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    Memories are more loyal than people,
    Because people leave but they don't

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    Mere jaane ke baad

    Mere jaane ke baad meri wafi ke Sabut dena.
    Bata dena sabko kese Lau ki trah jal kar terko Andheron se terko bhar nikala.
    Har mod par chaun bankar kahada raha.
    Bata dena ki kese teri parchaai banker tere saath, chali andhron mein ni chhoda tera saath
    Mere jaane ke baad Mere bol bankar sab ko meri Khannai sabko Batana.
    Mere jaane ke baad meri dil lagi ke sabot sabko dikhana.
    Mere shaayri sabko sunna na.
    Mere jaane ke baad meri kabr par ana bhul na jaana Mereko yaad karke kahin ro mat Jana.
    Mere jaane baad Mere se aur pyaar karna.
    Mere jaane ke baad baarish mein thoda aur bigh Sa jaana,
    Mere jaane baad akele chalana sikh Jana.
    yaad yeh bhi rakhna ki koi Mere jesa pyaar na de paayega.
    Bas merko bhul na Jana Mere jaane ke baad.
    Chaaye mein rahu ya na rahu par tu abbad raha na Mere pyaar ke nagmne har mafil mein sunna.

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    The time when you went to school you missed the time before it
    When you finally made a way to your college you missed your school
    When you graduate from college and got job you missed your college
    When you got married you missed your bachelor life
    When you got kids you missed the time before you had kid
    When your kid has left you behind to find his own existence you missed their childhood
    Now when you are old you missed your teenage and your adulthood
    Now you are here in the last days of life reading a holy book waiting for death to approach you
    When finally you meet your death before you leave your body in your last 7 min you missed your life

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         Covid: a happy story

    on December 2019 a deadly virus walked on the earth creating lot of fuss all round the world creating an era of security and care among people family and community it also got worse on mid-February when it start to kill thousands and hundreds of people  but it fail to kill one thing that is our hope our  hope to win it. We are together in this as a community no matter which reglion we belong we come under one community that is Indian. we know the lockdown has given as lot of new  ideas and it make us a better version of what we are as soon as all of this is over we will find new version of ours waiting on the other side of the door the whole new world full of opportunity and ideas and new  jobs . we are Indians we will always find a way to entertain our self no matter by any means  from learning new recipe we have seen new chef in our home every day  being a kid with our children we had discover the kid within us being head of our family we have discover the warrior within us who can support his family in any situation who can handle any situation from learning new DIY ideas we renovated our houses and  a new interior designer within us was born also from being a yoga trainer or zumba trainer we kept promise to ourself for being  healthy online classes might not give us the taste of those desk and benches but we  enjoyed new ways to bunk it beside all of this  we remain connected to each other through many social media  from ban of pubg and tik tok we Indians found other apps to keep us entertain we  have found more morals not on Google but through the elders in our house we started taking the responsibility and keeping gender inequality beside we have taken the house responsibility and realize that our mother and wives do not sit idle from getting fat to reducing the weight nothing has stopped gym lover from going to virtual gym nothing can stop the ipl not even the virus the cricket  lovers were so overwhelmed Netflix and amazon prime always found their way back to us playing ludo and whning when we losse  whats app and insta kept us updated and carryminati and new memes told us in a sarcastic way whats wrong is happening in india but they kept us similing too   no matter how long this virus is we will always got each other back we all will stand by each other side . at the end we found whole family under one roof sitting talking laughing and watching ipl . all we have got this years is old memories and  a box full of joy and happiness

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    Everything is ok at the end and if it is not okay then its the new beginning its not the end
    Just like after dark night there is sun pepping through your window
    Just like after every rain bring new life
    And after Every Strom bring a calmness
    Just like that every negative ending bring a strong and new you
    So be strong and stay strong
    You can do it you can get over it
    I know it been so long that you have been tolerating all this stuff its okay they are making you more strong ! I know you have come a long way its okay to be weak sometimes its okay to cry but at the end you will find yourself

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    Thoese days

    I miss thoese day when we used to cry from our eyes and not from our hearts
    I miss thoese days when no matter where we sleep we always find our way to bed
    I miss thoese days when crying can brought us anything
    I miss thoese day when I dont have to worry about future
    I miss thoese day when I was child

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    "Can I stay a little longer?
    You can stay forever " a conversation before

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    Ek tarfa

    Mera ishq ek tarfa rah gya
    Khushiyaan dono ki thi par batane ki iccha ek tarfa ho gyi
    Duniya dono ki thi par usse kayam rakhne ki aarzoo ek tarfa rah gyi
    Saapne dono ke the par unhe pura karne ka junnon ek tarfa rah gya
    Us dekhe toh arsa ho gaya h par milne ki chahat ek tarfa ho gyi
    Ghar dono ka tha par usse batane ka Sapna ek tarfa rah gya
    Jakham dono ke the par dard ek tarfa rah gya
    Pyar dono ka tha par haq srif mera raha gya
    Mera ishq adhura hi sahi par saacha hogya
    Mera ishq ek tarfa rah gya

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    Bella ciao!

    Next morning if I don't wakeup I had left
    Bella ciao!
    I have experience death approaching me I have gone bella ciao!
    Just bury me deep down don't cry I am there trun around
    Don't worry just look up and smile I will kiss you as rain touch every inch of your skin
    Just put all thoes gratitude on me under the shadow of white flowers I will sleep
    I will there just call me I will by your side as you will close your eyes
    Just carry me in your heart not on shoulders just keep me in your heart I will meet you in our next life bella ciao! Bella ciao!
    Just bury me in garden recite all our memories in my funeral just pretend as if I am not gone just smile and stay strong
    I was just a wave who left after touching every inch of you it's ok to let me go
    Bella ciao! bella ciao!

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    Main tumhara

    Tu mera ni hua toh kya mein tumhara hi raha

    Tu chand toh mein asam ki tarah
    Tu samndar toh mein kinare ki tarah
    Tu sawan toh mein baarish ki tarah
    Tu sui toh mein dahge ki tarah
    Tu sardi toh mein garam chai ki tarah
    Tu darwja toh mein chokhat ki tarah
    Tu pade ki tahani toh mein patte ki tarah
    Tu raat toh mein andhre ki tarah
    Tu neend toh mein khwab ki tarah
    Jese tu dusron ka wase mein tumhara rah
    Rishta rah andhre sa mein tumhara rah bas tumhara