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  • _rutu_writes_ 25w

    Broken but beautiful ��✨

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    I know it hurts deep inside
    But don't just give up!!
    Your heart and soul matters.
    It was love, who turned you to pieces
    So, it will be love, who will fix you.
    Just wait for God's timing......

  • _rutu_writes_ 26w


    And I woke up this morning...
    And found that, you will be not there for me anymore.
    A different life starts!!

  • _rutu_writes_ 26w

    It came to an end
    Within a fraction of second
    As if it started yesterday
    And lasted just for a moment.

  • _rutu_writes_ 26w

    It wasn't forever
    But it was real.....

  • _rutu_writes_ 26w


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    Love is pain
    And conflicts make peace.
    How Irony!!!

  • _rutu_writes_ 26w


    New year!!

    What's so new....
    Am the old me
    The same, a confused soul with a shattered heart.
    Striving for the old dreams,stressing my old mind for the half left me!!
    What's new in this new beginning, where I can't find even a false ray of hope for me....

  • _rutu_writes_ 27w



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    I would borrow,
    Some violet from lavender
    And some pink from tulips.

    I would ask,
    Some purple from evening sky
    And some marmalade from sunset.

    I would buy,
    Some green from leaves
    And some white from fog.

    I would take,
    Some yellow from daffodils
    And some maroon from dahlia.

    I would purchase,
    Some orange from poppy
    And some fragrance from Jasmine.

    Then with all these special traits,
    Welcome a new year with news hopes and colours.

  • _rutu_writes_ 27w


    Those tiny pieces of ice,
    Showering upon loam
    Making the weather cold,
    And the feathers shiver.

    Like the cold society,
    Hard upon my warm soul
    Making my soul shiver
    As the hailstorms fall.
    Like the judgements,
    Falling upon disturbed souls.

  • _rutu_writes_ 27w



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    I read a 2 line story.
    Also read a novel about 2 lines.

    I read a poem of 2 lines,
    Thousands of emotions in it.
    And the journal, I went through was also of 2 lines, thousands of experience in it.

    And in that 2 moments
    I lived 2000 moments of my life.

  • _rutu_writes_ 27w

    Thanks for this wonderful platform.


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    Sometimes, letting things go on is good,
    You just can't handle everything.
    Sometimes, immaturity is good,
    Let the kid inside you, show that innocence is pure.
    Sometimes, bad days and feeling low is okay.
    It shows a good life.