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  • _gk_07 1d

    Happiest birthday @fromwitchpen
    May you be blessed with all happiness and success in your life. Keep inking the embers of galaxies in your poetries.

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    In the caelum of universe
    her syllables wrapped in
    scarlet mulberry cladding,
    rejuvenates the hearts with

    She's a genie composing
    magical mysterious rides
    through the verselets inking
    the starlight, in her celestial

    She weaves poetry blossoming
    into white orchids and asphodel
    with the beat of hope, holding
    hands of nature warbling through

    Brimming beguiling adjectives
    in the euphoric wine, she pours
    fortune drinks of melodies with
    sweetest tranquilizing metaphors.


  • _gk_07 3d

    // Orchard of illusions bleed love
    and heartbreaks together into one
    colossal chaos.//

    Opalescent love whispers the beauty
    of heartbreaks, sending solaced
    postcards to tormented stratum, of amalgamated vehemence and tangible thoughts freezing my forebrain.

    I'm alone but not lonely,
    a vagabond rhyming with verses,
    'cause watching that 70's show
    escapes me from outside world.

    Solitude comforts me better than
    loneliness, mucilaginous thoughts
    holds my hand with depression
    as a gift, when paints dry and rain
    cries, I apologize to drowning dahlias in
    my ocean eyes.

    I weep in a sunlit room
    where visitors are not allowed,
    when prosaic poems burns,
    my agonizing love turns into ashes,
    remnants of memories left unburnt,
    scratches out words from dead dictionary,
    with monochrome paintbrush of hope.

    #wod #art @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Edit: thank you @writersnetwork for your kind read and repost ✨��

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    Every inch of me dance against a treacherous canvas with plastered smiles,
    When I realized those weak words you whispered were nothing but true lies.

  • _gk_07 4d

    Polaroids of xylophones, which
    played a lullaby of tasted hurricanes,
    and tormented emotions quietly
    under the lesions of loneliness.
    Crushed metaphors in her poetries,
    which wiped away her lament cries
    quietly yet louder than the words.
    Jubilant music, which eased the pain of change in the world, and changing herself.

    #wod #quiet @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    She kept withered rhymes
    and senseless injured time,
    Which transformed her, not
    in an overnight but slowly,
    not loudly as a tunguska meteor
    but quietly as a moonbeam.

  • _gk_07 2w


    She maunder through banks
    of velvety turquoise river bed,
    chasing fluttering pieces of proses
    in the hot summer solstice,
    composing tormented waves
    of thoughts in serene verses,
    strumming her bewildered heart
    to rhythm of tapping dewdrops
    from the bush of vermilion camellia,
    roaming around the viridescent
    colossal evergreen trees,
    she unearthen the hyperboles under
    the canopy of shell-pink orchids.

    Her free spirit peregrinate in the
    heart of nature beneath the amber
    sunlight, to reconcile her hopeless
    strings of heart to rhyme,
    inaugurating harmony between her
    metaphors and wanderlust notions,
    walking in the woods to listen mystical
    whispers of veteran trees,
    caressing her wild heart.

    #wod #wanderer @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    She freezed the tick-tock of clock, to escort the compass and live her life as a vagabond.


  • _gk_07 3w

    Perching in the soul with
    camouflaged feathers,
    balloon of hope soar high in the sky,
    navigating through heart-wrenching
    dark moments,
    from chilliest lands of solitude
    to strangest sea of crowds,
    hope sings in the euphoric zephyrs
    tunes without the words,
    with indomitable zest to sail
    the journey from defeat to victory.

    Contemplating goals with open eyes,
    and to let the balloons of dreams
    reach to the heights,
    with upthrust actions of perseverance
    to soar level by level more high,
    balancing the downthrust reactions
    of procrastinations and ill-habits to
    pull down below to the realism ground.
    Amidst the quiet nights and raging dawns,
    dreamy balloons will hover with optimistic
    metaphors of determination and hope.

    #wod #symbol @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Edit : Thank you @writersnetwork for your kind read and repost ��

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    Life is never a plot of straight line graphs from origin to infinity,
    In ebb and flow of waves,
    we slips and drown sometimes with retardation,
    and yet try to climb up with acceleration of determination on the hyperbola,
    'cause life can't be constant like heisenberg's constant,
    but maintaining a balance is the key.

    / Never let the flame of hope to die in yourself. /

  • _gk_07 3w

    Smile like those daffodils
    burnt but alive tied in a
    pretty mauve string,
    suspire and transpire to bloom,
    but won't flower the way they did
    in last melodious spring.

    When sunflowers fall off my eyes,
    contours of teardrops draws in
    the unheard stories that I hide,
    starin' at these photographic petals
    felt like we're ocean apart,
    two poles on one revolving orb,
    and never meant to meet or live
    in euphoric home.

    #wod #start @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Edit: thank you @miraquill for this editors choice (28+)��

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    I have been growing hope in your backyard, where you never visited or roamed, and left my love unturned.


  • _gk_07 4w

    When you value things,
    Even less becomes more,
    Life gets much happier
    than anxious expectations.

  • _gk_07 4w


    (S)unbeams caresses my bony outline,
    vitalizing ossified bone with vitamin D,
    without any humility bias.

    (K)aleidoscopic sky with wishing stars
    and shooting kisses, entices my
    cranial osseous matter.

    (E)asing my heart's pain with drip-drop
    orchestra of rain, cleansing grime of color bigotry.

    (L)abyrinth wars dripping tears of blood, breaks my cardiac muscles, dampening arguments of cartilaginous voice box in my throat.

    (E)vocative evolutions of perfectionism,
    leaves contours of elliptical eclipses behind, leaving my skeleton in agony to fake the vibes.

    (T)ranquilizing my voidness with camellia drops from throttling despondency, in baked bony hurricanes.

    (O)rb clenching seven billion bags of bony framework, and one trillion four hundred forty two billion bones, suspire and try every second to get itself a fit.

    (N)ostalgic saudade of pain and grief,
    brims adjectives of life and death under my skeletony skeleton.

  • _gk_07 4w

    #wod #words @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Edit: Thank you @writersnetwork for your kind read and repost��

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    When contours of pain suffocated my soul,
    Zephyr of clouds in the cerulean sky
    relieved me to breathe,
    Ecstatic words with nepenthe's essence healed my open wounds.

  • _gk_07 4w

    Her flamboyant smile strikes
    to iris of every eye,
    Just like a yacht in torrent waves
    in a waning moonlight's sky.

    Her russet hairs sway in the zephyr,
    Just like a semi-transparent zircon.

    Her melodious voice sings a lullaby,
    Just like a saga played on zither.

    Her scintillating stare from the yards,
    Is poisonous as a yew with red berries.

    #wod #simile @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    I met a girl in wadis with a lavender waft,
    Just like a poet warble in a waltz with warmth.