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  • _debanjali 35w

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  • _debanjali 47w

    When you are fighting the war on the border of the country,

    Then a mother fights with her emotion,

    A wife fights with her fear,

    And a daughter fights for her bright future;

    Whenever your blood sheds,

    Then and again my pen weeps bitterly,

    Yes, you are also an ink of my medicine.

    Whenever there is darkness in some place,

    Then only those dreams and my pen live in the same darkness,

    Yes, you are also an ink, my medicine.

    The day you decide to make your parents' dreams come true,

    Then my pen wishes for your bright future,

    Yes, you are also an ink of my medicine.

    When your children leave your old age home by saying 'will take you back home in a few days',

    Then she becomes the hope of returning home, my pen,

    Yes, you are also an ink of my medicine.

    the day you fell in love,

    At that time my pen also did love,

    Yes, you are also an ink of my medicine.

    With the night he left,

    then your heart was broken

    And my pen also stopped while writing his name,

    Yes, you are also an ink of my medicine.

    The night those wolves hunted you,

    Then the soul of my pen also trembled,

    Yes, you are also an ink of my medicine.

    When your body was weighed with money,

    Then my pen had forgotten its value,

    Yes, you are also an ink of my medicine.

    The quilt that brings relief in the winter of December,

    The same relief becomes my pen,

    Yes, you are also an ink of my medicine.

    your cries,

    your childhood,

    your first love,

    your youth,

    your old age,

    My pen goes on making all the statements because you are also an ink of my medicine.

    Yes, you are also an ink of my medicine.

  • _debanjali 52w

    My silence was just an excuse,
    I probably wanted to tell you something.

    He used to talk with eyes, not with friends
    The one who continued to understand love, it was just a cross.

    Your dreams continued to weave in a sheet of dreams,
    You were mine, you were probably someone to be innocent.

    Knowing all, why did you remain silent?
    You had a little love but love too.

    There was a lot of shock in my mind,
    But some relationship with you was old.

    You asked God, that is the first prayer
    You were better than life than someone was beautiful

    I was looking for a person,
    I made you my own destination.

    If you are not mine then you are right
    But the heart had no one else but you.

    You have no luck,
    You were to be immolated by that true love.

    My silence was just an excuse,
    I probably wanted to tell you something.

  • _debanjali 56w

    Inside my heart

    You are the most beautiful thing I keep inside my heart .
    I wish you stay inside y heart . You will always have an antique place in my heart.

    I have your heart and you have my heart .

    Deep inside my heart i feel you .

    Someone is deep inside my heart and I feel that.
    My heart , my heart beat.

    Can't live without this heart because there's your place .
    You are not present physically but I feel your presence in my heart.

    You have gone to heaven but your place will always remain inside my heart.
    A d i know that one day, one day we will meet in the heaven.

  • _debanjali 56w

    Here the call of the dove brings peace to the minds of the people in the afternoon;
    Here the green branches cover the crooked yellow bird;
    If you see that book behind the jam
    Once or twice in the afternoon if this dove buzzing
    Catch - then there will be eternity in this forest;
    The fragrant grass of anise leaves the body on the tired body
    Ashwin's field calls to the young Shyama insects
    Rob, I meet Chakori like a Chakori;

    Who plays Rupavati in the yard?
    Shalikh; He is eating grass from grass to grass;
    Yellow soft-legged brown stalks scare the yard;
    Look at the beauty: what is the form of Gorochana rye!
    In the Nile - in the dark sun - when I saw - bathed

  • _debanjali 56w

    My love
    You are that poem
    Which I think every day
    But I can't write.
    You are that picture.
    Which I imagine
    But I can't draw.
    You are that love
    Which I want every day
    But I never get it. ”

    “With the dream of life
    A house tied up,
    I want to get you
    Decorated with love,
    Feeling full of emotion
    Endless love
    Sara gives somewhere
    I feel shivering,
    Hoping to get you. ”

    “The sweet light of the sweet moon,
    You are very good.

    I'll see you all the time. ”

    “Love is not money
    Bought with, love
    Not made with diamond pearls.
    The bond between two anxieties,
    How much I love him. ”

    “In the dark of night
    The stars.
    Beloved's body becomes a burning lamp
    In my darkness. ”

    “Destruction is my life
    Pulls your love
    The bottle is my companion
    Life tied to smoke,
    Still I think I am radha
    You are my krishna”

    “You are that dream fairy
    Whom I dream about.
    You have that feeling
    Which my mind feels.
    You are that lover
    Whose love rhythm
    I am the lover. ”
    I love you more than anything
    You are the shining star of my life
    When you will die i wil be the first one to cry
    I love you
    I wil love you forever

  • _debanjali 57w

    I am not relieved with the broken coup

    The face of isolated light is coming

    From the unresponsive to the infallible walking wagon

    Happiness-heart is known to grow big

    What can be tied to the discomfort - the drunken boy's face

    Wants to open all the doors

    I realized that the hunter came down on the body ...

    Everyone has a crucified moment - the fixed forehead knows the disease

    Sound nickname

    Increase thirst - O body, know the depth of the word patience

    Learn to understand - the sun-drenched faces are not all dau dau moments

  • _debanjali 57w

    Maybe one day this disease of the world will be cured, the storms will stop,

    The new sun will rise --------

    In the midst of human beings, people will get back their livelihood

    The living heart will find a new life,

    People will be human again in new forms, in new rhythms,

    This world of pride will be a new surprise in the history of independence,

    In the Creator's love for creation a new world will be found again,

    Where everyone can live beautifully,

    The joy of living a normal life will be happy again in this belief,

    The world will be calm ------

    People will have a successful experience through the struggle for survival,

    There is no such thing as darkness,

    Although not everything can be seen in the light of the eyes

    Those bright days will come again,

    We will not be deprived of the touch of happiness,

    We will return from the cruel poison of destiny,

    Let us pray to the Creator

  • _debanjali 58w

    One, two , three

    Naughty rhyme of sweet melody

    If anyone wants to hear

    From one to ten

    Will but count.

    Counting starts from one

    Listen again and again

    The moon belongs to the sun god

    No more pairs.

    Adishvara in various forms

    The truth that exists

    I understand various theories

    He is just eternal.

    One by one

    Zero will be two

    Two will be followed by three

    This is the menu.

    The two sides are white Krishna

    There is every month

    They are just circular

    Comes around.

    I always see it with two eyes

    How are the three

    If you listen to the reading

    Really one day.

    The eye of knowledge with knowledge

    Opens for everyone

    So understand or this proverb

    Big darling.

    Two times with two

    See you in four

    Three is followed by four

    Written in clauses.

    The Vedas have four parts

    Everyone knows

    Impermanent eternal theory

    Barely informed.

    Owl face or five

    If you learn to draw

    Although in the middle of it

    A little crooked.

    There is a risk in education

    The intellect bends

    If we continue to make peace

    Inside the gap of the head.

    Ms. Chucho is in the sixth

    Everyone knows that

    Multiply three by two

    You will get six everywhere.

    How the six seasons come

    Twelve months in a row

    Mother with every season

    Basumati smiles.

    There are seven seas

    The rhyme barely cuts

    Children in rhyming songs

    Mother will call.

    One week is seven days

    Think about it

    Sunday is Mother's Day

    Children are born.

    I remember the tune of eight


    Barely swaying to the tune of the melody

    Let's see.

    Adding four to four

    Eight that appear

    Counting four and two

    Match brother Tay.

    Nine dances to the rhythm of nine

    The head shakes a lot

    So I understand everyone

    Pain in the neck.

    Navagraha nine gems


    In the glory of pure gems

    Good luck.

    Leaving zero on one's back

    Ten everyone writes

    Khokakhuku to the rhythm of the rhyme

    Draws and learns.

    With ten in the society

    I am happy

    Country leader in ten works

    Doesn't cheat at work.

    In combination with ten

    If you work

    Mother country will move

    Shame, fear, shame.

    Adding five to five

    Ten lives are lost

    Five to two counts

    Someone wants a wire.

    In such a way to the rhythm of the rhyme

    Learning by reading

    Draw in the child's mind

    Like writing gold.

  • _debanjali 59w

    Be a simple person

    Really very difficult thing

    I had a lot of success

    Easy to be simple people.

    Maybe someone like that

    That will benefit everyone

    No need for exchange

    Thanks or best wishes.

    I would listen to everyone's orders

    Life at work is over;

    This word will not come to mind.

    Easy to be simple people

    No matter easy.