coward with a wish, if it came true i will be a selfish

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  • _celena_ 2d


    I wonder if I'm being real
    Do I speak my truth or do I filter how I feel?
    I wonder, wouldn't it be nice
    To live inside a world that isn't black and white?

    ~ Shawn Mendes

    #song #writersnetwork
    it's not my fav but it won't leave my mind

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    It's been a while since I looked up the sky with melancholic eyes
    It all passed by but I have been lying myself for quiet a time


  • _celena_ 12w

    Things b/w us were bittersweet
    Mind was pretty clearly confuse
    Tried to act naturally
    Carrying delicious burdens around

    Walking lonely together
    In the dark light
    Trying to escape the virtual reality
    With some deafening silence around

    Were we living dead?
    Or our feelings were found missing?
    Was it a beautiful scars?
    Or was that our only choice?

    But I guess it was a open secret
    With some sweet sorrow
    Or a mishappen chaos
    Which meant to end pretty awfully!


    #oxymoron #writersnetwork
    Old work��������

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    A mishappen chaos?


  • _celena_ 15w

    A warm heart still have a corner that feels so cold!

  • _celena_ 16w

    You once told me,
    there was a girl
    Who was loved by sun
    Cherished with fun
    Apple of the eye
    No reason to sigh

    Once she chose a path
    Messed up the aftermath
    Then was mocked sometimes
    Thoughts n feelings confined
    Spend nights in silent cries
    A countless times

    Once she spoke aloud
    Followed by silence vowed
    Maybe she was terrible
    Or an eyesore sometimes
    Disappointments followed
    The sinister child
    This is what she felt
    N yearned grave sometimes


    #once #gravec

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    Story of a
    sinister child!


  • _celena_ 18w

    Tu me manques,
    le moi me manque

    The sun is shining
    But I feel cold
    They are by my side
    But I felt all alone
    The room is bright
    With a darkened soul
    The spring is green
    At a distance
    But why does it feel
    I can't reach it anymore?
    Life felt like a
    Never ending prose
    Will come to an end
    With a hyperbolic metaphor?
    "le moi me manque
    depuis quelques années"
    (I miss the me from a few years back)


  • _celena_ 19w

    Me to myself :
    The sky overhears everything.
    Standing infront of the mirror u realized how much u hated urself as u wanted to become someones hope but just left them in despair.

    They told u that they are not pressuring you by their word but the didnt know their every word was stabbing a broken soul.

    Surrounded by dark clouds you screamed and cried within to free u from ur worthless life.

    With all the pairs of disappointed eyes around u how u wished to see a person with love in their eyes.

    All u wanted was to be left alone, no questions, no talks, no expectations n with no disappointing hopes.

    You want to leave their lives as soon as u can but afraid to leave them in more hatered n sighs.

    The sky overheard everything and wondered how eager you are to become a shining star.
    (here shining star implies the thought : when someone dies they become a star)


    #repost #thisfeeling

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  • _celena_ 20w

    Once again,
    Shadow stuck in a saddened maze
    Touch trailed the weakly threads
    Moon murmured the mystic lies
    Heart heals under the hazy sky


  • _celena_ 24w

    Fair(y) or Fair(l)y world?

    Sleepless nights
    Overth-inking minds
    Fantasies wrapped
    A cold soul inside

    Jewels n emeralds
    Tulips n tiaras
    A prince and a princess
    Joy n happiness
    Its all a fair(l)y tale tells?

    Feelings turned into scribbles
    Moments into memories
    A prince full of warmth
    Yet felt so empty
    A princess brave enough
    Yet have scar(ed) heart
    It's a world we live in, isn't it?

    Sometimes we chose to stay in it
    Most of times we embraced
    the fair(l)y world to seek comfort
    From the lonely world...


  • _celena_ 24w

    I chose to live in my dreams
    When I was swayed away by insecurities


  • _celena_ 26w

    I would rather weave poems with ur leftover memories than....
    being abandoned in a lively place with tears in my eyes.
    //When I was young, I fell in love
    We used to hold hands, man, that was enough//

    You are like the wind, nowhere in sight and yet so crucial....
    that I blamed myself selfish when i was selfless just to avoid leaving you in a long lasting melancholy.
    //We can do anything if we put our minds to it
    Take your whole life then you put a line through it//

    I gulped the night and chewed ur fragnance....
    when I decided to give up my solace in ur warmth n smile.
    // you know I just wanna leave tonight
    We can go anywhere we want//

    Your name rests between my lips like a prayer....
    as you were like a rare rainbow for me who showed up to cheer up my few moments but soon left me in despair. (ik a rainbow can never be the same again)
    //And then, oh, suddenly we turned twenty-three
    Now we got pressure for taking our life more seriously//

    Mornings bring endless battlefields and....
    and makes me realize that i have to be strong n rely on myself for my happines so that i dont let my smile depend on a passing rainbow.
    //Now I, I'm thinking back to when I was young
    Back to the day when I was falling in love

    He used to meet me on the Eastside
    In the city where the sun don't set//

    //The lyrics are from a song named EASTSIDE which had a special place in my heart//


    #start #ceesreposts

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    You were like a rare rainbow for me who showed up to cheer up my few moments but soon left me in despair