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  • _bleed_purple_ 15w

    Remember me
    As the calm of the ocean
    And the unknown mystery
    Hidden in its depth

    Remember me
    As the falling autumn leaf
    Beautiful even on the brink of death

    Remember me
    As a bird searching for a twig
    With a dream to one day build its nest

    Remember me
    As a loud thunderclap
    And the kiss of the first rain

    Remember me
    As a bittersweet dream
    Which you always wished to forget

  • _bleed_purple_ 20w

    My poems

    What are my poems
    If my words won't bleed
    A lifeless tree in the forest
    Who forgot how to breathe

    What are my poems
    If they don't rhyme
    A blizzard in the cold
    Mourning for the summertime

    What are my poems
    If a heart doesn't ache
    I'm sorry the world tormented you
    But these walls you built shall too break

    And what are my poems
    If they aren't written for you
    Your name is hidden in my metaphors
    Maybe someday you'll find it too

  • _bleed_purple_ 28w

    #end guess I'm still not over you

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    A sunset with you

    Look above
    Look high above the ground
    There's a sun setting
    As we're all awaiting the dawn

    A glitter streak
    Shimmering in your eyes
    My shadows shrink
    As the light tries to stay alive

    I'm sorry my broken crayons
    Couldn't match these hues
    I added all my love but
    Dead poets painted it for you

  • _bleed_purple_ 36w

    What is green?
    A colour I see upon you on my deserted days

  • _bleed_purple_ 42w

    A day- then & now

    Once, when I was young
    I remember falling asleep
    As soon as my head hit my pillow
    Counting the stars
    Running behind the butterflies
    Crashing my knees on the meadows
    Visible scars
    A painting framed in my memory lane
    Mom kept calling
    But we had to play another game

    But as for now
    I know my head hits my pillow hard
    Sleepless nights is all my eyes see
    Searching for a face in the stars
    Running, diving, crossing the oceans for people
    Who always leave me at the bay
    Crashing my soul into million pieces
    A bruised spirit, on the ice I lay
    I hide these scars
    A nightmare I wish I could unsee
    I want to fly back to my home
    I quit this cruel adulting game
    Because once when I was young
    I know I was free

  • _bleed_purple_ 47w

    A usual love story

    Evenings are high on love
    As the sun melts away in the sky
    In a hundred hues the clouds are draped
    Leaving a letter with a goodbye

    Signed for the moon
    The letter is filled with the stars
    To kill the darkness, as the moon will shine
    Reflecting the beauty from its every scar

    The crescent smile
    watches the sun from afar
    For me you are my only moon
    But for you im just another star

    Taming the fire
    Trying to gravitate you towards me
    Maybe its too much to ask
    A part of the same universe
    but fate loves to keep us apart

  • _bleed_purple_ 49w


    A place where the silenced is heard

  • _bleed_purple_ 53w

    Monochromatic World

    A crimson war
    On a raven night
    Embers of hope
    Going dim in this twilight

    Monochromatic world
    Burning the gold to ashes
    A ruby tainted crystal
    Silenced while it crashes

    A cerulean sky
    Fading away its hues
    A field of lilacs
    Losing its poetry and muse

    Monochromatic world
    Blessing the blank paper once again
    As stains of purple in the blood
    Paints a colourful portrait

  • _bleed_purple_ 55w

    A love story

    The branch:
    But I dont want to give up on you

    The autumn leaf:
    But honey, I am too old for you.

    The branch:
    You are not. I am ready to carry your weight upon me.

    The autumn leaf:
    I am just a burden. Thats how I see me

    The branch:
    I will still keep you safe from the colds, winds and summers

    The autumn leaf:
    When I'm gone someone else will take my place and make you live the winters like its summer

    The branch:
    Why won't you just stay. I've seen and loved you in all your shades

    The autumn leaf:
    That's how love is. You look better in green and not in my old shade

  • _bleed_purple_ 55w


    Even if it wasnt love
    I wish I could go back and stop the time
    When you were mine