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  • _poetic 158w

    A man Worthy

    He looked haughty, he looked proud
    He looked distant, he looked wow
    But then it shocked me when he gave me no eye.

    He had his head held high, looking straight up and ahead.
    I felt stupid, I felt ire
    'How dare he?' I muttered
    He was blind not to see the beauty right in front of him in the image of me.

    I pushed,
    I danced,
    I dressed,
    I lash batted,
    Still he had his head held high.

    In my neediness for affection and an error in understanding from a teaching that pushed me to want him to see me.

    Finally, oh finally,
    I get a chance and I saw not a haughty man but one with a heart caked in gold.
    I saw a head held high with thoughts on the business of His Father.
    I saw a man who wanted to change the world but with a mission to love.

    Then I looked back at me and saw who I really was from the mirror of him
    He didn't want what I could offer, I had had nothing to offer but my jadedness.
    He took me by surprise

    I watched him still, he had his head held high
    He was about his father's business.
    Watching, waiting.
    Then I knew what got me.
    He was an embodiment of everything I wish I could become.

    I wondered at his strength. He told me it came from no woman or man but a force higher than life itself.

    He let me in on his little secret.
    I made a choice. I became it.
    Now, I stand with my head held high.
    Like a queen, I trot.
    I have learned to be a queen, to be who I really was.
    I had been touched by a king.
    I had been touched by he who is worthy.