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  • _musk_an_ 20w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short tale on Hollow

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    She emptied herself infront of the moon that hollow night !

  • _musk_an_ 20w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word one-liner on Endure

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    Endurance till death!

  • _musk_an_ 82w


    They asked
    why she loved
    the sunset

    it was the colour of
    the moon
    that she anticipated

    They asked
    isn't she

    it was the darkness
    inside her
    that freaked her out

    They asked
    is she
    scared of love?

    it was the promise;
    the "you're mine!";
    the "I'll never leave you!";
    luring her...

  • _musk_an_ 82w

    "How are you?" I was asked.

    how strange it is
    that nobody doubts
    in the blurs
    of colour
    and sound,
    nothing around
    makes sense;
    And then
    I look up
    at the sky,
    and then
    the ground,
    grooving into the
    after hitting the
    rock bottom.

    a new story to write,
    a new person,
    the same
    orthodox test, to
    not let the people
    know me,
    also know me.

    I expected
    to be asked
    to be asked
    so that,
    I might release
    all of my insecurities
    minding the odds!

    All I could
    possibly manage to do
    Was a small gulp
    Caressing my heart
    With a saudade
    Everytime this question appears to be a battle for me. And to my wonder, I never lose. I always leave the battlefield with a drop of tear and a hope to lose the battle next time I visit. ��

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    Won the battle...

    "How are you?"

  • _musk_an_ 82w

    An ambivert expressing her unknown pain when asked could not make anything other more beautiful or meaningful...��
    Did you like it?

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    Unknown ____

    The cities silence
    is defaming
    the whole of me
    in it's tiny embrace
    to an extent
    of my secret self
    scream for an
    unknown _____

    The hiding me
    is hidden under
    a thick layer of
    who once
    was keen
    but I'm trying
    to not let it win
    to an
    unknown _____

    They can see it;
    Her hair
    beautiful than
    those waves;
    a smile
    like a sky
    that's melting into
    a sea
    for an
    unknown ______

    They say;
    she's in
    such solitude,
    she can swallow
    the whole of
    the unknown world
    in pain
    for an
    unknown ______

  • _musk_an_ 89w

    I don't want to escape from my life... I just want to take a break from the reality which I am fed up of. Can I just have a day off to somewhere where I'm known to none and live peacefully for a day? Can I, dear fate? Allow me to see a world of no difference, a world of no discrimination, a world of no comparison, let me see a world of compassion...! I want a day off from all the days I've been livin'.

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    I just wanted to
    escape from the reality.
    Not from my life...

  • _musk_an_ 90w

    Letter to moon

    Dear moon,
    I trust you that you would never unveil my secrets and scars to the beguiled or the tempted. We've have been friends for so long, right? I hope nothing but wish you to preserve and not deceive me like the "EARTHLINGS". Be by my side till afterlife. Do not say anything just listen to me for you could have everything I crave peace, heart, soul, mind and me! My mood swings are just not something I can control, I don't like how people talk behind my back and act sober infront of me, I am not strong enough to handle all the criticisms faced due to my way of dressing, living, talking and all the things I kinda want to do but gets restricted to a invisible and invincible boundary so-called "society". Can you convey this message of mine to everyone anonymously so that I and the other humans like me be able to live a life in peace?

    Yours lovingly,
    A friend who you are dear to ! ❤️

  • _musk_an_ 90w

    For the wife who lost her soulmate in the battle between nations..��
    We really respect, love and appreciate the army for their dedication and sacrifices for the mother nation...we really owe you forever...

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    I was just a wanderer
    Pondering 'bout a situation by the river water
    Wishing for that someone to come back to the border
    I wished for his life span to be a little longer
    By an inch or a quater ?!

    His soul was immortal for his nation
    Being the best motivation
    For the rookies and the new generation
    Whose wish is to have a future was just as imagination
    With no access with the personal situation

    I wish him all the luck in the heaven
    With the unrequited promise of his return on seven
    I wish him all my love from here
    From the nation, dear and near.

  • _musk_an_ 93w


    Happy Independence Day

    Let's rejoice the memories of the nation..❤️


  • _musk_an_ 93w


    I'm so glad we met
    I love you my dear pet
    Passing all the challenges that were set
    Winning you with my blood and sweat

    You're are my feeling
    The only one for whom I'm kneeling
    The best partner in crime' concealing
    The only one lovely voice of squealing

    You're my dearest, baby !
    We'll meet somewhere again maybe
    On a mere summer day be
    I'll find you again somewhere on the lay by