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  • _bernadine_ 3d

    Musings of a dead soul

    Grieve, oh ye my soul,
    You grieve,
    As you are dead in the spirit.
    In the spirit you are dead.

    Cry, oh my soul, Cry,
    As you're nothing but a rotten smell without the spirit.

    My soul, my soul, what have you been growing,
    What have you grown?
    In the meadow of well-off, you've been planted,
    Where the roots were robust and fine.
    Nothing and everything you've been growing are only vain, only vain.

    Everything you write is vain,
    Know ye, my soul, know ye
    You are nothing but a black hole without the spirit inside your bowl.

  • _bernadine_ 4w

    All I saw and I saw was those
    brows like bush and
    lashes like the feathers of a scarlet tanager
    the soft nose like a sculptured rock,
    Lips as the petals of a rose but not as red,
    rather black tiptoe,
    cause cigars and drink are
    something that you do...
    Was only this.......no......
    cuteness like fall, dripping over my eyes
    moments like fluff captured in my eyes
    All I saw and I saw was on that pretty bush face...
    on that pretty dear face..!

  • _bernadine_ 5w

    Do beautiful comets retain love?

    Never have I ever found someone like you
    Will I ever?
    So many and several are the times I've told you in U-ey.
    Even the shining comets recall us of wish and hope,
    You oh my illuminate comet,
    Will, you retain love,
    Will, you remember love,
    Will you recognize the love?

    Never have I ever spoken to someone like you,
    Will I ever?
    My love, my dove,
    Why don't you open up to the rays,
    Blossom like the flower-loving sun.

    Never have I ever loved someone like you,
    Will I ever?
    My invincible alone knows who my dove and my love is,
    You oh my comet of love,
    Answer the query of my anxiety,
    Make it true
    Prove it true, that
    Beautiful comets retain love.

  • _bernadine_ 8w

    Oh you gardener

    Oh you gardener, oh you gardener,
    Will you pick up this flower,
    which the sun has blossomed only for you.
    oh my gardener, oh my love,
    pick up this rose of eternal love,
    and it is for you.
    it is the one which never withers on you,
    which never gets dried for you,
    Pick it up with just
    see the beauty of this one on you.
    oh you gardener oh you gardener
    Listen to the cockles of my heart
    sayest the blossom which loves you...

  • _bernadine_ 9w

    Cause you've

    you’ve made me know my sin,
    you’ve made me repent,
    As so many times you’ve forgiven.
    I know this is the only thing,
    stopping me to run towards and cling.
    Like the poles opposite attract,
    It’s making me drown leaving an impact.
    Repeating this like an infinity loop,
    my heart has become a mass,
    filled with the crows causing chaos.
    When I was in an abyss deeply sunken,
    When my wings have been broken,
    you’ve renewed them through your miracle.
    The broken bones of my soul,
    are crying out for your strength to haul.
    Make me soar like an eagle,
    over the seas and the storms.
    Renew my strength through your spirit,
    The spirit of fire cleanses the illicit.
    Like the bones give my body a shape,
    my soul gets into the form
    when your spirit dwells in it.
    I’ve known that,
    I’m a leaf among the leaves,
    which, blossom in the spring,
    still and all, gets dried when fall.
    I’ve made you sob,
    by the things, done for, I for one,
    Forgive, is the lone word to implore,
    As my breath is volatile.
    Come, ye oh holy one,
    Acquit me from my liability,
    make my heart dwell in your tranquillity.

  • _bernadine_ 16w

    A soul with Still Hope

    People of my hair are making me feel Nadir,
    Still, even still I say unto thee
    Thy will shall be done unto me.
    Blossoms of not my grass, are pointing out to knock,
    Even still I say unto thee,
    Thy will shall be done unto me.
    I wailed until the ocean was gratified,
    My hope stood still, like the waves at rest.
    Hope hurts sayest the tribe of faithless,
    Magnified was my hope,
    Creator is the synonym for my God in whom I dwell.

  • _bernadine_ 23w

    Ring of the bell

    Heart's a room, with no key from the start,
    Dodgy it becomes with uncertain greet.
    Hear unto the call of the bell,
    And know
    Ye to knock and seal.
    Later or sooner you may not hear the bleat.

  • _bernadine_ 26w

    Pull me out of this dark
    Where everyone reminds me I'm a failure.
    I'm in an abyss, where everything is blank
    How much ever I learn,
    it all feels like an empty jar at the start.
    I say to light,
    I scream to green,
    Where everything is full of joy, once I heard.

  • _bernadine_ 38w

    :- here the poet is describing the people who get discriminated against.
    And also got inspired and leaned on God in times of suffering ultimately God comforted me through his words.
    .Not all are of the same intellect yet people still exist who follow the morals.
    The poet is also hoping for a better future to rise.
    Discrimination and bias is a heartbreaking thing to bear. Irrespective of gender colour and status people are getting humiliated. This leads so many of them to suicide and depression. I tell you, your status is not defined by your money or your earnings yet your respect for others and weighed by love, As God said in his scriptures &quote; LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOURS AS THYSELF. This sentence alone has a library of notes in it. Thus, stop mocking and live in harmony.
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay
    @writersnetwork thank you for appreciating my previous writing. #Zoebernadine

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    People in this world are like concrete,
    With no emotions built.
    It's already summer but I feel like winter!
    Like a loo grows up the feud,
    I felt bias is the cause for this commotion.
    Forthwith there strikes a note to me,
    Made me thank the invincible.
    Thy status is not defined by thy fortune
    All the birds are not of the same flock,
    Unique feathered.
    My hope still breathes
    The night to recede and the sun to blaze.

  • _bernadine_ 41w