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  • __anjalijha 1w

    Colourful life

    Everynew day is a colourful life...
    So how much will you strive?
    How much to be annoy?
    Take a break and enjoy...
    Your life is a gift where there are enjoyment and loads of happiness,
    We all are blessed... With this colourful life...
    So why to make this life like a knife?
    Which only Hurts...
    Make it your enjoyment,
    Because this colourful life is too precious,
    Don't make it atrocious!

  • __anjalijha 1w


    Depression is the most painful thing which can even cause death....
    And very dangerous for your health.
    It is not an illness or disease....
    Actually your mind is feeling lonliness,
    And needs someone who really cares!
    But the best advice to get out of depression...
    Is keep smiling without any tention!

  • __anjalijha 1w

    Ofline Schools

    After so long when school starts....
    It's a type of new beginning....
    Where everything is same, but not that same!
    Enjoyment to meet friends, sharing our tiffins,
    Completing the notes before teacher enters the class....And many more memories!
    School life is much precious time!
    So just grab these moments and enjoy...
    Because this time shall pass too!
    And will become a memory where we used to learn, enjoy and even argue!

  • __anjalijha 1w


    I love to laugh and enjoy!
    I don't take stress at all....
    Not even a talented person...
    But always been an explorer...
    What I am now will be forever !

  • __anjalijha 1w

    धोखेबाज दोस्त

    जो साथ देने का बोलके चला जाता है,
    खुशियों में खुश होके,
    मुसीबत में नजर तक न आता हैं।
    जो कहता है, उससे बेहतर तुम्हे कोई समझ सकता नहीं....
    पर वक्त आने पर घूम हो जाता है कही....
    वो दोस्त सच्चा होता नही....
    धोखेबाज दोस्त होते है हजार,
    पर सच्चा होता वही है जो हर परिस्तित में साथ देने के लिए होता है तैयार!

  • __anjalijha 1w

    Left It Untold

    All that we knew... Left untold,
    I know you said me to hold,
    But today nothing is like what it used to be...
    Things change, So why don't you?
    But I'm always here waiting for you...
    Remembering our stupid argues...
    In a hope that one day you'll come back ... Again
    And our untold conversation will have an end!

  • __anjalijha 2w

    Violence Against Women

    A women deserves respect, not expectations
    She deserves to get freedom, not to live in atrocious situations
    She deserves to be educated, not to be discriminated
    Violence Against Women is simply unacceptable
    Without any reason they face such situations....
    Instead for whatever they do.. they must get appreciation!
    Womens are present in deeds, in words, in gestures and ofcourse in spirit...
    We must always remember that men and even women's are created without any guilt!...

  • __anjalijha 2w


    Once I asked my parents what if a best friend not trusts you?
    They replied "TRUST is the most important thing in friendship and if your best friend doesn't trust you in any cost of that situation... It means that they are not the one you were searching... One day they will brake you totally!...."

  • __anjalijha 4w


    Whenever I try to smile,
    People always knock in between.
    Whenever I try to forget everything...
    I don't know why... People keep me reminding...
    That I don't know anything...
    But I have self belief,
    That I can touch the sky...
    No matter what people say about me...
    My confidence always makes me glee!
    Whenever I tried to do something...
    People always dismotivate me and try to brake my confidence...
    But one day my success will give them answer..
    That no one in this world is a loser...!

  • __anjalijha 7w

    If you left me,
    Then I'll not lose myself...
    But you'll lose a star shining in front of your eyes...