Exam mode on!! On a break �� Will try to read as time will permit Keep inking and keep smiling always ����

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  • _astitva_ 5d


    You know what you mean to me ��

    Take care of yourself ❤️

    Dear Angel,

    When the cacophonous chirps of clouds were striking the silence of Himalayan hills, a sprouted seed stuck betwixt the cracks of cries and suffocating sighs, you waved your magical wand of warmth soothing the sweltered summer by drizzling the drops of dearness with breeze of blessings nurturing the seed to a sapling.

    A vinyl violin of vehemences bedecking the bosoms with potpourri of peace as if mother nature is scribbling sonnets of solace on the spine in darkest dusks of befuddled times, you're a healer holding the panacea in your chuckles and nectar in twinkles, let the nature heal in your smirks, it's a process you said it to a jerk.

    November nibbled the reminiscent reflections of the glowing goddess to conceal its core knitting warmth to the fallen forever, still the dazzling December knocked at the nippy night to nothingness craving for the chuckles and warmth of your wellness.

    An entwined elflock gently swifted behind the ears still wants to be free like fireflies ambles in air, a light dripping down like Komorebi betwixt the forest of betrayals and beliefs still an assured autumn shedding itself to embrace your grieves, an eulogy enchanted to the mightiest for letting the pain perspire to fall and flourish fragrance of flowers forever to you all.


    #howto #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Betwixt blemishes and bruises of betrayals
    an angel of affection asserts altruism
    flourishing a forlorn fall with forever
    and it failed to fathom
    how to hue hope in
    hovering heart of
    her at all.


  • _astitva_ 1w

    Many many happy returns of the day @beleza_ ��

    Do you still remember when @todayis tagged you on my truth and dare post that was the first when we talked. You always choose truth and never took a dare ��
    You a strong, caring friend and a wonderful poetess always spreading smiles everywhere in your presence. Your smiles like "Khikhikhikhi" with �� emoji is one of unique depiction of your full of life nature. What to say else!��

    Yes! We haven't talked since a long neither played truth and dares so I'll return soon and will play �� but this time you'll only take dares ��

    It's a request to keep this �� away from yourself keep blossoming as Sehzaadi of Khikhikhikhi ��

    You have written masterpieces that I'll read soon till then

    Keep smiling always and keep Inking ��

    Stay blessed and stay healthy ��

    May God bless you with all your dreams and desires ��

    Take care always ��

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    Happy Birthday Sehzaadi

    An alyssum blossomed in nippy november

    Nudging Neptune's notion of reigning amber

    Kindling knowledge in her vanilla verses

    Incisions imageries of societal curses

    Tender transcript of calmness like brezza

    Asserting Artemis' assertion aka Beleza


  • _astitva_ 1w

    �� Happiest Birthday Beautiful Benediction ��

    I will always remember the day when you started reading and complimenting my scribblings which were not so good but still your words always inspired me in these days as if I'm already a writer. Then I started reading you and really I used to keep a diary with me while reading your posts, I used to note down words and then I googled them reading it again to get essence of it. Yeah, it took sometime but really I was always left in awe and respect for your thoughts and quill. It's always thousand times more than worth doing that excercise. I learnt a lot whether it's alliterations, vocabulary or the grave topics you choose to voice which remain silent in darkness of our souls. Everything is inspiring always. Or I should say whatever I'm today in the dimension of writing much of the credit goes to you. A magical witch who mesmerizes everyone with their works making a wrapper like Van Gogh's welkin, putting up the voice of suppressed women as storm or the oldest book shop revealing the history of literature, a candle melting hearts. You're best everytime and too modest to accept it. When I used to read at nights there were always reposts by you in my feed sections and every new writer or old is blessed with your inspiration and heartfelt comments. I'm blessed to have your decipherence of my works in comment section which are more amazing than the scribbling itself. An amazing human, kind soul, humourous witch, dance lover, sarcastic seraph, a jar of sweetness and much more you are!

    You're profound in both English and Urdu. I can't be as good as you but I gave a try on this special occasion ��

    Shabnam-e-ilham si seheron ko bhigati hui

    Aatish-e-Shaiz si shabon ko jagamagati hui

    Nafs-e-nawaazish ik inaayat har agyar par

    Aashnaa-e-ahbaab buni hui sitaaron ke shahkar par

    Moutza wo kagaz ko maseeha bnati hui

    (Khuda ka ik farishta hayat ko muqaddas banati hui)

    Many many happy returns of the day @fromwitchpen ��

    Thank you so much for existing Sanam ��

    I owe you for so much and can never thank you enough ��

    Have a blast on your birthday ��

    Keep smiling always and Keep waving your magical wand to bless the Cosmos with your magical masterpieces ��

    And I'm here requesting you to never feel low. You are the incarnation of inspiration and please keep on writing, your quill matters much more than you think and so do you ��

    I'm always all ears to you ��

    May Allah bless you with every best thing of the Universe ��

    Have sacks of cakes and chocolates ��

    Parcel some of them for me here also ��


    Bhot ho gyi sweetness or tareef or mai nahi chahata ki isse tumhe 4 din bhukh na lge to now it's the time for ENO ��

    Khoob sari biryani khana rayte ke sath aaj jab tak khud uski rooh na aa jaye ki bas kardo ab to ��

    Or haan wo khopadi mein hi khana, khoon ka intezam to kar hi liya hoga tmne as drinks and ha b'day party mein Dj to Dhinchak Pooja hi hogi pakka and break the floor on Jalebi bai. Talented log ��

    Tareef hazam ho jayegi ��

    And mjhe baksh dena mera khoon chudailon ki health ke liye achha nahi ��

    Janamdin Mubaraq ��

    Sara saal khushiyon or tumhari hasi se bhara rh, khoon kabhi kam na pde or jadui gole mein mera bhavishya dekhke bta dena bina paise liye ��

    Satay Nashay karti rho hmesha or zindagi tumhari blah se bhari rhe ��

    Gift me zyada kuch nahi ek khoon se bhara pyala hai BG mein pi liyo or mauj kariyo ��

    Baki ye hai khoon ki barish khaali pyala bhr lena fir se ��


    Ab mai nikal rha wrna jhadu hi jhadu pdenge mjhe




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    Happiest Birthday Queen of Alliterations (‍♀️)

    An aesthetic assertion of articulations alliterating
    Black beakers of blue blood beholding brooms of belief
    Caparisoning city of Quaid, conveying cwtch of confidence
    Dripping delicacies of dearness dipped in discophile douceur
    Elegantly emancipating ennui entwined in eikonologic elflocks
    Felicificative flacon fragranting farrago in a factitious familistery
    Ghalib’s ghazals as gelid gusts in geoid garth of Gangetic gilliver
    Hypnotic horcrux of hope healing hearts as hippocras and hora
    Insomniac incarnation illuminating incipient inks with inspiration
    Jacinthe juvenescent janitrix jugging jingles of jnana jubilance
    Kermes kaftan of kindness kayaking kakkorrhaphiophobia
    Lygophilic lychnobite luminating life of learners as luna
    Mysterious mistral melting as monsoon of macarism
    Nepenthe nectar in nocuous nights of November
    Octastich of optimism oozing ontal orisons
    Personification of parnassian panacea
    Queen of quills
    Xfers xo
    Ziraleet’s zounds in zendik


  • _astitva_ 2w

    @john_solomon @kehta_hai_joker ��

    I have not got a chance to interact with these two beautiful souls but the fragrance of their life and lively nature still can be felt in this home called miraquill. I met Joker ❣️ through a very special person of mine and the kindest soul as in her memories. Now, he's my friend and will always be forever with the moment and bond we share. I have read John when I initiated writing Haikus and yeah he's a king of hearttouching Haikus.
    May God bless both the amazing souls ��

    A little dedication to them in the two Haikus ��

    First haiku is about

    How the judgemental society inscions scars of their thinking on the souls of teenagers (and others also) and it dwells them in self doubts for many years of their life sometimes.

    Second Haiku is about

    how a red saree draped over girl's all dreams because it the societal pressure and the same thinking of early age for marriages without giving the freedom to live their life, become independent and then go for such a big decision of marriage.


    @kin_jo Thank you for always being a constant support and inspiration for me ��

    @dusky_dawn @captain_blant Thank you for existing beautiful souls ��

    Keep inking and keep smiling always ��

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    ~Judged jiffies~

    Jaws of judging jibes
    Jeopardize jaded jitters
    Jilt juvenescence

    ~Reeking red~

    Rustic red (w)rapping
    Rejuvenant reveries
    Revered repression!


  • _astitva_ 2w

    @rani_shri @syaahiii @dusky_dawn Your hindi-urdu write-ups always amazed and inspired me still learning from you all. Thanks for existing ��

    You're always an inspiration in every dimension. Thanks for existing @lovethatneverfades ��

    Moon is just an orb for me in your absence sweetie behena �� @inked_selenophile ����

    Chalo aaj chand ke daag ginte hain!

    Wo nauvan patjhad ik sukoon ki talas mein
    Maa ki purani saadi or baba ke rafu lihaf mein
    Un nanhi ungaliyon ki soone maathe par justjoo
    Tohti hui shabon mein maa ki god ki khushboo
    Un goonjati mubham loriyon mein
    Siskiyon ke darmiyan roshni ki doriyon mein
    Kuch jugnuon se or kuch taaron se
    Jame hue harfon se or pighlate isharon se
    Kuch rang -e- sukhan bhare khwab bunte hain
    Is marhami raat mein chalo aaj chand ke daag ginte hain

    Wo biyabaan charagaah mein iklaute charag ki tarah
    Qurbat-e-vajd mein khwabida rahil-e-asbaab ki tarah
    Jhurriyon ki sajavaton ke bich sawal-e-hayat si
    Wo bheenchti khud ko pardon mein ik andheri raat si
    Khamosh cheekhein surkh aankhon se sailab si
    Behete hue dariyan mein aqs-e-mehtaab si
    Kuch shagufta saman ke foolon se
    Band labon se or kuch jani hui bhoolon se
    Us lab-e-sahil par bikhare hue aftaab chunte hain
    Is amawas mein chlo aaj chaand ke daag ginte hain

    Wo shadan palkein chaandani ko samete hue
    Shabnam-e-nafas mein asraron ko lapete hue
    Zulf-e-daraazon se tapakti ankahe ishq ke boodon si
    Wasl ki raaton mein Inaayat-e-uns ke mazmoonon si
    Jab saanjh ki chadar tale khatti meethi taqrar ho
    Wo hamraah ho seher-o-shab mein or muskuraton se iqraar ho
    Tab teri jaan-fizan chhuan se sard raton ke gulzar par
    Sandali si saut se thithurate jazbaaton ke jwaar par
    Tum gazal-e-talaq kho or ham azaan-e-intiqhab sunte hain
    Arsh ki is bazm me chlo aaj chaand ke daag ginte hain



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    चलो आज चांद के दाग़ गिनते हैं!

    वो नवां पतझड़ इक सुकूं की तलाश में
    मां की पुरानी साड़ी और बाबा के रफू लिहाफ में
    उन नन्हीं उंगलियों की सूने माथे पर जुस्तजू
    टोहती हुई शबों में मां की गोद की ख़ुश्बू
    उन गूंजती मुबहम लोरियों में
    सिसकियों के दरमियां रोशनी की डोरियों में
    कुछ जुगनुओं से और कुछ तारों से
    जमे हुए हर्फ़ों से और पिघलते इशारों से
    कुछ रंग-ए-सुख़न भरे ख़्वाब बुनते हैं
    इस मरहमी रात में चलो आज चांद के दाग़ गिनते हैं।

    वो बियाबां चारागाह में इकलौते चराग़ की तरह
    क़ुर्बत-ए-वज्द में ख़्वाबीदा राहिल-ए-असबाब की तरह
    ख़ामोश चीखें सुर्ख़ आंखों से सैलाब सी
    बहते हुए दरिया में अक्स-ए-महताब सी
    कुछ शगुफ़्ता समन के फूलों से
    बंद लबों से और कुछ जानी हुई भूलों से
    उस लब-ए-साहिल पर बिखरे हुए आफ़ताब चुनते हैं
    इस अमावस में चलो आज चांद के दाग़ गिनते हैं।

    वो शादाँ पलकें चांदनी को समेटे हुए
    शबनम-ए-नफ़स में असरारों को लपेटे हुए
    ज़ुल्फ-ए-दराजों से टपकती अनकहे इश्क़ की बूंदों सी
    वस्ल की रातों में इनायत-ए-उन्स के मज़मूनों सी
    जब सांझ की चादर तले खट्टी मीठी तकरार हो
    वो हमराह हो सहर-ओ-शब में और मुस्कुराहटों से इक़रार हो
    तब तेरी जाँ-फ़ज़ा छुअन से सर्द रातों के गुलज़ार पर
    संदली सी सौत से ठिठुरते जज़्बातों के ज्वार पर
    तुम ग़ज़ल-ए-तलाक़ कहो और हम अज़ान-ए-इंतिख़ाब सुनते हैं
    अर्श की इस बज़्म में चलो आज चांद के दाग़ गिनते हैं।


  • _astitva_ 3w

    Many many happy returns of the day Satyam bhai ����

    @captain_blant ��

    He is a calming quill scriblling supports in the sentimental storms, a voice to the ones who are silenced, a tree of tenderness giving shadows to scribblers and a beautiful heart carving confidence on the concealed cherryblossoms. It's only few Saturday's since I get to know you a little but it's so much for me that neither my words nor metaphors could voice. It's just a mere try to write for you pardon for not being so good as you weave:

    Kuch chaand kuch taare liye aaiye
    Kuch shafaq kuch nazare liye aaiye
    Ik aftaab se hain wo chamak rhe
    Kuch basant or kuch baharein liye aaiye

    Raatein badastoor si khaamosh hain
    Aawaz unki toofan-e-purjosh hain
    Ik sukoon ik marhami se farishtey ke liye
    Khushiyan is zamane ki liye aaiye

    May God bless you will a healthy and happy year ahead ��

    Thank you for gifting a family to me ��

    Keep inking and keep smiling always ��

    Many chocolates and cakes for you


    I know you have read already the BG words but couldn't made something better ��



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    Happy Birthday Bhai

    Sanguine stylus scribbling spark on skipped sheets of skies

    Aspiration for amalgamation of quavering quills with unheard voice

    Triumphing tickers in twilights of todays and tomorrows

    Yesterdays yearn for his tenderness smudging its sorrows

    An amour of serenity and pureness inking insurgencies

    Masterpoet and the captain of flourishing fragrant fervencies


  • _astitva_ 4w

    A misty morning condensed in a purple pacifier
    When she was three blossoming as a wildflower
    Silvery sky solacing in seconds of her cotton candy chuckles
    Till the first arrow incisioned her spine for the birth mark on her forehead and skinny muscles
    A jar of sweetness cologning the entire Universe shifting her lip's lid
    Oh God! Will this society ever embrace the beauty of that innocent kid?

    A nepenthean noon scorched in a satin scarf
    When she was fifteen and addressed as a dwarf
    Spring which hued with aroma of cherryblossoms
    Forcefully smudged with the darkness of stoned bosoms
    A bouquet of modesty muffled in duvet of narrow mindedness
    Oh God! Will this autumn asphyxiate like this in murdering the soul of kindness?

    An envisaging evening shackled in a golden clock
    When she was twenty six and a bridal saree was draped over her career craving frock
    Amazon respiring life for the enlivening Earth
    Felt suffocated at the masked mentality in mankind's withered garth
    A rain of rejoice evaporated in desolated desert of dribbled dreams
    Oh God! Will this petrichor of purity and humility ever diffuse in erasing the ticking silenced screams

    A narcissistic night knitted with the yarn of yearnings
    When she was forty offended consistently over her piercings
    Neither days nor nights witnessed her bleeding and perspire when she caressed to caparison their life
    Clavicles broken with the words thrust on Indrasam ribcage when he annoyed over pregnancy marks of his wife
    A civilization of chivalry coifed in shroud of shameness
    Oh God! Will this definition of beauty inked by your quill ever be hummed glorifying the true beauty of genuineness.


    #Beauty @writersnetwork

    @lovethatneverfades Thanks for always being an inspiration and gifting me this write-up ��

    @love_whispererr @heartsease @fromwitchpen @rimi_ojha @sumiinked Thanks for always being my constants ��

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    Beaming beauty in blemishes

    Oh God!

    Will there be a day when the glittering cover of external beauty will be unwrapped with the inevitability of impermanence from this blindfolded Universe to unreveal the permanent illuminiscence of inner beauty.


  • _astitva_ 5w

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork for your kind repost (24) ❤️

    Crawling centipedes in chilling coffin with cobwebs covering a cadaver nailed as a nightmare in terrifying twilights of Transylvania  suffuses with a shiver in spines, when restrained revenant rises with a stink of suppression.

    Wrapped in a stitched sable shroud on a skin speared with syringes of scoffs since my innocent infancy to aweful adolescence then to yelling youth, I impelled to imbibe my tears staining my spots sanguine.

    I seasoned to sip blood over my breathing birthdays fostering my fervours to infix fiendish fangs blandly in cynical subclavian of moribund mortals to quench my centennial crave for calmness.

    I bosom blemish on my bloated fizzog blanketed in cauldron of bats negating the feeble folklores fused by false facades by strolling on consecrated circles chewing garlics sitting in shrines structured with speculums after seeing the lustrous leeches cloaked in chiffon capes of courtesy.


    Thank you so much @fromwitchpen @kin_jo @the_speccy_outsider @shrey2310 @squared @captain_blant for making this Halloween scarily meaningful ��

    Thanks for the participation ��


    Beware of me �� I am

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    A veracious vampire

    Apocalypse of
    Murdered mirth
    Pledging to


  • _astitva_ 5w

    Dear winter,

    I rambled in blustery breese under the autumnal aurora high on hope envisaging entwined expectations to unwind like relinquishing tints of reminiscing rainbows till the dusk whispered wails of silenced screams in the wrapped frozen hearts of living deads.

    A frosted flower down the cloudlike carpet suffocating to shrinkage still fragranting flaked feelings beyond its forte but faded when night of negligence nibbled all parched petals like hungry herbivores trampled the terrain of timothy.

    I embraced hailstorms of hardships in a burned blanket of benevolence sipping sentimental sorghums to keep kinship kindered till the whip of wait written verses of vaporized vehemences on the cracked capillaries of compassion.

    Ragged reveries in deadly dusks draping the amorous aspirations in sanguine syllables bled on papyrus parchments when tipsy tears painted pansies like smoky sky scribbles its solitude betwixt homesick horizon and oikophobic Earth.

    ©_astitva_। A forgotten fall

    @lovethatneverfades Your inspiration made me to do it. Now bear with it. Thank you so much ��

    Still stucked in my exams! ��

    #wod #simile #metaphor #oxymoron #end @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Boozing brew of broken bones and bossoms,
    Strolling in shadowy streets of solicitous solitude
    Betwixt hurricanes of heart and monsoons of mind
    Weaving wounds with warp of words eventually
    everyone becomes a poet.


  • _astitva_ 6w

    Many many happy returns of the day special ����

    �� @lovethatneverfades ������ @kin_jo ��

    I heard that you meet someone and it feels like you know him from centuries for me it felt the same when we talked. It's only some months and I feel home with you. A friend, a mentor, an inspiration, a beautiful soul, a humorous human, a support and much more you're for me. A sun of inspiration, a moon of maturity, a star of smiles, you're yourself a complete Universe which can create a new human with your aura and presence. You helped me many times whether it's writer's block or I fell down in deep well but you're always that hand who pulled out me. Now a days I am failing to express but still it's a try.

    Dhara ambar or kshitij jiski dhvani se sammohit
    Surya Chandra or megh jiski syah lekhni se vidit
    Bhor or sandhya me aatmik shanti ke pravah si
    Omkar sa anunad liye wah brahmand me dhwanit

    May God bless you with all the happiness of this Universe ����

    And gift you bouquet of smiles and success every second ����

    Much love and happiness on your way everyday every second ��

    Thanks for blessing me with your existence ��

    Thanks for everything ��

    Stay happy stay blessed Always ����

    Keep inking and keep smiling ����


    Bhot ho gyi sidhi sidhi wishes. Now it's time for wishing my Milkha ��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️

    Keep running like wind with aroma of happiness and positive ��

    Bhot sari marathons daudni hain jab tak khud marathon ka format aake pair na pakad le �� Jaldi se milo aakar race lagani hai tumhare sath jo jeetega wo party dega ye yaad hai na or haan ye bday party alag se.
    Or wo piggy bank full ho gya hoga chocolates lete aana or jab tak nahi aa rhi ho new piggy bank me investment on rkho ��

    Mai mar khane ke liye wait kr rha hu 2.5 kg ke hath se ��

    Miss Hehe and Hehehehe in the era of emojies khyal rkhna apna ��

    Ab mai nikal lu yha se shayad zyada ho gya ����‍♂️����‍♂️����‍♂️

    ©Your Cartoon ��

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    Happiest Birthday Blessing

    Kaleidoscopic komorebi knitting kaftans of kindest kinships

    Imbues idyllic inspiration illuminating narcissistic nibs

    Nectareal nimbus narrating nifty nonnets in nippy nights

    Jots jasmine jingles jazzing jubilance at her redolent recites

    Aurora of autumn adoring aroma of angelic actualization

    Lightens lavenderous luna blessed with her benediction