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  • __abhishek_ 46w

    Somewhere in between now and then
    Look for me at the bridge
    Sun's funeral in red, Smoky
    Eyes feelin' fine and rich...

    Head's down, Last rays rushin' over me
    Says shadow won't reach you this time
    I asked if I were to fall this moment
    Would night kill you still no crime

    Sky's bleeding, Chillin' earth says why
    Why you crying when it's month of July
    Come to me when I'm cold and dry
    You screaming pain, I'll laugh and enjoy

    I stayed in dusk to rain and speak
    When twilight had my stories to keep
    To scream this pain, I drowned too deep
    Late too, Autumn on her way to sleep...


  • __abhishek_ 56w

    Raindrops call out to rainbow
    And the wind whispers all around
    Flash roaring a while ago
    Now I smell petrichor of the ground...

    What used to be pain
    Is a lovely song of painful tunes
    Emptiness more beautiful in music
    And I realised this afternoon...

    I could rhyme rain and pain
    But why force pain into the rain
    I walked through a lesson beautiful enough
    To change its path again...

    That bird fond of running away
    Stands quite pleased with every drop
    Awaking her nerves and senses as well
    True colours flowing in this first monsoon spell...

    Seeing this the grief I had
    Was taken out by another door
    Did I dominate my soul
    Or rain washed that grief I wore!!


  • __abhishek_ 61w


    Kyun tum ghar se kam nikalti ho
    Kyun mein khud se muqammal nahi...

    Kya jung hin honge hamare darmiyaan
    Kyun vasl mein tum shamil nahi...

    He be-asar saare deed tumhare
    Meri mehfil mein ab mohabbat nahi...

    Kya itaraana bahut zaroori hai
    Kyun dhup mein jalte guroor nahi...

    Yaadon ko rihaai kyun dena hai
    Jo ho kar samne bhi dikhte nahi...

    Bhigi aankhen aur toote armaan
    Ye manjar mahaj khwab kyun nahi...


  • __abhishek_ 68w

    Long time no see still I guess it's good to read... ��
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Tonight again I'll summon pain,
    It's raining yet these stains remain,
    My heart's colder than icebergs,
    Does bleeding lightens the hardest work??!!
    I need a cure, not to heal, but to bear,
    Are these tears!! May be air isn't clear...

    I sit in the noise and talk to silence,
    Can feel the coldness beneath rejoice,
    Don't go anywhere get through the rain,
    Read the rest...there is stain in my veins...

    I breathe, I smoke, I'm done being a joke,
    This poem is me, less talk, more choke,
    My pen being a night shall see a downfall,
    But nights grow dull, you're knight after all...

    A smile nourishing lies,
    I sense demise
    Blank eyes, worth dies,
    Even soul of my soul cries...


  • __abhishek_ 78w

    Smooth Zephyr, 2am and the sky,
    Deafen my screams and alone I cry,
    Why a life to lead? why an eye to lie?
    Why should I fly, when I get to die?...

    Those lines of fate are lost,
    just like a boat away from the coast,
    As if a soul once intact,
    is now nothing but an abstract...
    Yes, I'm broken.....

    Those blades of betrayal have ripped me apart,
    At that place where I was never a part,
    Once a free bird alive for its wishes,
    Is now left buried within its ashes...

    If you are listening,
    I'll be dust in stillness,
    With the moon in my eyes and regret in my lies,
    You'll be fine and I'll be none...

    © @i_am_my_own_muse

    It's just a small collab
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • __abhishek_ 79w

    I could ride on whichever cloud I choose,
    I might be news or I might get diffused...

    My persona was unknown, I was thrown off the throne,
    I can not be dusk when I'm just getting dawn...

    I'm a flightless bird on my own I quest,
    Demise seems flashy but I'm not that blessed...

    I, mighty pawn, shall bloom into a pearl,
    I want to wake to a new name that's all...

    Only one destiny we all share is death,
    I'm just one move away to lose my breath...

    Now at my end, I win all my needs,
    I've Phoenix's ash, I am ALMIGHTY...

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pawn

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  • __abhishek_ 93w

    P.S: don't try to create a controversy between sun and moon... I'll write something about moon to balance this out ��

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    Wo sitaaren kuch chand jese hin the,
    Beshak chamakte the lekin raat ke parinde the...

    Mein suraj ye din aur chand dono hin mera,
    Parinde wo sitaaren the kuch chand jese hin the...

  • __abhishek_ 95w

    Lafz do likhe the naam ke aap ka ret-e-samundar pe,
    Lahron ki maujuudgii ne hume aaina dikha diya...

    Shaam zindagi ki ho ayi thi jab dastak di aap ne,
    Adaaon mein kuch saadgii tha jo khuda ne jine ka mauka de dia...

    Jis chaand se ulajhna chahte hein sab mein unhi ki julphen suljhaa raha hoon,
    Raat bhi hone ko he isliye chaand ko bhi jane dia...

    Khud ko khud se milane ke liye khuda se guzaarish ki thi,
    Khudgarz jo khuda nikle humne khud ko hin kho dia...

    Khudsar musaafir the kaafiron ke sath guzar gaye,
    Humne to ishq mein ghar ko hin makaan bana dia...

    #ghazal #feel_this #writersbay @writersnetwork @mirakee

    P.S: enjoy reading ����

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    Lafz do likhe the naam ke aap ka

  • __abhishek_ 96w

    Bebasii ki siyaahii se ik paigaam likh baithe,
    Ki bebas qalam aur laachaar mere haalaat ban gaye...

    Agar arz-e-hunar ho do pankti mere paigaam ke,
    To zikr hoga sultan-e-yaaranaa aaj gulaam ban gaye...

    Koraa jo kaagaz tha uspe wakt bikerne aaya tha,
    Jaaduii hai nasib aap ka jo kaante bhi gulab ban gaye...

    Kisi dusre se nahi hum khud se jataate hain,
    Jo bojh qalam se kaagaz tak aya kuch haseen dohe ban gaye...

    Nahi chahiye dilaasaa hume wo bhi kisi dusre se,
    Jo apno se gale lage to saare khanjar ban gaye...

    Laachaar hai ab bhi jo sun ta koi nahi,
    Aankh se nikla aansu bhi aag se lipte moti ban gaye...

    With the ink of helplessness, I wrote my letter as my pen and situation got helpless...

    If talent of proposing is the two liner of my letter,
    Then king of friendship/love is now imprisoned...

    I came here to spend my time on the blank paper,
    And your luck is very magical even it turn the thrones into roses...

    I don't share with anyone cause I share it with myself,
    Only that the burden of the pen has now been the ravishing poetry of the paper...

    I don't want console from anyone as when I hug them,
    Those hugging became the knife of back...

    I'm very helpless that there is no one to listen to me,
    And now the tears of eyes has now become fire coated pearls...
    @rani_shri thanks a lot again for the transition ��
    This is a hindi ghazal as you can see and read ����....Do give your opinion in comment plz..this also has the translation so have read if needed..
    P.S: translation is more beautiful than the real one.... ����

    #ghazal #hindi_poetry @mirakee @writersnetwork a read!!

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    Bebasii ki siyaahii se ik paigaam likh baithe...


  • __abhishek_ 97w

    My beginning defines the end,
    The fate of mine can't blend,
    Yet I clash against my own mirage,
    Alas! My beginning defines the end...

    Alone I travel into the blue,
    And rather sailing steadily I flew,
    Those waves meant this flight to be penned,
    As sensed my beginning defines the end...

    Tragic is when you sense your destiny,
    Tougher it turns as you lack enough journey,
    I somewhere meant my journey to ascend,
    Since I knew my beginning defines the end...

    I drowned to define real and fake,
    But too dead to stay awake...

    And yes, I'm a paper boat,
    I wished the dawn to descend,
    Yet I beheld the prophecy at my end,
    Which stated my beginning defines the end...

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    #prophecy #live_life #pod @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay

    Thanks @writersnetwork for your read here.. ����...

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