Learning, becoming a better person. Humanity is what I believe in.

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  • _infiknightian_5 2d

    But darling
    You can still find the stars, moon in your darkest sky....

  • _infiknightian_5 1w

    When darkness prevail
    And even the magical lamp fail
    When there is no sign of light
    May your aura illuminate the site
    In the freezing winter cold
    May your warmth not fail to confront
    Wishing more Power to thy will that hunt
    the shady vibes directed at you
    May you rise and shine like the morning dew
    More precious than the gold
    Is the love and kindness you hold

  • _infiknightian_5 2w

    Normalize not getting support before getting success,
    Don't expect either
    You are enough

  • _infiknightian_5 2w

    Not going away but falling for myself a little more, everyday...

  • _infiknightian_5 2w

    जिसे हम ने चाहा
    उसने हमे सम्झा नहीं
    जो हमे चाहते है
    उन्हें समझने की चाह नहीं...

  • _infiknightian_5 3w

    Stars too
    Are unaware of
    Where the stardust goes..

    I, You and Them
    are unaware of
    where our broken pieces goes..

  • _infiknightian_5 5w

    Sometimes late at night when I open my eyes and find myself alone in the dark and scared,
    ... Wait... there aren't fairies to light up the magical lamp.
    But from Next day ...surely...I won't switch off the light.
    That's how life works, nothing comes easily. You have to work for it and earn it.

  • _infiknightian_5 7w

    Neutral affirmations

    Dear Universe,
    I feel safe and peaceful being in your womb.
    I am aware of myself and so of my happiness, weaknesses, things I am bad at, things I am good at, my way of handling the situation, my preferences and I am aware of how I feel about myself.
    I am complete in myself just like the way my fellow beings are complete in themselves and together, we all are a tiny part of the bigger you.
    I do not force things to happen, I accept what comes to me or I deny if it is costing my peace of mind. Nothing is blocking my mind and energy and thus I am giving my best to the moment or an hour or the day. I am investing time for the dreams I carry in my heart and beside all I wear a graceful smile just to remind myself that I am so part of you and you are my HOME.

  • _infiknightian_5 7w

    I love you like the way I love the moon
    Distantly yet closely
    deeply yet rudely
    eternally yet passionately
    So peacefully that my stillness is all filled with your vibes
    So weirdly that my numb eyes stares at you
    So honestly that the my prayers consist you

  • _infiknightian_5 8w

    Not all people who acts rude to you are your haters,
    Some souls prays for you in secret