I write sad shit

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  • __paradox__ 4w

    I start to love myself through you

  • __paradox__ 21w

    Your hands around my neck,
    Couldn't ask for a better robe

  • __paradox__ 25w

    It's becoming apparent that I can't write for shit anymore lmao. Not that im spending more than 10 seconds on a post tho lol

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    Letting every word inside my brain burn

    The cost to forget you and take a new turn


  • __paradox__ 26w

    From trying to carve your name to etching random lines on my hands,

    The reason for the blood flowing has changed for better or worse.

  • __paradox__ 84w

    Dont take life seriously. Nobody makes it out alive

  • __paradox__ 84w

    From my spam acc��

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    Cry me a river,
    Let the water flow,
    Let me quench my thirst
    Let me drink from your sorrow

  • __paradox__ 85w

    We bleed the same,
    But feel the pain different,
    We might live the same lives,
    But break down different


  • __paradox__ 116w

    I won't help you till you reach your lowest

    Cuz I yearn your miserable cry for help

    I'll nurture you like nobody, try my hardest

    But first, I'll wait for you to destroy yourself ❤


  • __paradox__ 119w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word micro-tale on Crave

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    Life craves death

  • __paradox__ 137w

    After a damn long time :)



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    How i yearn to dance amidst the fire of rage

    Interesting to see all of it simmering down to the patterns on the page