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  • _desaiagraja 2w

    Remember, remember,
    When I said
    "I don't wanna be alone
    But I'm sacred,
    Because heart's get broken..."

  • _desaiagraja 2w

    Read it at your own risk��������‍♀️

    Consonance का तो पता नहीं, पर दीदी ने cake अच्छी बनाई थी। ��

    #consonance #wod #pod #live #love #life #forever #backing #batty #lame #miraquill #writersnetwork @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Batty baked cake....

    Batty brought butter & the butter was bitter,
    So batty brought more butter to make the bitter butter better....

    Batty better bring the batter,
    to make the best bake by beating the batter and the bitter butter togather.

    For baking the better beaten batter,
    by adding banana and berry,
    ended up making it all bumpy and bulky..

    It's time to find out,
    did the better beaten batter,
    made it to briliant buttery bake??

    Out from the oven,
    was a beautifully baked,
    banana berry cake...

    Boy bites the batty baked,
    Buttery not burnt not bitter,
    Baked banana berry cake.

    It was a Best blend of sweet and sour,
    batty baked big brown cake,
    Brilliance award she own...

  • _desaiagraja 2w


    शायरियां हमारे बस की कहा,
    वो तो बस मिरेक में कुछ बात ही ऐसी हैं,
    जो हम पे थोड़ा शायराना रंग चढ़ा गई।

  • _desaiagraja 2w

    Anyone who has the answer to this question please feel free to answer ��✨

    #question #wod #pod #live #love #life #forever #miraquill #writersnetwork @miraquill @writersnetwork

    But honestly, I don't think there is answer to this question.
    Can your love fade away, can you unlove a person, can you stop loving someone.
    And if you can, was it even love.
    You fight with your brother, parents , friends.
    Do you choose to stop loving them....
    Some people left from my life and I still can't stop loving them...
    Like how is it even possible
    To "get over it"
    To "just forget it"
    To "leave it"
    To "it's not working, let's break up then"
    It's not working, it's not a job.��
    I never understood break-ups....
    And I've seen a lot of them.��
    And there is nothing to say or react.
    And I can't stop thinking..
    If seeing other people breaking up can affect me so much, what will I go through when I will be in that shoe.
    Ohh god!! I don't even want to be there ��

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    Unanswered question....

    "It was few months of relationship,
    Just get over it" he said.

    And my heart skipped a beat.

    You can still get over the relationships,
    But what about love??

    And that question remains
    Unanswered Forever....

  • _desaiagraja 2w

    तुम मुझे इतना ना याद कर की,
    में तुम्हारे ख्वाबों में ही खो जाऊ।
    तुम मुझसे इतना ना प्यार कर की,
    में यहा रात बन कर ही ठहर जाऊ।

  • _desaiagraja 2w

    Any #yjhd fan here???
    Kabir thapar what a handsome, ambitious, dreamy character.....

    I loved him too much
    But are they really happy??
    What if Kabir feels caged in the same house for even a week and naina is busy saving other people's lives
    Or may be Kabir still goes on the tour around the world and be back with naina in the occasion of festivals

    Now thinking this I just can't digest the movie end
    I really want to know what next......

    I'm already going through tachycardia while I think of their life's����
    Hopelessly romantic bollywood and I'm still so in love with all the Ranbir's character����

    A clerihew is a poem about a specific person. It can be a person you know, a famous person, or even a character. It is made up of 4 lines. The first line should be the name the person and the end of the second line should rhyme with the name. Then the third and fourth lines rhyme.

    #clerihew #pod #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork #bollywood #romantic #hopelessly #live #love #life #ranbirkapoor #forever @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Mr. Kabir thapar

    Hello, Mr. Kabir thapar,
    The man of dream & desires,
    Soaked in the sun of passion,
    Dreaming out of my imagination.

    Hello, Mr. Kabir thapar,
    Or let's say, Mr. Handsome charmer,
    I still can't stop to wander,
    How Naina manages to keep you indoor.

    Hello, Mr. Kabir thapar,
    I really loved your attire,
    Dressed perfectly like a ambitious child,
    Is that child in you still alive??

  • _desaiagraja 2w

    Another new year,
    And the blank diary pages.
    Paint it, quote it,
    Write it out,
    With exquisite art,
    With hopefull heart,
    With happiness abound,
    With promises to fight hard,
    With belives and resolution,
    With dopaminergic rush,
    With kindness and love.........

    #newyear #wod #pod #love #life #forever #2022 #moon #sunshine #miraquill #writersnetwork @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Didn't get to the see
    The moon last night,
    And missed bidding him
    A good bye.

    So what!!
    did you stopped,
    cherishing the morning Sunshine.

    And that's the life,
    It keeps moving,
    Just like a carousel,
    It never stop, even at worst,
    Always for best & better.

    Instead of regrets and sorrows,
    Of the past and desires,
    Let's hope to meet the moon
    saying hello beautiful!!!!

    Instead of crying on regrets,
    Let's make the best out of "now".

    To spreading love and laughter
    To believe in ourself
    To built up the courage
    To sing & dance
    To sharing happiness
    To working harder and smarter
    To new beginning
    To writing it out
    To the opportunities
    To the new year
    Happy '22

  • _desaiagraja 2w

    Happy New year dear mirake family ✨��❤️
    Wishing you guys all the love, happiness, health, wealth, strength and success.����

    Thank you so much for your support. Y'all are so sweet and talented... Too many names to mention
    So if you're reading this I'm thankful to you❤️����

    #pod #wod #newyear #firstof2022 #2022 #hindi #shayri #live #love #life #happiness

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    First of '22

    दुनिया के शोर शराबे में नहीं,
    में तुम्हे गगन की खामोशी में मिलूंगी।
    बदलते दौर के ख्वाबों में भी,
    में तुम्हे पुराने किताबो की यादों में मिलूंगी।


    In the world of chaos,
    You will find me
    in harmony.
    While the dream's,
    of the capricious measures,
    You will find me
    in reminiscence
    of ancient books....



  • _desaiagraja 2w

    Golden are the,
    Gathias of Gujarat.(lame¯_(ツ)_/¯)

    Congratulations and thank you @miraquill you ended this year on miraquill with such different flying colors������❤️✨

    #color #colour #golden #pod #wod #golden #live #love #life #lastof2021 #harrystyles #miraquill #writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld @mirakee_words @writersnetwork

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    You're so golden✨

    Golden her hairs,
    wild mess.
    Golden are the glitters,
    that shine in her dress.
    Golden rose,
    on her long arched neck.
    Golden tint in her eyes,
    with shade of green,oh so bright.

    Golden daffodils,
    She love to smell.
    golden her soul,
    just like a magnetic pole.
    Golden sunflower,
    in her diary, beauty & broken.
    Golden days she love,
    gleaming in the sunrays.

    Golden retrievers,
    Her fluffy pet.
    Golden fish,
    Mr cleo she named.
    Golden sunsets,
    She loved to glaze.

    Golden hour photograph,
    In her gallery she saved.
    Golden Mesmerizing beauty, she imitates,
    Golden she is inside out,
    Golden beyond the shadow of doubt.

  • _desaiagraja 2w

    शायद इंसान बदल भी जाए,
    पर जनाब, तस्वीरे नही बदलती।

    शायद रास्ते तुम्हारे हमारे बदल भी जाए,
    पर तकदीरे नही बदला करती।