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  • __eisha_000 2w

    Thank You for EC @miraquill ����

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    The silence of my heart thunders like gigantic breakdowns
    I can't hear the sweetly chaotic noise of my city

    I scream to a level the world can't bear and settle
    Just like the sound of space that's kept far away from human ears to imagine and fathom.

  • __eisha_000 2w

    Thank you @writersnetwork for the repost ��

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    Jump into the ocean sometimes
    don't try to dive neatly & soberly

    Roll on the lushy grass sometimes
    don't reserve yourself calmly & quietly

    Fly back and forth on the swing sometimes
    don't pretend to be elder & older than ages

    Send kisses and smirks to the heavens up sometimes
    don't underestimate the existence of love & creator

    If you respect the maturity in you,
    So accept madness too

  • __eisha_000 2w

    Thank You @writersnetwork for the repost �� Hope you doing good����

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    soul yearns
    dancing on the
    peaceful song of Universe

  • __eisha_000 2w


    One of the 3am nights .

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    Things you said at 3 AM

    "I wish this night never breaks into dawn
    And if it does, it let's me sleep forever.

    I can't face the mornings
    I can't survive the days

    This ought to be the last night with this dreadful pain.
    I am miserable. My heart is out of breath.
    I am choking.

    What d o
    do ?

  • __eisha_000 2w

    Thank You for EC @miraquill

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    I keep on placing the bookmark on all the odd pages
    B'cause I only like to read the even ones.

    Before the page is turned, a piece of that bookmark is left and I move on.

    Moving on, I gather the pieces I find there, of me

    Until the last odd page where I finally join pieces of myself
    and laugh out loud from the laughter of a new me.

  • __eisha_000 3w

    T I M E

    Why are you so unpredictable? Sometimes fast, sometimes slow and timeless in true form. I can't keep up with the pace. And moreover, you don't even wait.

    Why are you a strict teacher? You can be lineant too.

    People say we are running short of you. Why is it so? Can you be in abundance?

    Why you leave without even saying when I start trusting you? Why do you have to go?

    Why you just can't leave when I can't bear you anymore? You become adamant and stay stuck before my eyes.

    How you manage to keep all the memories of past years? I don't want flashbacks. Can you understand it?

    What is the need to keep the wounds fresh . Till now? I mean it's been ages. Please! Heal them. Will you?

    Won't you pat on my back? I did survive the wildest of you. I did.

    I am really grateful to you for the happy days and not happy days. Both have made me who I am. You know it, right?

    Are you tired of moving constantly? You wanna rest for a while? You can. Please.


  • __eisha_000 4w

    Beautiful bruise browning
    Broken breached binded
    Bonds beckoning blood
    Burdened back bending
    Baffling blue ballad
    Bowed blessings bestowed
    Bloom blossom blow
    Being beguiling
    Begin believe be !

  • __eisha_000 4w

    @writersnetwork @miraquill Thank you for the Editor's Choice :)

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    Someday, somewhere
    When my eyes would be shimmering
    My heart applauding
    And my soul whispering the old new words
    I'd stand with my head looking up
    Feet grounded on Mother Earth
    Hands blooming with the touch of wind
    Breath flip flopping with the Angelic Scent
    And tears rollin down making way
    through my wide white smile
    Ears banging with Sound of Silence
    Hair spreading dandelions in all directions
    Love wrapping me like a baby
    Love loving me like love
    I'll fly. Fly free. Free I will be.

  • __eisha_000 4w

    Hello @miraquill @writersnetwork
    Wassup E V E R Y B O D Y

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    I can never
    be who I am NOT.
    I will keep on
    shining wherever I am
    reflecting the bright light
    and respecting the place
    where we all are love & one ~

  • __eisha_000 30w

    Look back only to see the rust of your past becoming gold of future.
    Keep learning from life.
    PS: I don't remember the last time I wrote a poem. Feeling good after writing this one :)

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    A feather so weary & old
    in my unbinded diary
    Kept it in when
    I wasn't so joyous & bold

    Breathing between the pages
    of weeping & shivering poems
    Of times when I never laughed
    It was life just counting ages.

    I heard my name today
    Flipped the pages
    Only to hear the laughter
    from poems of yester days

    Feather was silver & shining
    Poems were dancing salsa
    Colorless backdrop turned rosy
    Black ink felt high upon glittering

    I blew the feather up in sky sublime
    Silver stars came jumping down
    Rested on my eye lashes
    And showed me the timeless time.