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  • ___adi 6w


    If my love for you fades away with time,
    I will break all the clocks to preserve this feeling of mine.

  • ___adi 6w


    If we get to live seven lives,
    I will give up six of them just to have one with you.

  • ___adi 6w


    I will be there for you when you need me,
    I just hope that you keep needing me.

  • ___adi 6w


    A man with nothing to lose can either destroy or save the world.

  • ___adi 47w

    Day and Night

    This is a tale about "day" and "night",
    who loves each other with all their might.
    Both of them have qualities which are extremely differential,
    yet the amount of passion they share is just unconditional.
    Their love is too unlucky and cruel,
    the only time they meet is for a duel.
    Evenings are just a glimpse of their togetherness,
    without each other they are always surrounded by emptiness.
    Staring at the pain in their lover's eyes,
    trying to comfort each other with their fake smiles,
    the level of sadness is so high that sometimes even their pain cries.
    Yet they somehow find hope in their despair,
    that tomorrow they wont shed any tear,
    but when the eyes meets their pair,
    they weep just like a kid does for a bear.
    Even the mornings need night to hear them cry,
    Even the nights need morning to motivate them to try.
    But at last in the world full of similar lovers,
    they will always stand in corner with their feelings covered.


  • ___adi 110w

    Bright night

    It's a chilling night,
    With brightly shining lights.
    Wishes flying over the sky,
    With the hope of acheiving it right.
    Aiming the sky with the desire of touching the stars,
    Fighting for the destiny without knowing where the are.
    It inspires us to have faith in our dreams,
    And work for it at the level of extreme.
    No matter how dark the night is,
    But with some sparks in it, it'll start to gleam.
    So let's forget the word "melancholy",
    And just enjoy the beautiful festival of "diwali".

  • ___adi 126w


    Hi, there is something I want to say.
    I'm not sure you may like it or not,
    But I think I should say it today.
    You were my crush since the day we first met.
    Your smile was just like the sun,
    And your beauty reminds me of sunset.
    You were the reason behind my smiles,
    With you beside me, I can travel miles and miles.

    There was a gap between us for almost five years.
    Somedays were good, but the nights was followed by lots of tears.
    The time we spent together,
    Stayed with me forever and ever.
    You may not feel the same for me like I do.
    But the only thing I want to say is that,
    Girl, I love you.

  • ___adi 166w


    It was a chilling night,
    Though the moon was shining very bright.
    I was in a village in Bihar,
    Lying on the terrace and admiring the brightest star.
    Then suddenly, I got some strong vibes,
    That someone was staring me with his cruel eyes.
    I was on my legs in a fraction of a second,
    Searching for the person every corner and end.
    But he was nowhere to be seen,
    Again I lied on the terrace and soon went into a deep dream.
    While I was sleeping,
    I could make it out that somebody sitting beside me was weeping.
    As soon as I opened my sleepy eyes,
    I could no longer hear the cries.
    This time I was pretty sure of his presence,
    So I stood up with my angry face which was lacking in patience.
    I walked to the centre and cried,
    "If you dare to test my patience then come in front and try".
    As soon as I finished saying this,
    A man appeared in front ,crawling on his elbows and knees.
    My angry eyes soon filled up with tears for mercy,
    But he didn't care and kept on moving with eyes full of fiery.
    My heartbeat was growing faster,
    I became more depressed after hearing his wicked laughter.
    I was so frightened that I fainted under the moon,
    When I opened my eyes I was in my dad's room.
    After asking a bunch of questions,
    I got to know that my dad bought me down and indirectly saved me from the situation.
    I have never said anyone about that dreadful night,
    Due to which I am still afraid to go alone on terrace in bright daylight

  • ___adi 166w


    I met a girl beautiful and bold,
    She was much sweeter then i was told.
    Whenever i saw her she had blushing smiles,
    Which preserved her secret files.
    Her looks gave me breathless days and sleepless nights,
    Without her i was like a dark room without any lights.
    There were many similarities between us,
    I think ,thats the reason why she became my crush.
    She is very afraid of losing me,
    But i'll tell you,she is the girl for whom i will be bending on my knee.
    There is much more to say,
    But i think i should end it up for today.

  • ___adi 187w

    The time we spent together,
    Will be in my memory forever.