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  • _elamin 23w

    as long as the sombre nights
    entwine my thoughts,
    as long as the earth
    overwhelms by the petrichor,
    as long as the zephyrs
    embrace me in her arms,
    as long as the darkness
    bedecks the new moon,
    as long as the perilous promises
    hold me in chains,
    as long as my heart
    saunters in yours....

    I'll rhyme the metaphors of
    love,pain, and beauty.


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  • _elamin 33w


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  • _elamin 38w

    "Darlin', your departure awoke the long-lost poetess in me that dwelled on my lonely soul."


  • _elamin 42w

    Simple pleasures��

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    Dear moon,

    Do you know that I step out of my home just to seek you every night??
    Do you see my eyes glimmering in your light and my lips twisted into that broad smile??
    Do you hear my thoughts praising your beauty in wonder ??
    Do you see my mind in tranquility whenever I see you??
    You are the contentment of my soul
    and the solace to my heart.


  • _elamin 43w

    "and since that day I began adopting a pillow other than the one I use for my head and every night I would sleep clinging on to it and cuddling it in my arms, with my heart humming its favourite song, 'i miss you'......."


  • _elamin 44w

    What's more beautiful than this..??!!❤❤

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    "فاصبر صبرا جمىلا"

    "therefore do thou hold patience ; a patience of beautiful (contentment).

    (Holy Quran :Chapter 70 : verse 5)

  • _elamin 44w

    Dear dad,

    I know you were broke once and I can't afford to break you again.....


  • _elamin 46w

    I accidentally read this poem while I was reading 'The Cuckoo's Calling' by Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling) and since then I couldn't take this poem out of my mind!

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    A dirge

    Why were you born when the snow was falling?
    you should have come to the cuckoo's calling,
    or when grapes are green in the cluster,
    or atleast, when lithe swallows muster,
    for their far off flying
    from summer's dying.

    Why did you die when lamps were cropping?
    you should have died at the apple's dropping,
    when the grasshopper comes to trouble,
    and the wheat-fields are sodden stubble,
    and all winds go sighing
    foe sweet things dying.

    _Christina Rosetti

  • _elamin 48w

    winter winds

    The winter winds seduced me
    with your divine scent.
    your smell perplexed my head.
    My mind was distracted!

    Wasn't I supposed to keep my promise...?
    to keep you away from me.....
    Until the time comes.......

    I ignored the consciences.
    for a while, I let you live inside me.
    The hallucinations sprang back to life.

    It was Us,
    Your eyes that locked in mine
    Your smile that played on your lips.
    Your hands that wrapped around me.
    I longed for your arrival..!

    I was awake before the hallucinations faded,
    consciences ran for me..
    I guess I'll be okay ;
    once when the winter is over...!!