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  • _infinity_writer_ 88w

    Wish we were

    He was waiting near her table…

    She knew he would be here today. There was a project in which her department had to collaborate with his department. She didn’t see him in the beginning of the day though. Now he’s sitting near her table. The thing is it’s always awkward to talk to your ex within months. Especially, when you still like them, she sighed and walked to her table.

    He looked up at the sounds of footsteps approaching. God, She ‘s still gorgeous, he thought as he stood up to meet her. “Hi,” he said. He didn’t know what to do with his hands. He held his bag in one hand and another in his pockets, “hi” she said, with a smile and uncertainty in her eyes. “So… how was the first day in.. project” she stumbled, closing her laptops and packing to leave home. God he looks good, she thought. “ yeah yeah it- it was good we had a meeting and uh… yeah it went good.” he finished lamely. Why is it so hard?. He thought. “You’re leaving?” he asked. idiot , what does it look like, he told himself. “Yeah Yeah. it’s time. So I had to leave” she said. Which one? office or me?, he wanted to ask.

    “Do- do you want something?” she asked, swallowing. Why is my throat dry suddenly?, she thought, drinking some water. “NO, No just- just thought- want to say hi. You know. It’s been a long time.” still feels like yesterday. “Oh okay” she said, now packed and ready to leave. “Um bye, i guess” she said, giving him a hug. He buried his face in her shoulders knowing this might be last. Don’t want to let go, his heart screamed as they separated. His lips gazed on her forehead. She gently pushed him with sadness in her eyes. He couldn’t hold it anymore.

    “Wish we were normal”, he whispered, leaning on her forehead. “Like what?” she asked, knowing what he would say. “Wish we were just a normal couple. Like me finishing my work waiting for you here with… flowers maybe. Going home together, cooking dinner together, watching crappy tv for sometime, going to bed, just sleeping, holding each other” he finished eyes moist. “Sounds peaceful” she said with the same moisture in her voice. “I’m sorry it couldn’t be”, she said moving out of his space and holding his hand. “I’m sorry, it was my fault too” he said. “Not every dream becomes a reality now, does it?” she gave him a sad smile. Oh How many dreams were broken. “Doesn’t make us stop hoping though” he gave back her smile. doesn’t stop from dreaming more. “Okay, I have to go to my department and.. Go back home I guess. See you.” he said, turning and walking away. Walk away, walk away before you say something stupid, he told himself. “bye “ she said to no one.

    Wish you were my home...

  • _infinity_writer_ 88w

    Little hands

    The room was filled with people…

    She hadn’t been like this for a really long time. All dressed up and mingling with everyone. Her earring was heavy when a little hand tried and grabbed it. She looked down at the bundle of joy in her hands. Her a year old son was trying to grab and play with her earring. She smiled down at him and held him closer.

    It was hard, when they were told that they couldn't have a baby. They didn’t know what to do. One hand it was guilt that she couldn’t give him the joy of fatherhood. On the other hand, it was people and their opinions. She was infertile. He was unlucky. It’s their job. Did they see an astrologer when they got married?, where their opinions. Like a guy sitting at his home and predicting things would know more than a guy with a 5 year degree, she chuckled looking at her son.

    Adoption was the last call. Everyone in her family denied it. There might be another way. See this doctor. Look at this treatment. Eat this. They said. But She knew they were just in denial. They didn’t like the idea of adoption. Fighting against her family,he stood by her all the way. Maybe another marriage.. Made them put their feet down.

    They chose adoption. They met the mother, talked and were happy about their final decision. Everything was good. But the mother did not make it. Take care of your son, were her final words. Thank you, she thought, looking at her son in her arms now, thinking about his real mother.

    “Hey, you okay?” he asked, hugging her from behind, making funny faces at his son. “You asking me or your son?” she teased. “Both mamabear and babypanda” he said. “We are good, just...happy” happy that we have our son. “Wish she was here”, she said. “She will be happy that you are taking good care of her son,” he said.

    Happy that you are his mother….


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    13. ✨Like no tomorrow �� hey guys, this is a fun one. the actual reason to write this is that now we always think about the future and forgets to live in the present. This one shows us the time we never thought about tomorrow... this is a nostalgic one for me too and dedicated to my best friend... so have fun. like and share ❤️.

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    Like no tomorrow

    “Sir please sir, my parents can’t pick me up today. My bus will leave in 15 minutes. I have no way to go home” she begged. “You have not performed well in your internals. You have to stay back for special classes” her maths teacher told blocking her way out of the room. It was already late. She doesn’t want to attend the special classes. She might have scored less in internals. But that’s because they kept changing the teacher for maths. It confused her. She was standing near the door waiting for some kind of miracle. Someone save me, she thought pouting and wringing her hands in her uniform.

    “Psst!”a voice whispered behind the teacher, who was talking to one of the parents inside the class. Her best friend was standing on the other side, near the staircase. “Give me your bag” her best friend whispered. “Why?” she asked, sliding her bag to her friend, when their teacher turned his back to them. “Run when I tell you, don’t look back, we’ll meet at the gate” her friend explained without any pretext. “What?” she asked, panicking. This idiot’s gonna kill me she thought looking at her friend, who had both their bags on her shoulder.

    Their teacher went inside for something and “RUN GIRL RUN!!! DON’T LOOK BACK!!” her best friend screamed running down the stairs next to her. “HEY, don’t you dare bunk the -” their teacher came to stop her. I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead, I’m gonna die and come and haunt that stupid friend i chose, she thought as she ran to the stairs that was on the other side of the corridor. Her teacher was calling but she didn’t look back. She ran till legs spasmed and breath came short. He saw her standing near the gate, waiting near the gate, holding up the bus. Maybe I won't kill her today, she thought, as they boarded the bus and catched their breath sitting at their usual spot.

    “Idiot” she told her friend. “hey,I came and saved you like a guardian angel from that guy’s mind numbing class and this is how you thank me. I should have left you there. Whatever small amount of brain you have would have become noodles at the end of the class.”, her friend ranted, throwing a water bottle to her. “ ahhh My hero” she mocked her friend, leaning heavily on her. “Alright Alright, move.” her best friend said.

    “hey, what’s the first class tomorrow?” she asked her friend.

    “...umm… “



    “...He’s gonna kill us”

    Let’s take care of that tomorrow...

  • _infinity_writer_ 90w

    You're home

    It was a long trip. He was bone tired and sleep deprived. He slept in the plane and ate something but not enough. I should stop going on long trips, he thought as he stepped into their apartment.

    It was early morning. He came into the living and saw a figure curled up on the couch with Netflix on the TV. He smiled to himself as he went and crouched down near her head.

    Adorable, he thought as he stroked her hair. She woke up blinking at him with a sleepy smile. "you're home", her voice croaked from sleep. "yeah, why are you sleeping on the couch?", He whispered, kissing her forehead. "couldn't sleep and bed's too big and cold" she yawned, rubbing sleep out of her eyes. "missed me too much", he teased. "yeah", she said with so much love and hope in her eyes, making him melt inside.

    "There's the puppy dog I know. It's still wanna cuddle, I have a day off " he said standing up. "Yeah, let me clean this up" she said, trying to stand up. He stopped her and lifted her bridal style. " Cuddles first, clean up after" he said carrying her into their room.

    welcome home

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    In love with a man

    She couldn’t stomach it…

    She knows the dark side of reality. She knows what’s hiding in the shadows. She was preached about this again and again by everyone around her. Be safe, walk properly, sit properly, dress properly, stay in the light, don’t trust where etched on her mind. She knew there was good and bad in the world, but she never knew there was bad and worse.

    “No one knew” he cried. “No one except my best friend” he sobbed into her hands. “ You don’t need to explain,” she said to him, thinking what's wrong with people. “I have to. I cannot lock it inside me forever and i- i trust you” I love you was left in between the lines which she read loud and clear.

    “It- it was our school farewell party, organized by students in some club. I- I was with my ex- girlfriend and her friends, some guys she- she knew . My fr- friends left early and i- i was about to leave. Sh- She wanted m- me to drop her. S- So I waited. Th- they gave me something to- to drink. I- i didn’t think. It was ju- just a drink i-” He broke off and started sobbing into her shoulders. She knew what's coming. She knew.

    “It’s my fault. Sh- She always initiated things, I- I was okay wi- with sex b- but it felt wi- wierd to- to- we were too young-” he sobbed. ‘Men should be strong minded and strong hearted’ Damn you society and your bullshit perceptions she seethed to herself. “How old were you guys?, you don’t have tell me if you don’t want to just-”.''she was a couple of years older than me. Sh- she was detained a year at sch- school.” he tried to get himself together. “Don’t. Don’t hold on. Let it go,”she said. you don’t have to be always strong he read in between her lines.

    “I- I didn’t know where i was when I woke up. It was painful. Everywhere, everything was painful, I couldn't walk an- and there was blo-” he hid his face in his hands and started sobbing again. Oh God, she covered her mouth. “It was some kind of hotel. My ex was sitting in the- there with another guy. They started talking ab- about be- before night. Laughing and teasing an-” he started pulling his hair. She took his hands and held it strong. “I- it was dis- disgusting. I- i shouted and sc- screamed. She just slapped m- me an- and sa- said ‘It’s sex. All guys like it. Don’t act like a simp’ I-I- sex is okay b- but-”, “Not okay without your consent” she finished it for him.

    “I- I didn’t have a phone, so I came down and called my best friend from the lobby. H- he took me to- to a doctor, helped me, lied to my mom that we had an accident, never told anyone. I-I couldn’t tell m- my mom. How can I tell my mom that her son-” he broke off, crying. He never lied to his mom. It was physically painful to carry something so traumatic. “My mom knew something was wrong. Later i told her i broke up with my girlfriend and mom thought it was the reason i was sad” he gave a sad smile.

    “You know when my dad died,a year before all this, everyone told me to hold on and be strong for my mom. I was’ the man of the family’ then. Everyone expects men like me to be strong and confident, but we are human. We have a heart and we feel all the pain, shame and everything. But where should we go and cry? Where do our broken hearts go? How do we heal if we can’t express the pain we feel?” he looked somewhere with raw pain and emptiness in his eyes.

    She hugged him tight and broke down in his shoulders. It was just two souls with raw pain, crying into each other's arms. She brushed his tears and kissed his forehead. “ You don’t have to carry everything on your shoulders. You can cry, you can break down, you can express your pain. You have friends. They would never judge you. There are people who would listen to you and help you heal. You have your mom and dad, your dad lives in you. There are people who like you and love you not in spite of your pain and flaws, but also for those.” she said, looking into his eyes. “Will you love me for my pains and flaws?” he asked with so much hope and pain in his eyes that it broke her heart. “I love you. For all your pains and flaws. All of you” she held his face in her hands and touched their foreheads.

    “Sorry you are stuck with a simp” he chuckled.

    No, I fell in love with a Man...


  • _infinity_writer_ 92w

    10.✨ A Promise �� Sorry had too much work but this is fun one a promise i made with my best friend ���� like and share ❤️

    #bestfriends #promise #wedding #boycott #newyork #friendship #roomates #fun #memories #airport #passport #extratickets #signs #runwaybride #coffee #laugh #idiots #writersofinstagram #staysafe #stayhome #anonymous #infinity #storytime #storytelling

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    A Promise

    It’s been 2 years…

    She didn’t notice it first. She saw the date when she just woke up and came in search of her coffee. Memories flooded before her eyes and she started laughing. “ Why are you laughing like a maniac?” asked one of her roommates, coming and sitting next to her. She showed her roommate and long time best friend the date and they started laughing together.

    Flash back

    “Hey, you ready?” asked her best friend, coming into her room. Her wedding was in full swing outside, but she couldn’t muster up the interest. She felt wrong. Something was wrong. “ I want you to do as promised”, she told her best friend.

    “What?... NOW?!”, asked her best friend.

    “Yes, NOW!!”

    “But why?? Thought you liked him?? What happened?”

    “Nope. everything is wrong and i don’t want to get married”


    “You promised!! Please …” she pleaded to her best friend. “ Okay Okay. do you have your passport?” asked her best friend. Only idiots are my friends her best friend thought, pacing in the room. “ I have my passport and two tickets for New York, which I don't know why I booked when I was booking tickets for my honeymoon spot. ” she said, taking her suitcase which she packed for her honeymoon. Maybe it was a sign she thought. “Okay, we have to get down by that back window, go to my home, get my passport. Yes, plan. Change into something comfortable and hurry up. Lets go” her best friend said. Both changed into their pyjamas and got down the window with one suitcase with both their clothes. “Wait , let's throw out our sim cards and put our phones on airplane mode” her best friend told her. “ I love you and owe you so much” she told her best friend and did as her friend told her. “Yeah next time tell me a day before and you have the same promise to keep” her best friend smiled and they left.

    They reached the airport . Sorry mom she thought to herself. “ Okay where will we stay??” she asked her best friend. “I don’t know why i did this but i called my friend in New york and told her about our promise yesterday. Before throwing out my card I texted her our plan and she will pick us up. We can be roommates with her” her best friend told her. “You are the best. We will go there, find a job and have fun. Yayy!!” she mused.


    “What are you two Idiots laughing at? ” asked their 3rd roommate, looking at two people laughing. “It’s been 2 years since I boycotted my wedding,” she said to her 3rd roommate, who caught up and started laughing with them. “ Well, Happy boycotted wedding anniversary,” her best friend told her and raised her cup. The three sat in the kitchen laughing and telling the same story.

    Still the best decision she made….


  • _infinity_writer_ 93w

    Red Velvet

    Ok I can do this…

    “Remind me. Why are we doing this again?” asked his friend measuring the flour. “We are doing this because she loves it'' He glared at his best friend. “ You can order it you know” his best friend sighed into the fridge, searching  for a milk carton. “ come on dude it’s not that tough it’s chemistry” he said. “ Oh yeah, now you know why I took commerce” his best friend said.

    He has to do this. This was how their relationship started. They met each other at their mutual friend's birthday party. They shared this piece of cake because it was the final piece and it was her favorite cake.  Velvety red like her cheeks when she blushes,  he smiled thinking. “ Is this frosting thing supposed to be hard to mix?” his friend asked, breaking him out of the thought. 

    “First of all, why is frosting brown in color?” he asked. "I don't know" "wait what flour did you use??" "I used that box which says 'flour' " his friend said, trying to mix it. He tried to pull the whisk out and the mixture just flew out of the blow to… "where did it go??" he asked his friend. And that's when that smell… 

    " Ok if all these are switched off what's burning?"..... 

    "The oven!!!",They shouted in unison. One running towards the oven and other taking the fire extinguisher out.

    "How do you use one of these!?!?" "What the- Pull the damn pin and squeeze the lever. What are you 10!?!?" " I am a commerce student i don't know these" "PUT OUT THE FIRE YOU DUMB SHIT!!"

    This is a mess, He thought looking at the kitchen and themselves covered in foam. He took out...what was supposed to be the first tier of cake, burned out. "I thought you said you switched it off!!!" he asked. "I switched off all these knob... thingies




    "what happened here?!" came another voice in the entrance of their kitchen. Shit. "hey babe" "hey dude". Oh god what am I gonna tell her, he looked at his friend who was equally panicked. "ahh..um well I" his friend stuttered, when something gooey fell on his face and they looked up. Ahh That's where that brown paste went,He thought "Welp, I'm gonna take off. my mom called me. you kids have fun!! bye" his friend ran out of their place. Oh I'm gonna make you pay for it you-

    "Babe what the hell happened?!" she asked him bewildered. "uh-I - um - well you know-" god he cannot lie to her. "I tried to bake you your favourite Red velvet cake for our anniversary. I already cleaned our house and did the laundry and dishes...which are ruined… i was about to get some flowers and pick you up from your office surprise you and everything is shit now-" Is it hard to breathe? everything thing is ruined…

    "Honey, listen to me, nothing is ruined-" "the KITCHEN IS!!!" "well it kind of, but its okay now, breathe" she said, holding his hands and trying to control her laugh. "come on! it makes it even worse when you laugh" he whined. "Ok ok sorry, its kind of-""dumb""no funny and adorable", she said, with so much laughter and fondness in her eyes.

    "I thought i would try and make you more happy. i don't spend a lot of time with you. My works hectic and I'm always travelling. You deserve better babe. Not someone who couldn't cook or give you great present and surprise for anniversary." he said in small voice. 

    "Babe do you not see it, I am happy. You are all I need to be happy. This gesture makes me happy. Everyone knows, I know you are bad at cooking. But babe, i don't love you inspite of it. I love you for it. Your flaws are the ones which make you who you are. I love you for  who you are" she smiled, kissing him all over his face.

    "Ok now I'm gonna make my sad Boyfriend happy", she said and took out her phone. Their favourite song played from her phone and she brought him to the hall. They just started swaying to the music, drowning in each other's eyes.

    Happy Anniversary honey...❤️

  • _infinity_writer_ 94w


    She never knew...

    she always thought she's normal. It never felt like this. It was not her first time either. it was always normal. she never knew.
    Maybe ifs a phase, She thought.

    She’s not scared or disgusted. She had always supported her friends who had told her about this. But she never thought herself in that way. This is somehow special thaan the others, she thought.

    she had kissed guys whom she liked. it was always nice and warm. she liked it too. But this kiss showed stars in her eyes and gave butterflies in her stomach. it tastes diHerent, she thought.

    she never thought about how it tasted. But today it tastes like strawberries. it’s soft and sweet. why is it diHerent? more like why is it special?. She always dreamt it would be a knight in shining armour kinda guy coming in modern times and sweeping her of her feet.

    Well who would have thought the knight would be Lady Sif


  • _infinity_writer_ 94w

    Hate to miss you

    She looks so beautiful

    He thought to himself. she never looked this good before. How did she become so beautiful??. He smiled to himself. Is it because she’s getting married?? is it because she’s gonna be with the guy she loved the most??

    " Does she look like a girl now? " his thoughts were interrupted by her husband. "She looks like a women" he said. "Wow! that would be a high praise coming from you according to her" told her husband. "don’t tell her. Her ego is already the size of her head" he laughed. "tell her. she would be happy" told her husband and left.

    " Ok ok i look like a male chimpanzee dressed up in human female clothes and they did plastic surgery to hide everything blah blah blah..." she told when she came in front of him. Oh you are a chimpanzee he wanted to say. "You look like a Queen" he said instead. Evey fight for remote, front seat of the car, window seat, chocolates and last piece of pizza falshed through their eyes.

    "Well" her eyes welled up. Her voice broke when she spoke, "you look like a king whose marrying of his sister to another kingdom" she smiled, teary eyed. " don’t cry and ruin your plastic surgery. everyone will she your chimpanzee face" the brother laughed a broken laugh. "it was tough to find a guy for you. don’t scar him of so soon" he said.

    This is it. No more fights for food; no slapping each other randomly; no stealing chocolates; no blackmails, This is it. He thought. " Go, chimpanzee, go and stick to your husband. Your classmates are watching and i want to look cool.not.some dork" the brother told the sister.

    She slapped him and hugged, " i hate you and you will never get none of my friends and you look like an idiot which by the way you are" 'i love you and you look so cool that some of my friends are drooling over you and you are the best’. He translated in his mind and smiled to himself. "I am so cool and you are an idiot and by the way i hate you too" he hit her head and said

    "you both are dorks" her husband laughed at them from behind. "take care and be careful of her" the brother said with a teasing smirk i her way. She gave a mock glare and walked to meet her friends.

    "I will take care of her and be careful that i don't hurt her in anyway to earn your warth" the husband said. "I know language of dorks" the husband laughed at the stun faced brother. "She's gonna miss you tho" husband said.

    I’m gonna miss her too...

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    Burned Out

    She thought they were happy...

    she didn’t know what changed. They love each other. she did. she thought he did too. “What changed?” she whispered to the empty room. They met in college. They fell in love. she did. They decided to get married. They even fought their parents on it. she did. she thought he did too.She moved out of town for him. she stopped calling his parents, because they didn’t trust him. She didn’t talk to his college or school friends, because they didn’t trust him too . She helped him with household chores;never doubted him; never questioned him for being Iate;never fought for his time. ’she trusted him’. “ trusted you” she whispered to the empty room.

    His business was down. She didn’t berate him. She worked for him too. “It’s too soon for a baby. Abort it. We will wait for another year”. He had said. They had a big fight. But she gave in the end. She cried that night after her abortion. He wasn’t there. “I killed our baby... my baby for you” she whispered to the empty room.

    She got through it. She worked, worked , worked to the bone to escape from the pain.’everything would be fine. It’s just a phase’, she said to herself. She tried to talk to him. “Look, I’m going through a tough time. My business ideas aren’t working out. Nobody is ready to invest. I don’t have the qualification or interest to join a stable job. Am l whining like you? Quit whining and stop disturbing me.” he had said. She stopped telling him her problems.

    He was out always lately. ‘Maybe he got a new business’ she reasoned to herself. “Yeah” he replied when she asked him about it one day at dinner. ‘He is stressed due to new business’, he reasoned to herself again. Her calls were ignored. Her texts were unseen. He stopped having dinner at home too. ‘Had dinner with the investors’ he had said. She believed him. “I believed you” she whispered to the empty room.

    She had left for an official trip the day before. It was for 4 days. But she skipped last day tour activities conducted by the oPice and decided to surprise her husband. She came in early in the morning and opened the door. She went to their room to surprise him. She could never erase the image she saw there. ‘You were supposed to come tomorrow. Did you come to check on me? You were never there for me. You were always working or whining. I x‹as depressed and you cared about only you. You were selfish. Only your career was important to you. I was never there in your life. She likes me. She wants me. She’s not like you. I’m leaving’ he had said. All through this she had stood frozen, not able to talk; think; move.

    “What changed?” she questioned the empty room. She saw his lighter and ashtray on the bedside table. 'Oh he started smoking because i didn’t give him enough attention. Funny’ she snorted. She took the lighter in her hand. she had given it to him as a gift and made him try and quit smoking. ‘Don’t burn yourself out too fast’ she had said that day. “So you burned my life down,” she said to the empty room, lighting it and staring at their bed.

    I will burn myself now...