writing makes me happy ��

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  • 3amruminations 1w

    The eyes said it all
    As I mimicked my way into silence
    Trying to remain collected
    While feeling the heat

  • 3amruminations 2w

    And even though I tried to articulate,
    It still couldn't make sense
    It was as though I was caught up in the world of the unknown
    Not knowing about the customs and traditions
    Yet still trying to be one of them
    But still, a journal and pen were standing right in front of me
    Waiting for my mind to pour a drink for the readers

  • 3amruminations 5w

    "Allow me to cry",
    I said, as I excused myself from hyper-independence
    For once upon a time
    I was told I am holding an explosive bomb within
    That would one day cause havoc

  • 3amruminations 5w

    The unexpected guest

    As I was drowning away into the world of thoughts
    An unexpected guest showed up at the doors of my eyes
    Effortlessly, I felt my cheeks widening up
    And my eyes lighting up
    I felt a tear trembling down my cheek
    What was supposed to be a lonely Day,
    Turned into a blissful day
    I got to witness why people loved happy endings
    For my day became fully brightened...
    The presence of an expected guest
    The fly I named a soul mate that was never meant to be
    For just as was about to give in, it flew away
    But I looked up, with my eyes full of amusement
    And learned gratitude,
    From the feeling that was too great.

  • 3amruminations 5w


    I see the looks on their faces,
    Frowning and crying away
    As I try to disconnect
    From the voices contradicting my thoughts

    I see two hands
    Pulling me both ways of the sides
    As I fix my eyes to the tunnel I'm yet to approach

    I see sadness approaching,
    Attempting to engulf me
    with the regret of leaving the norm

    But then, I look up
    And there, I see the moon smiling
    And the stars saying " it's okay"

    Their faces, hands and eyes are calling for me,
    Calling for me from a distance as I try to glance back
    I'm walking into the unknown, enthusiastic

  • 3amruminations 5w

    It feels like I'm here
    But I'm long gone
    Diving deeper into the ocean of the lost
    Waiting anxiously,
    To remain a mystery and unfound

  • 3amruminations 6w

    Not another love poem

    I can feel my gut letting go
    My heart skeptically opening up
    But my mind dropping singles of questions

    From a distance, I feel you approaching
    Like this enchanting nature of the moon
    But I try to hold it together
    To avoid falling

    I sometimes catch myself smiling,
    As I sit on the side of my bed,
    to reminisce over the words u uttered
    But I quickly slap my gleaming eyes back to reality
    For risking is not worth it

    From a place of hyper-dependence,
    I say to my self " not another love poem"
    As I command my thoughts to behave
    And my heart to stand still

  • 3amruminations 6w

    Let me whisper to your heart,
    as I bring my head closer to your chest
    There are words I long to sing
    With a melody that will be pleasing to your ears
    And compatible to your foot steps
    There's a conversation I long to have,
    With the demons u hide inside
    There's a soul to soul prattle,
    That I wish our souls could partake in
    For the question that lives rent free in my head is what is "I" without "u"
    So allow me to know you

  • 3amruminations 6w

    Let me go back to start again
    For I have learned how to hold a pen
    And listen attentively to the thoughts roaming in my mind
    Perhaps what I'm about to write is a new story
    But from a place of experience

  • 3amruminations 6w

    Somehow I still crave you...
    Your smile, your touch, your smell, your laughter
    There are days where I sit and wander,
    about all that could have gone right,
    Where I reminisce over our first 'hellos'
    Hearts are shattered
    And the mind is suffused with endless thoughts
    Wherever I introduce,
    I stay at the mention of your name
    As though you are a lost cause,
    Waiting to be fixed,
    Forgetting that it is "I", myself that needs it the most