The ink here is idle. Don't be here.

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  • _hadeantusche 4w

    "There is always madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness."

    – Friedrich Nietzsche

    #damned #kickshaws

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    The Fordrunken Relâche - Kickshaw Still, Yet Hadean For Keeps.

    The Night of Shame.

    Stars were glittering in her eyes. She was drinking cloudy bay through her charms. Eating pretzels on her first dinner, she was a charm aye. Her eyes, intoxicating enough to sunk the ships of cupids. Yet, polarizing the visions of pervasive puns. I had one night of comfort, where everything started over marlboro and macallan 18. I'm indulging in the sweet abusal of conscience, with my mind on fucks and curses. I was alone though, adrift until the next puff of purge. The smoke of heavy hearts, the ash tray of dreamers, dibs on that. My will was kneeling and hands got clumsy. Yeah, the writer in me was breaking the mould. It's either deep sleep of guilt and favours or metamorphosis. Well, the night was young, or so i thought before doing the unspeakable. What's the greatest sin of all time ? Asking for love, no. Forgiveness, maybe. Cruelty, for sure. Socializing, yeah whatever. My mistake ? I asked for the light. My desperacy for finishing my night with the last cig friend of mine costed me. Well, it wouldn't be bad if it's just the light. The worst is yet to come. My depraved and defiled senses got sober as she lit my last dose of nicotine. I was in between the sweet, yet synchronised slaking of smoke as the cigarette was snatched from me lips. Now, usually the other one in me gets all cranky when it happens. But then again, me getting angry in this wasted phase, yeah that was a good idea. And yep, it was almost about to happen, but the cig had landed on me lips again. I turned my gaze, just out of curiosity and it leads to her. This epitome of simplicity, the zero fucks given personality, the sweet charm and one plain smile of trouble. And evening in lombard st. would be fun they said, have at it, they also said that though. Well, i ain't worried, she was. I would have normally handled the liquor, but then again i was not going too. What's the point of wasting the night, if being sober is the goal. Why so stiff and weird. Why about letting the guard down. What about painting pictures, what about writing delicacies. What about love, what about friendship. Why the frustration ? Why not one more round, don't forget her name though. Medaline, she said. Medaline it is. I'm going down, way down than me troubles, it's getting darker. You're moving funny, and I'm writing bullshit. Maybe tomorrow M, maybe tomorrow. If I'm lucky enough. Pardon my liquor and have my gratitude. This was a good one. A coincidence, merely. A night to savour maybe. Along came the dawn, vice. You're in the bed, reeking of abusals. You opened the drapes and here comes the mocking. The sunshine stabbing the warmth on your normal face. The cool breeze healing what was damaged the last night. You made yourself appropriate and check for the wallet. Good lord, it's there along with a crumbled paper. Yep, there's the bill you would've said. You opened the paper to face the taxation of happiness. And it's a number with nothing but a note. The pleasure is all mine. Huh, trouble found me. And along came the simper, curse the writings and cheers to what's next. Love long and let go of lassitude. Love conquers all. A life of loathing, a heart of fear, an ego of entirety and this guilt of pen. Shalom aleichem, Madeline. For the light being.

  • _hadeantusche 5w

    Rant ///

    Why do people lose ?
    Maybe, they want to.
    Sometimes, they don't.
    Then again, they do.
    Defeat is not needed.
    Loss is respectable.
    People should cry.
    Everything falls.
    Despair stands.

  • _hadeantusche 8w

    वक़्त-ए-नज़ारा ///

    कागजों में ढूँढोगे इल्म या तिलमिलाहट से पूछोगे,
    फ़ासिक़ बेग़ैरत है पूरा, किसे शराफ़त से पूछोगे,
    ज़ब्त क़लाम है क्यों, कैसी ख़ामोशी है कफ़ से,
    बदमस्ती आबशारों की अब इंतेज़ारों से सुनोगे,

    दोज़ख फ़क़त वाबस्ता थी, मेरी शाहकारी भी पूछोगे,
    क़ल्ब सितमगर हैं सभी, क्या शिकस्तें सारी ही पूछोगे,
    इल्तिमास गर्द क्यों रहे, कैसा उन्स है अदाकारी से,
    अब इम्कान-ए-अज़मत भी पूरी फ़ासिक़ की सुनोगे,

    तुम लबों की इमरोज़ हर नज़ाकत पूछोगे,
    अब कातिब से किताबत का पता भी पूछोगे,
    खुद आफ़त-ए-आबादी की उलझन हो कब से,
    खानाबदोशों का हिज्र क्या फ़ासिक़ से सुनोगे,

    मुख़ालिफ़ बन तुम सराब की मसाफत पूछोगे,
    किल्लत-ए-ख़ुतूत की वाकिफ कहानी पूछोगे,
    फ़ासिक़ से कहना, मेरी इमदाद हो अदब से,
    और आगे से इबारत महज़ शकेबा से सुनोगे

  • _hadeantusche 9w

    My rant is not the part of mind. That's my mind, cursing my soul. #damned

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    May the mercy macerate the myths of me pen. May the ether provides vice to metatron. The bishops are coming and time is up.

  • _hadeantusche 10w

    As soon as this trial started, i have made a vow to myself. I will not change any of my profile pictures. My profile here has the image of JD. And i won't change it until the verdict arrives. Well, it did.




    It's JOHNNY F'N DEPP afterall.


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    Thank You Johnny. Thanks for telling the world that men can be abused too. Thanks for telling the fake feminists that men can be gas lighted too. Men too can fall for the cheap tricks of misconduct. Yes, domestic violence is a serious thing. Yes, men suffer more dv than the women. Yes, the life of a men can be ruined too. Yes, talking about it matters. Yes, justice is mandatory. Yes, you have won. You, beautiful, beautiful person. It's a pleasure to be on your side. I can proudly say, that I'm a fan.

    And, to Amber, the narcissist - This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow.

    Thanks to the Jury and the Court.


  • _hadeantusche 10w

    Fucked up in every sense. Bite me.
    #damned #beyondsinful

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    I'm done with everything, yet just getting started somehow.

  • _hadeantusche 23w

    Yea, all things live forever, though at times they sleep and are forgotten.
    - H. Rider Haggard

    #beyondsinful #damned

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    Yes you were. You were my oblivion, the tears of this everlasting trance. The one which berates every sense of mine. I might not be accepting it nowadays, but i also wanted to go over the excellencies. I wana waste myself on par with paragons, where pedantic people polarize the plausibility of this proverbial purge. Maybe we don't deserve the moon for our time, maybe the vehemence of prometheus is too much to ask for now. Maybe nebula is better without two noxious souls of hexes and hell. They were worried for me, those who don't have nothing to do with this egotistical rigmarole of mine. I have seen the romantic dawn admiring the blood of benevolence. I have seen the corruption of dreams to the last rites of reconnaissance. Why do the good suffer ? What about thomas ? Why do we fail so viciously ? What's wrong with Bruce ? What is the value of dignity on the market of humanity ? I fuckin' stand by Johnny Depp. Why do tears emerge ? I wonder if hazel ever cried to the point of numbness. What is the fault of the victim ? My heart goes out for Aaliyah. Why would i read Shakespeare ? Fuck this charade of playing pretences, to hell with the literature. Moloch might be obliged to that, but vice isn't. I have seen the delicacies of death, with necromancers chanting for the devastation to come over. I have seen the affection of fear and loathings, where nicotine is the valentine of those doomed to dismal dystopia. They will continue to abuse the humanity, with their painful trance of totalitarian travesty. They are indeed sealed in the bonds of quietus, me too, moloch, me too. Stop that ? For what, i mean nothing is stopping it, the stagnant slander of mobile malady. See, i told you this would happen, i kept telling you about dema and the tyranny of stereotypes. But, you never listened. You are the one responsible for me moloch, you're the undersigned here, the one with your hand over my shoulder. You have played too much of this round. Being a howitzer, not so good now are we, eh ? Time's up, the jig is over, hail mary flipped herself on your sorry sins. You are all alone with me now. So tell me again moloch, Why would i stop ? I might not be the one for love and laters, but yeah, I'll make sure to be the one. The one of that kind, moloch. The one who will butcher your insecurities, your plugs and pipers. I will pay my respects too, salut. Your teachings, you say. Well, i did learn from you, and yeah I don't want halves and halves. I want everything in entirety. I want your quill, i want your liquor and yeah i want your persona. So yeah, no more suicidal sprees, no more scathing upon the broken hearts. No more payphones for happiness and health. You wanted me to take the throne and here i am, MOLOCH. Still a nuisance for the hell's chariot. Hail Satan they say, some are against it, some are here to spat on me face. Do i care, hell nah ? It's just like pac said ? This that solo ride to rumble. This is my knowledge from them greats. I have studied their cadence, i have copied their style, and it's about that time. The time, where you are to hold upon your dear life and legacy. The moment y'all been waiting for, the butchers and behemoths. Ahh, it's like a breath of fresh air, you call this madness, eh, Moloch. Me, I call this paranoxysm. So yeah, die and remain dead. Farewell, me confidante. The praxis continues, this stoicism however will not.

  • _hadeantusche 23w

    Nothing new is sweeter than with you.

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    Meet me on the top,
    where it's all vibrant,
    the moon, the mind,
    the stars, the thrill,
    Meet me on the top,
    where it's all of you,
    the wine, the lyrics,
    the smile of solace,
    Meet me on the top,
    be with me, come,
    join the jollity, join,
    this mind of mine.

  • _hadeantusche 24w

    की साया भी साथ नहीं है शफ़क़ के हिज्र में फ़ासिक़,
    क्यों ताबीर हराम करते थे नदामतें फ़ाश करने की

  • _hadeantusche 25w

    I wonder if the writer within me will smile on greeting death, with our existence reeking of repugnant repercussions. I wonder if i will adore the fright that's yet to come. If only i could know, if only i could try. No wonder why, no reason to be. I wonder if i could dwell in it, the wonderland.