestie than you. I just wanna meet you very soon. I know we'll meet after two years xD

    Huh..kuch zyada hi bada ho gaya but padh lena but you know na I love you so flow me nikal gaya xd
    I wanted to write something better for you but exams ho rahe also I'm not well so I'm really sorry for that and once again Happiest Birthday to you love ❤

    ~your "Tu"

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    Only once in a lifetime or less, the universe makes you collide with the most beautiful of miracles that existed.

  • 17wishesforsadiah 16w

    Like a beautiful chirpy bird
    Spreading wings through the sky
    With glitter over her feathers
    And love in her eyes
    Delicate in her touch and
    majestic in her flight.
    She is a beautiful soul,
    Angel of love and warmth
    Her verses can make your
    heart ache
    for love
    She is
    l o v e

    Happy happy birthdayyy Sadiah! You deserve all the happiness, stay blessed pretty human.❤️ @daphnae


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    Stars die along my verses
    Love drifts apart the verses I etch
    - Daphnae

  • 17wishesforsadiah 16w

    Gifting the most beautiful song, to the most beautiful soul. (Again :')

    //Aisa dekha nahi khoob-soorat koyi
    Jism jaise ajanta ki moorat koyi
    Jism jaise nigaahon pai jaadu koyi
    Jism naghmah koyi
    Jism khush-bu koyi
    Jism jaise mahakti hui chaandani
    Jism jaise machalti hui raagini
    Jism jaise kih khilta hua ik chaman
    Jism jaise kih sooraj ki pahli kiran//

    Dear Sadiah,
    You're an epitome of beauty, that RFAK describes in Aafreen Aafreen for 6 minutes and 45 seconds.
    Every vein in your poetic flesh, flows purity as metaphors, and rythms like blood.
    You possess a beauty, rare to find and miraculous to accept. The beauty of your heart.
    It is your heart which makes you glow, like the orb of the night. Perfectly flawed. Imperfectly ethereal.
    It is your heart, which sometimes, delineates you as a garden of daphnes.
    It is your heart, which smells like the first ray of hope, after a lone night.

    //Chehra ik phool ki tarah shaadaab hai
    Chehra us ka hai ya koyi mahtaab hai
    Chehra jaise ghazal chehra jaan-e ghazal
    Chehra jaise tasawwur bhi tasweer bhi//

    You don't only exist as a human. But a breathing poetry. Raw and beautiful.
    You exist like a sunflower, blooming an eternal hope.
    And sometimes, like the sunsets. For, your smile paints happiness and warmth upon everyone's skies.
    And everytime you hold a quill with delicacy, even the ink spills the innocence of your existence.
    And your eyes, where your poetries reside perfectly. For, when your heart drowns in happiness or drenches some pain, you cry metaphors.
    On a moonless night, you'll find how the cosmos of your eyes gleam and the crevices of your face accompanies darkness, only to light it up.
    The crevices, which conceal the anecdotes of how you've brewed tears into laughters and pain into proses.
    And togther, every atom existing for you, makes you the 8th wonder.
    But maybe, it is him, the eternal, who has made you with utter patience, care and love, that no one can ever praise you and him enough.

    //Husn-e jaanaan ki ta'reef mumkin nahi
    Aafreen aafreen
    Aafreen aafreen


    @daphnae I know you like this song. Who doesn't?❤
    Ps: writersnetwork too admits and adores your beauty :')
    @writersnetwork Thank you for the like people! (It was unexpected)

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    "I buried it last moonless night:
    The happiness you search in me today"

  • 17wishesforsadiah 16w

    तुम्हारे गुस्सा हो जाने के अंदाज़ का!
    कुछ धुनों में मिले इस खूबसूरत साज़ का!

    जमाने भर का सुकून एक तरफ रखता हूं,
    और दूसरी तरफ सुकून इस आवाज़ का!

    यह पन्ने कुछ आसमान से लगते हैं मुझको,
    क्या ज़िक्र करूं इसपे तुम्हारी परवाज़ का!

    याद आता है वो हर पल, हर लम्हा मुझको,
    सुरों के साथ हुए इस दोस्ती के आगाज़ का!

    दुआओं का एक काफिला साथ दे रहा हूं तुम्हें,
    यकीनन काफी नहीं सिलसिला अल्फ़ाज़ का!

    Wish you a very very happy birthday Sadiah! @daphnae

    Gunjit, @gunjit_jain

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    Your voice is magic and so are you

  • 17wishesforsadiah 16w

    सुबह हल्की ठंडी हवाओं को महसूस करने और उगते सूरज से सुनहरे होते आसमान को देखने अक्सर घर के दरवाज़े पर अकेला बैठ जाता हूं। एक हाथ में चाय, और दूसरे में कुछ ख़याल, अर्थात एक किताब लिए। जब हवा से आहिस्ते आहिस्ते हिलते पत्तों की आवाज़ के सिवा नज़दीक के मंदिर में बचती घंण्टियों की आवाज़ सुनता हूं तो कुछ राहत मिलती है, कुछ सुकून मिलता है।

    राहत की वजह यह, कि कहीं शायद किसी की दुआएं पूरी होने वाली हैं, कहीं किसी की भक्ति रंग लाने वाली है। और सुकून सुनता हूं घंटियों की इस आवाज में। मुझको यह घण्टियाँ कभी शोर सी नहीं लगी, हमेशा खुद में एक सुकून छिपाए रखती हैं।
    मगर जब उन्हें सुनता हुआ सोचता हूं, तो ध्यान आता है कि सुकून तो कुछ लोगों की आवाज़ में भी छुपा हो सकता है।
    जब विचारों पर थोड़ा और जोर डालने लगता हूं तो पाता हूं कि वह सुकून कहीं छिपा है तुम्हारी आवाज़ में। जो हर मर्तबा कुछ अल्फाज़ों में लिपटकर आवास के साथ नज़र आता है।

    जानती हो?
    शायद हमारे मिलने का कारण भी यह आवाज़ ही थी, अगर उस दिन तुम्हें ना सुनता, तो आज शायद अनजान बनकर ही रह जाते। शायद!
    मगर, खुशकिस्मत हूं, जो उस दिन वह मासूमियत और सुकून भरी तुम्हारी आवाज़ सुनी। तुमसे पहले उस मासूम आवाज़ ने मुझसे दोस्ती कर ली थी। वही दोस्ती जो हर बार खाली समय में उस आवाज़ को सुनने पर बढ़ती ही जाती है।

    अब भी बढ़ रही है। उन कुछ चुनिंदा गानों को सुनते हुए जो कभी मैंने सुने भी नहीं थे, और आज मुझे जिनकी हर पंक्ति याद है।

    खैर! सिर्फ आवाज़ से तो अच्छी नहीं तुम में, तुम खुद बहुत अच्छी हो। हर बार तुम्हारे जज़्बातों के साथ रिसती लिखावट की बात करूं, या किसी नवजात बच्चे की मुस्कान की तरह मासूम तुम्हारे स्वभाव की या फ़िर इस दोस्ती की बात करूं!
    तुम वाकई, एक बहुत अच्छी दोस्त हो।❤️
    A very happy birthday Sadiah❤️ @daphnae

    Gunjit Jain @gunjit_jain

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    Happy birthday❤️

  • 17wishesforsadiah 16w

    Her ringlets drown inside
    the courtyards of metaphors
    while inking the tales of womanhood and hopes;
    She meditates inside the barnyard of the courage
    while my intractable eyes
    can't squander the time to
    explore her verses more and more

    Balladries portrayed
    on her melancholy
    pierce the heart
    inside a lone castle while
    I moan holding her syllables
    and I smile when she adorn
    that lone castle with
    some jingling lexicons

    When the gaze of Medusa
    turns men into stones
    near the suburb of her verses
    my heart twangles and relapses
    but she lightens a candle of love
    While scribbling about the story of
    Apollo and Daphne

    Hello Sadiah, wishing you a very happy birthday. Many many happy returns of the day. With some popsicles and many chocolates. @daphnae

    Bidya, @love_whispererr

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    And the sonnets I killed yesternight, seeped inside the grave I dug for my heart.

    - Daphnae