Generosity is my enemy

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  • _pluto_ 2w

    [ The stars are shooting down the earth, tiny crystal trying to escape gravity].

    I am following you when you have already unfollwed our destiny.
    The so called butterflies in my stomach are enjoying life with their new version of honeybees.
    It's pathetic,
    How I am still on to you like a dog on leash.
    So Fuck You and fuck them,
    Fuck everything I ended up breaking with.
    I am tired of fighting everyday without any meaningfully context .
    You are swearing on my tongue
    while I,
    In your brain.
    When does all of this end ?
    Today, tomorrow or the future yesterday?
    I am tired, Slowly falling down,
    I am on my knees , thinking about you & me.

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  • _pluto_ 11w

    I stumbled upon the letter dated a year ago, the time when I was going to end the suffocating dreams with the traumatizing reality, by cutting deep into my sleevs until my skin bled melancholy. Even the scars from three months back have turned black with my blue inked memory. Multiple thoughts coinciding, Shall I throw myself down the stairs or cut my self over & over again?
    I am tired of making excuses about my cowardness,
    How shall I scream ?
    "These aren't wounds but my nightmares"

    I feel like floating in air, being masless and resentless.
    I wanna Forget about you and forget about myself, forget about the friends I never had, forget about the people I couldn't save and the people whom I had hurt myself.

    I wonder why am I the one who is slipping underneath the air pressure, suffocating with sounds.

    I am tired and it has become unbearing.

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    I Am Tired.


  • _pluto_ 23w

    With the headphones plugged,
    The knife tried to kiss my skin thrice,
    But of all those times,
    The pressure was too thin,
    Henceforth I decided to cut over those three lines again,
    I was bewildered,
    About why the blood wouldn't pour the fuck out,
    I am tired of guessing,
    But then also a coward for not making a cut on the vein
    and not just above it.
    With the wavelength of music travelling through my ears,
    I couldn't stop my tears from flowing out,
    Now all that's left are the four scratches on my skin,
    Looking like a swollen bliss,
    Therefore let me grab a blanket
    So that my parents don't see this
    And scare the shit out of themselves...

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    - PLUTO/S.R

  • _pluto_ 24w

    The first time I felt scared of dead bodies
    Was two years back,
    On the 13 December of 2019,
    When the winter couldn't stop my cries from reaching towards your end,
    From reaching to your lifeless self.

    I can still hear your Polaroids speaking tons of wavelength ,
    (An eclipse scenery of your lost self).
    Have you tasted the freedom yet ?
    It was from the beginning, wasn't it ?
    For those feelings were not transferred from the last day,
    To the day when I saw you coming down in an ambulance,
    And going back on a wooden plank.

    Sometimes I find myself talking to you while looking at the ceiling,
    As if you can listen to each and every word of my poem.
    Your anniversary is coming,
    I wonder ,
    Should I pray for your health ?
    I hope you are doing okay.

    It was chaos and I was crying in the rain,
    Cause I realised you were at the other end of the thread to which my hand was tied,
    I wished I had pulled you down with the string.
    I wished I never went back home from school that day.

    - There's not a day which goes by when I fail to remember you,
    I wonder how much it hurt to make you fade away, I wonder if I could take that pain away.

    #first #firsttime #pod #lost #wod @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @miraquill @mirakee

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    [ Read while listening to : Crying for rain by MINAMI ]

  • _pluto_ 24w

    The feeling of not leaving the bed,
    Is a wish to be bedridden,
    For I seem to wonder,
    Why when you are struggling
    With the world collapsing all around the planet,
    Your mind recites how to hang the heart whereas the body has this urge to keep living ?
    #struggling #bedrudden #collapse #hang #heavy #scars #anxiety #lost #alone #nightmares #suffer #shutup #pluto
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld #pod

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    Who, You?

    [ Ussee Ussee Usseewa ]

  • _pluto_ 25w

    “Do I know ,
    Or Do I ignore ,
    The little facts floating around me in air,
    Increasing the density of screams,
    Ringing inside her swollen cerebellum,
    Crying out pain,
    Pouring out the last night's rain.
    She prays for her end,
    I wonder if her parents realise,
    That the place they send her to every morning,
    Is like a living hell for their butterfly kid."
    #lost #butterflykid #pluto #sadshit #usedto

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    How does one stop their ears from ringing with tales

  • _pluto_ 36w

    “Looking through the walls
    Trying to concentrate on what's being taught in the class,
    The benzene ring seems like a flying blue berry,
    For the lecturer mocking me is a taste for it's existence.
    Everybody's speed is too fast,It almost feels like throbbing when I fail to catch up.Tons of un-named kids laughing at me with their mask on,I don't even know their faces,
    So then how do they know that the marks I scoring are below 20. It's the third floor but then why when I try to reach the basement,,
    It's feel like
    I can't walk away
    From the stairs & their stalking,
    What lies beneath is the path to my house
    Which now too
    Feels like a 3rd grade horror story."

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  • _pluto_ 37w

    These voices which were once stuck in my throat,
    Have travelled up to my head ,
    Tell me ,
    How do I stop em'
    From reaching those little ears of mine
    As they whisper ‘Threat'

    #mystery #mirakee #mirakeeworld #pod @mirakee @mirakeeworld #mirakeewriters #silence #loud
    By unknown writer

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    “For even the silence sounds so loud ,
    When it rhymes with my mysteries."

  • _pluto_ 40w

    Your love seems to have become as bitter as the coffee,
    Which slowly swallows the fragrance of the twilight,
    Turning my purple , lavender like eyes,
    Into a lost symphony,
    For even the waves know
    The shore isn't a place to stay.
    So then tell me,
    Why when you say , I like you,
    My lips murmur “Saranghae"
    #love #saranghae #wod #pod #isthislove #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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  • _pluto_ 40w

    My throat hurts
    For the memories of you
    Doesn't seem to have vanished.
    I am accurate about the things I saw that day,
    How I cried on the balcony after listening to your news.
    To others we might have not seemed close but in my heart,
    You always had a special place.
    I can't stop crying and I hate the month December more than anything ,
    As it coincides next to my birthday.
    I feel angry at myself
    For not arguing with others when they called you a coward for what you did,.
    I wanted to scream ,
    But then I assumed to have failed,
    For everytime I try to remember your face,
    I am always reminded about the one wrapped in a polythene bag.
    What went so wrong that day ?
    Even when the bell for the lunch had ended, rang
    You gave me a bite of your sandwich while calling out my name.
    Was it so hard that you couldn't keep a contact with me in this so called place ?
    I wanted to talk so much and share my part of experiences
    But now it seems that the time has failed us ,
    I wish I could bring you back
    Even after knowing you don't want to come back .
    I sill remember everyone's faces ,
    And their despair
    You looking up from there ,
    Finally , are you doing okay ?

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