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  • _karen 23w

    A message from Me to me. It's been a while! Hello @geraldine_mary @solace @ariachez @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Happy girl, sad heart
    What goes on in your mind?
    Why do you smile everyday
    Then proceed to write the saddest poetry?

    Such beautiful words,
    But with so much pain,
    A cry for help,
    Yet it felt like a prayer to the ones who heard,

    Was that the affirmation you needed?
    To see your pain reflect in their eyes,
    And what happens when they trample on it,
    Will you return to your shell that keeps you guarded?

    To turn away from the world,
    And leave us parched for more,
    Unleashing the chaos in the atmosphere,
    That'll have us grasping for more air,

    I can see you shake your head in denial,
    “This is not me” You'll say,
    But you don't know the power you hold,
    For one who writes can control the world,

    So what if you write to relieve the pain?
    Emotions overflowing you thought might go insane,
    Or are you going insane with fear,
    Knowing that you can't bend your heart to your will?

    If there's a God out there will you kneel down and pray?
    Redeem yourself and break out of your word,
    Or has your words finally led you astray?
    Into believing that happiness is a jewel you can't afford

    I hope you find the closure you're searching for,
    And the peace you thought it might bring,
    To pull the strings of your heart to sing,
    That the past is a story you can abhor.


  • _karen 37w

    I'm trying to fix the damage in my head,
    Before I lose my mind to the voices unheard,
    I’ve thrown myself down into their depths below,
    But I'm too weak to swim up or grow,

    Have I lost what made me special?
    Or am I simply dancing to the catastrophic symphony
    of insanity and doom?
    Will I ever get the chance to face this devil?
    If there's hope this flower will ever bloom?

    If tears could be ocean,
    Then I won't try to drown my thoughts in the bathroom,
    I'm to scared to confront my twisted emotions,
    Yet I live with hope it shall be over soon,

    But deep down,
    I knew it was too late,
    I have lost the purpose to write,
    Inks, Quill and paper? I'm a stranger in this ghost town,

    Pain stir a memory awake,
    Echoes of poetry that left a mark,
    Strange words but they cut to the bone,
    Or maybe a light to guide me home.


  • _karen 42w

    Don't fall in love with a poet,
    They lie and they know it,
    Because they wear their feelings on their sleeves,
    as a disguise to compel yours into existence,

    And when they bare their soul,
    They give you a glimpse of a world of expressions
    But not all is as it seems with them
    Because it's filled with chaos and destructions,

    When they write,
    It looks so beautiful and bright
    But to them a Pandora box has been reopened,
    For the voices in their head and the demons in their soul,

    Ever read a beautiful piece?
    And you're all sad and depressed?
    Because you're engrossed in the stories they tell,
    A glimpse of heaven and then hell,

    If you climb to their castle's top
    You'd see they're broken beyond repair,
    It's a plaque they can't stop,
    To write one's feelings is a blessing yet it brings despair.


  • _karen 43w

    #writersworld #friends. This one is for you @ariachez ❤️

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    There are bonds we can't explain,
    To people with whom we share our pain,
    it's a priceless treasure,
    A gift that brings more happiness than pleasure,

    Even when you're apart,
    They're always in your heart,
    Warming your heart and letting you know,
    They're always with you wherever you go,

    You're a treasure that life sends,
    A good blessing that never ends,
    You have an immeasurable worth,
    That I'll always adore here on earth,

    I hope you'll read this poem
    wherever you'll be,
    From me,
    To you with all my care.


  • _karen 76w

    Remember when I said;
    I wondered if I lost my soul in poetry?
    I didn't. I sold my soul for ink.
    To loose the very essence of myself on a page until I was empty.
    Until I had nothing to give.

    I sold my soul for ink.
    To become an empty shell,
    Stuck in time where feelings flowed until I bled everything out,
    And I hadn't noticed because I was too drunk in poetry.

    I sold my soul for ink.
    I'm fading away with time,
    I should close this book and forget it's existence,
    Or maybe burn it
    And give myself the satisfaction of knowing that there wasn't a piece worth keeping.

    I sold my soul for ink.
    Yet I can't bear to see these words wasted,
    Or was it the fear that my soul will depart from me as the ashes gets mixed up in the wind because I sold the very essence of myself for this ink.


  • _karen 98w

    Just be calm, he said....
    And you'll be rewarded for your obedience.
    Empty promises yet my hands holds out to it, embracing nothing.
    I've offered my heart to a cruel sun, desiring to see the morning sunshine,
    Yet all I see is the night light,
    And dreaming of the magical places those hands takes me, it's icy and cold yet filled with so much fire that it burns me from within,
    And so much pleasure I get from it because my desire is soaked, insatiable to my mind and I love that I'm obsessed because it's never ending.


  • _karen 117w

    You can be who you want to be with me,
    I don't do perfection.

  • _karen 117w

    You can be who you want to be with me,
    I don't do perfection.

  • _karen 117w

    You can be who you want to be with me,
    I don't do perfection.

  • _karen 117w

    I'm at the brink of losing my sanity,
    because my mind and heart
    are at war with each other,

    The voices in my head are getting louder,
    the aura of insanity is
    replacing the air of my Serenity,

    it's pushing me to my doom,
    with zero chance of me to bloom,
    I don't want to think I'm broken,
    but my mind is bending me to it's will,

    My heart aches badly from this,
    the pain a constant reminder that
    I can't fix it,

    Is there a remedy for terror,
    pain and chaos?

    Or will I keep singing to the lyrics of disorder
    and dancing to the symphonies of this horror
    until I get lost in it's melody?