Re-inventing myself.

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  • _anushka__ 27w

    Hush my queen
    Don't disgrace yourself
    Don't believe those who say
    It was just one heartbreak
    And you should get over it,
    People get there heart
    Broken all the time

    I know it wasn't just
    A single heartbreak,
    I know that when you're
    In a toxic relationship for years,
    Every hour of every day introduces
    You to a completely new way
    In which your heart can be played with

    I know you gave it all you had,
    And I know he took it for granted
    Every time you thought
    Things will get better,
    Everytime you forgave him
    Out of the hope that maybe now,
    He's going to be what he promised
    And everytime he shattered
    Your hopes like a mere piece of glass,

    Your heart broke a little more,
    Everytime forming new crevices
    The shards pierced your chest,
    Perforated your lungs,
    taking away your breath
    Imbibed in your blood
    Poisoning the farthest reaches
    Of your body, mind and soul

    And for the pride that you thought
    You should have in yourself
    You didn't even allow your soul
    To mourn over the pieces of your heart.

    You just brushed them under the carpet
    And pretended like it doesn't affect you
    And they festered in there,
    like a wound underneath a hasty bandage,
    Befouling your demeanor,
    Making you Insanely sceptical
    And deflecting any happiness
    Coming your way.

    Rip it open, let it out
    Let the wound bleed
    Shed those tears that you're
    Holding back, lest anyone
    Judge you as spineless.

    You are not weak.
    You are not weak.

    Acknowledging the pain you suffered
    Isn't a sign of tenderness,
    For it is only the most courageous
    Who can accept their past,
    And allow their hearts to grieve.
    For it is only the fiercest
    Who can face their demons
    And stand their ground.

    For it is only the queens like you,
    Who can take their ashes and bone
    And turn them into pearls and gold.



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    For it is only the queens like you,
    Who can take their ashes and bones
    And turn them into pearls and gold.

    - Anushka

  • _anushka__ 28w

    I stare at the swinging door
    For a while.
    Minutes ago, it was full
    Of colourful birds
    Until I was fed up of their sweet songs
    And hurled the cage open.

    One by one,
    I saw all my dreams,
    Hopes, expectations
    Fly into the oblivion.

    You see,
    Having dreams is good,
    Until you realise
    Just how far away
    From your reach
    They'll always be.

    Hope is a fair maiden,
    Until it drowns your present
    And makes you oblivious
    To your reality,
    Just like the Sirens' song.

    And expectations,
    It's a wild thing
    Beautiful, but lethal.
    It will devour you in silence
    As you start finding faults
    In others as well as yourself.

    You see, these pretty little birds
    With their melodious chirping
    Will continue ringing in your ears
    Until you can't hear anything else

    Your mind becomes numb
    As your emotions take control
    Paralyzing, restricting you
    Making you struggle for every breath.

    So, I got up one day and
    Threw the cage door open,
    Shooing those vile creatures away.

    The now empty cage
    Stared back at me
    Even as I realised
    What I've just done.

    You see, we were having
    A silent debate on who was
    More hollow from the inside,

    The cage or me?

    - Anushka

    Thankful to @miraquill for giving this platform, it's like my little bubble where I can let my imagination and creativity loose.

    I know the above work doesn't match the exact requirements of the prompt, but I'm still grateful to the team for giving me someplace to start.
    Have a good day :)

    #cage #wod #miraquill

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    You see, we were having
    A silent debate on who was
    More hollow from the inside,
    The cage or me?

    - Anushka

  • _anushka__ 94w

    I'm sorry.


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    Sometimes, you meet the wrong people
    at the right time, and the right people
    at a very, very wrong time.

    -You were the latter.


  • _anushka__ 134w

    This is my kingdom,
    This body, this mind
    You don't hold The whip anymore
    I'm no longer blind.

    You had me screaming at nights
    I have barely been alive
    Rolled up under my blanket,
    You had me confined

    I was fading away
    You were never kind
    On my dreams and hopes
    Your monsters dined

    You now need to know,
    I'm the person assigned
    To take care of myself
    To be thoroughly redefined

    I'm no longer weak
    Need I remind?
    You've had your fun
    You've had me sidelined

    So I now shun the demons
    Kick out your pride
    Cause the time has arrived
    For me to live my life.


    We have been so intrigued with the tragedies of the night that we've forgotten how to escape them. It's about time we send the devil back to hell. Let's stand against our own minds and take control of our thoughts. You are not weak. You were given this life because you can survive it. Be brave.

    #brevette #fight_against_depression #pod #depression #brave
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @theuglyink @whitewings #cessreposts @repost #ajv

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    K i l l s

  • _anushka__ 134w

    If you don't have
    the courage to say it,
    you probably
    hallucinated it.


  • _anushka__ 134w

    Treat her like she's a dream.
    The most beautiful
    you've ever seen.
    Your unbridled imagination.
    Be suspicious if she's real,
    Be afraid to wake up.


  • _anushka__ 135w

    I don't know how I
    was supposed to feel
    When your fingers snaked inside me
    Ruthless, rough and hurting
    Definitely it was not supposed to be
    The sick feeling of disgust
    Upon the intrusion in my body
    Or the numbness when you naively
    Touched around my clit hoping to make me moan like those faking naked girls

    It was not supposed to be the feeling
    A lamb has in the claws of a hyena
    Frothing at the mouth,
    Eager to devour every last bit of me,
    To feast upon my body
    To taste the joy of love making

    You clawed at my chest
    hoping to arouse me
    To make me wetter
    And then without warning you
    Pushed your way in

    I almost cried out
    The pain was so sharp
    I asked you to stop
    But you were too deep
    Into the pleasure and desperate
    To get more and more out of me

    So I lay there still and clenched
    My fists and tears rolled down
    Both sides of my face
    But you didn't notice
    You heaved and moved hastily
    tearing your way Into
    The deepest crevices of my body
    Until you were done feasting upon me
    There you lay, upon
    Your prey, exhausted, satisfied.
    All the love and care suddenly
    Came rushing to the surface
    When you saw the blood on
    The sheets, you acted tensed
    And afraid as if you didn't know
    This would happen

    And I acted as if it was normal
    I calmed you down and went to the
    Turned on the shower and sat beneath it for what felt like hours
    When I came out, you were already

    A silent laugh escaped my lips
    As I staggered back into the
    Bedroom and lay on the couch
    Lifeless, wounded and in love.

    - Anushka

    @mirakee @writerstolli

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    "A silent laugh
    escaped my lips
    As I staggered back
    into the bedroom and
    lay on the couch
    Lifeless, wounded
    and in love."

    - Marital Rape isn't illegal in India.


  • _anushka__ 135w

    Sometimes, you've to let go
    of the person to hold on to the feeling.


  • _anushka__ 149w

    Hey mirakeeans!!

    I'm so sorry I've not been active since past few days!! I have been busy in all the assignments and college stuff. And I'm gonna be super busy for a couple of months from now as it's my last year of graduation.

    I'll try to read your posts if I get any time, but trust me I can't write anything while in this chaos. I have to focus on my finals and also prepare for the future ahead.

    Hope you all will understand and be supportive. I need this time and your support equally. Thanks for the encouragement you've given me so far. I'll write as soon as I'm free.

  • _anushka__ 150w

    Do you ever sit back
    and watch yourself
    become the person
    you hate the most?

    - I do.