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  • _aesthetics_ 6w

    Blending oranges among the blues
    Pink and purples dazzle among the hues,
    Dipped in misery, painted in glitters - emerges as mystery.
    Art is more abstract than we fancy.
    Maybe that's how morbid confessions of a modern day sinner are made!

    Sometimes, regrets of decisions made in discomposure,
    to my dismay, blemishes the tapestry.
    Spiritual ecstasies eavesdropping on dreary colours of heartaches and glossy shine masking the gloom,
    Maybe that's how art conceals it's artists more than itself !


  • _aesthetics_ 11w

    You know what it feels to be in a toxic friendship? It digs ur soul every minute, it suffocates you so bad ; difficult to even pull a breathe and the only reason you don't let your heart out and tell the other person is because you don't want to hurt them. It's so difficult to say "no" to them when they ask you for a complete useless party even when you have a terrible head ache and lots of assignment to be done, because you will never be understood and will be tagged with words like "you are never there with me", "it's so unlikely that you will help in future if I even need you".. Disgusting! It's so annoying when some so called friends demand reply to their text within a sec even when you're dealing with painful family stuff ! It's ridiculous when you score better than them in tests and their behaviour towards you suddenly changes as if you have wronged them in some way or the other! It's so difficult for them to see you being praised by the teachers. You break down sometimes for not being able to meet certain expectations of teachers , parents, but lovely friends call out as "Oh for God sake stop being so dramatic, you're gonna top anyway " "you're still gonna stay his favourite student" "you always lie about your exam, at the end you always score better than me" "you studied so much, yet u couldn't ?"

    When you couldn't attend the school/college for a day or two because of some deleterious health issues but when you show up after a few days, "you've been absent for so long, you must have completed whole of your syllabus" "oh stop lying about being at the hospital, I know you were busy studying!"
    Every time they talk to you, it's only about how I have wronged them, as in, replying to their stupid text after an entire minute and not binge watching THEIR favourite shows, not having the interest to listen to their gossips about new couple in the class !

    It really is suffocating, drains the soul slowly but entirely!

    #toxic #friends #friendship #suffocating #mentaldisturbance

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    A toxic friendship is more poisonous than all venoms combined.


  • _aesthetics_ 13w

    Beyond life

    Emotions are rewarded to us for free
    demands exorbitant price to let them flee.
    Feelings, emotions are personal, confessions to dear ones they are made,
    Yet the unknown therapist gets paid!
    The inner self loses dimension
    And, the busy life takes all the attention
    Family , friends and acquaintances,
    Lost contact in these nuisances.

    Lovely, you fell asleep too early
    The night had been young till then,
    Probably, you flew away untold
    Beyond life.


  • _aesthetics_ 80w

    Heart aches are just nature's way of rekindling the fire within you


  • _aesthetics_ 86w

    Paints and brushes

    Wondering to once again design a forum in your memory,
    How do I say, you are like the greenery and my poetry , a nursery!

    Even if I try, I fail to aggregate all your greens.
    Just the way my eye fails to express what it means.

    My poetries unbox colours of emotions and my words paint your picture,
    Just how purity and divinity paint the scripture.

    This place, it's sunshine, breeze and dew
    Reminds me of you.

    In a world of dingy sumptuous luxury,
    All, I wonder,is to design a forum in your memory.


  • _aesthetics_ 90w

    शीशे जैसी दिल के जो टुकड़े किये हो, कही वो तुम्हारे जख्म का कारण न बन जाये।


  • _aesthetics_ 91w

    #हिंदी #अपने #पराय #mirakee #poets

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    पराय तो दुख देते है, असली ज़ख़्म तो अपने दे जाते है।


  • _aesthetics_ 95w

    Every poet is a princess of her own poetry
    #princess #poerty #poets #mirakee #dusk #dawn

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    The princess

    She has a golden heart imprisoned in flesh and blood
    so as she in the palace of mud
    She weeps,
    for the iniquisitivity reaches the deeps
    The universe patiently chooses the colour of the eyes
    Just to see the glister in her skies
    They shape her body in tight dresses
    Suppressing her desires into ashes
    The dawn transpires, with her supple cheeks in sunshine
    The dusk beholds her melancholy voice till nine
    Billions of atoms from the star dust,
    Blend To engineer beauty with no rust
    She lives in a near by land,
    Clasping the feather between the twigs of her hand.
    Designing speck with the poisonous ink.

  • _aesthetics_ 96w

    The "back space" has witnessed so many of camouflaged stories..


  • _aesthetics_ 103w

    The stars

    Wish I could steal your star, maybe for a day or two
    The stranger in the dark needs that too.

    You came as a saviour on the darkest days,
    Swept off melancholy in thousand ways.

    I'm helpless , i desired you life long,
    I'm afraid, I got you wrong .

    May I plea your presence of days a million or two?
    Wish you could feel it too,

    The virtue of the stars that shine,
    the moonlight and every poetry of mine,
    For they speak my heart, stained with red wine