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  • _bikash_k 14w

    To Understand.

    I don't know why you feel this way,
    I don't know how to act on it.
    My words weren't meant to be in another way.
    All I want is ounces of love and nothing else.

    Maybe because I'm afraid or I'm naive
    I do silly things.
    Maybe because it's new to me, it's hard for me to understand.
    All I want is ounces of love and nothing else.

    Forgive me! For I'm being aashole.
    Forgive me! For I couldn't give justice to my role.
    Forgive me! Forgive me! If I've been irritating.
    Forgive me! If you feel something for me.

    Your happiness matters to me.
    So is your sadness.
    Your confidence matters to me.
    So is your vulnerability.

    Your beauty matters to me.
    So is your ugliness..
    Let me be me and let you be you.
    But together..Let us be us..
    You,me and our little bluebird.

    Please...! Hold my hands.Lets walk.
    Today, tomorrow and forever.
    And if I'm undeserving...Fell free to let go.
    Don't compromise..But not then let's love .

  • _bikash_k 16w


    How? When? And why?
    There's place where I want to be
    But I keep asking myself.......how?

    There's a dream which I want to fullfill
    But I keep asking myself......when?

    There's a way by which I want to live my life
    But I keep asking myself.....Why?

    I know lot about "what it is"..
    But how?when? And why?
    I keep searching, fighting, sweating, waiting, learning, unlearning, laughing and crying for the answer.

  • _bikash_k 26w

    #valentine #♥️daykavalentine

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    Valentine's Day.

    Top much love in the air
    Red draped all over
    Make-up and cutting of the hair
    Love in the sofa and also in the chair.

    Season of hugs and kisses
    For the teen's and for mister and mistress
    And for those who are single; loneliness and distress..
    Some single write poems while some go incognito in the web..
    Some eat rajma chawal while some lollipop and grapes.

    Valentine... Season of love they say..
    Hell nobody knows it's significance per se.
    For other day's it's black and white but in valentine it's red and white..

    It's cold and you need someone to cuddle
    Fuck if you're single just solve the puzzle
    Unlucky you drink some whiskey while couples sip on wine..
    And when you see 18yo kissing each other !
    Your respect is on the line..

    Okay...Ab underground hone ka samay aa gaya hai

  • _bikash_k 32w


    When the alcohol hits and it's twelve
    We all shout in the perfect sync and harmony
    Knowing it's not that happy...

    But I like the optimisim
    Maybe cause of alcohol or euphoria...
    Some dance their heart out
    While other's throw up their bile juice
    On the road or in the gutter..

    Damn 'New Year'...All fancy and wild
    And then you wake up next day
    Desperately in search for disprin or lemon
    And then the dance doesn't bother you
    Or the roasted meet..
    You just lay or sit , basking in the apricity.

    Well..It does bring changes..Maybe slightly but it does..
    And it brings hope and the motivation..
    " Happy New Year" You say it again
    But quitely and with determination..

  • _bikash_k 33w

    No I can't write poems.

    No I can't write poems.
    They're cumbersome.
    They demand suffering.
    And no one cares about them these days.

    You've to think hard...By the way who wants to think these days?
    It's better to upload reels on instagram.
    It provides.. Followers and friends.
    But poetry none.

    It demands solitude.. Loneliness and everything in between.
    It makes you feeble and vulnerable.
    Be mediocre instead. Follow the mass.
    Do the trend. Do what they want you too.

    You'll be like them. Like all of them.
    You'll get comfort and contentment.
    But poems? Nah..
    I can't write poems. It's over.
    Sorry Bukowski.

  • _bikash_k 50w

    The blue curtains

    The blue curtains of my window
    Closing the world outside me.
    I could've tied them and
    Let the world be open

    But..! I doubted my strength
    I'm lazy and just laid back
    So I let it closed.

    Now I see nothing but a closed curtains.
    Outside it seems sunny
    It feels like gentle breeze is blowing
    A golden ray striked upon green.

    But I'm lazy and laid back
    As I doubted my courage.
    The ceiling looks kinda white
    And the walls greyish.

  • _bikash_k 51w


    The birds sang the lullaby
    And trees waved me hi
    The wind enthralled my soul
    And the sun shone on me bright.

    I look around and found none
    I searched and they're all gone
    It was me, only me
    All the time and times to come on

    I'm lonely and I'm alone
    But not a grin on my face is shown
    As I'm addicted to it
    And being a vagabond I roam

    Roam across the paddy field, down the street
    And up in hill, sometimes I rest and I chill
    I read books and I write poem
    I sing a song and dance and humm.

    I feel me, and I feel my vibes
    I maybe raw now but I'll ripe
    I sense greatness and so I'll thrive
    And then at god's place, I'll feel alive.

  • _bikash_k 51w


    I'm nothing.
    I'm deprived of love, leisure and mass appeal.
    I do get drunk sometime, mostly brandy
    And smoke puff after siding my bike in the edge.

    I roam like a vagabond, freely and gleefully.
    I meet people, they meet me.
    They talk and I listen ,listen wholeheartedly.
    I learn and then unlearn and then learn

    And then, I'm something
    A soul open to experience, ecstasy and peace.
    I do get female attention, most of which doesn't matter.
    Sometimes males too.
    I get respect from juniors, admiration from peers.

    I will be great and I know it.
    Greatness that sets example for years to come.
    Someone who people will look upon.
    I'm me and I'm grateful.

  • _bikash_k 53w

    A poem.

    As I listened to my peers talking
    Sipping and sharing a bottle of whiskey
    About what they want to do
    And why they would settle for mediocrity

    I thought of myself; what should I do?
    Walk the path less trodden
    Or follow the one easier
    A wife, a car and the house
    Or a dream , a passion and fortune ?

    Maybe it was whiskey that gathered the atmost
    Courage in me
    Or maybe it was inner me, the stronger me urging ,
    Whatever the case was, I decided to choose the second one.

    I knew I had to be alone, I knew it meant derision
    An absolute disdain. But I was determined
    Maybe it was only at that moment
    But it was enough.

    Settling for mediocrity and have a good life
    Or risking it and be great.
    But even in an easier path, there is no absolute
    That they would reach where they want to
    Nor in the second case.

    So why not!
    Why not!

    And they went, drunk. Bid farewell to me.
    I did the same and started writing.

  • _bikash_k 55w

    Waqt ki baatein.

    Tum chali gayi toh Kya hua
    Bas sapne hi toh toote hai..
    Kahi yaad, Kahin pal
    Kuch Yaadein hi toh chute hai..

    Jine K Lia akeli kaafi h Yeh Jindagi
    Kahin waadein hi toh toote hai..
    Tu thi Kabhi Jindagi mae
    Khus pal the, khwab pakke the.

    Ab tuh nhi, Teri ehsaas nhi
    Phir bhi Yeh Jindagi hai
    Hum Jee lenge.
    Naye khwab, naya manjar
    Nayi soch, Nayi Yaadein.

    Ab Jine laga hu khud K Lia
    Aur marunga bhi Khudi K Lia
    Teri na hone ka ab koi gam nhi
    Tarraki karunga khud hi K Lia..

    Dia tha Tujhe sab Kuch
    Jia thaa tere Lia..
    Ab aur nhi Yeh Dard aur mayushi.
    Waqt ki baatein hai
    Me hi hu, mera basar aur Meri Khusi..