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  • _sahista_ 1w


    तेरे खातिर चांद तारे नही लाऊंगा,
    लेकिन रिश्ता हमारा ईमानदारी से निभाउंगा।।
    जो तू गुस्सा करेगी तो माफी नही मंगूगा,
    लेकिन तुझे जोर से झप्पी पाऊंगा।।

    वक्त पे तेरा दोस्त भी बनूंगा,
    और तुझे अपना यार भी बनाउगा,
    एक बार मेरी तरफ प्यार की नजरों से देख ले,
    रंझा या मजनू तो नही,
    लेकिन सिर्फ तेरा हु ये पूरा हिंदुस्ता जान जाएंगे।।

  • _sahista_ 3w

    We realised the things,
    When it stops happening...

    So the story is starts with a guy,
    Who is a bit wild,
    He do everything without thinking,
    Because Delhi ka banda has a habit of doing things kinky...

    We met and within 5 days we started dating,
    The habit I hated the most,
    Now I am the one neglecting it all..
    The reason is his cute smile,
    And his ajab sa unique khayal rkhne wala style...

    Within a month he became so close,
    That we share the same bed,
    Early morning he makes breakfast for me,
    And late night I prepare pyaar wala dinner...

    His house is a bit far,
    But a tear from my eyes,
    And within an hr I found,
    Someone is ringing the door bell and it's 2:00a.m,
    Wearing a jacket in the cold winter,
    Smile on his face and he is in front of eyes...

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  • _sahista_ 4w

    The one thing I wanted the most,
    Is a complete family,
    Surrounded with love,
    But as the saying goes,
    The things we crave the most,
    We never get that...

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  • _sahista_ 4w

    Thumping voice,
    Is what I was hearing,
    Far away the wolf is howling,
    Maybe he is hurt or lost his soulmate,
    Between the wooden log...

    I felt scared,
    As I was alone at my place,
    But after some time,
    My heart started feeling the pain,
    That the wolf had in his voice...

    I opened my gate,
    And though it was scary,
    Still I kept walking towards the dark forest,
    To know why his agony was making me crazy...

    From far away I just got a glimpse of his grey tale,
    And he became quiet as if he got alert that I was there,
    Then as a magnetic pull has played its charm,
    And I took few steps forward to see his entire form...

    Suddenly the wolf turned into my direction,
    With a basket in his mouth,
    The grey and white wolf kept coming to my way,
    And kept the basket in front of me as if the thing inside it belongs to me...

    With fearful heart I opened it,
    And inside that there was a human baby,
    Hurt with a faint heartbeat,
    Naturally I took the baby in my arm,
    And called a doctor...

    The wolf was following me,
    But I felt safe,
    The baby is now okay and taking rest,
    I left the wolf and baby inside my room,
    And went to the kitchen for a cup of soup....

    But when I returned,
    I was shocked,
    There was laying my hubby,
    Who died few months back in my arm,
    The accident was brutal I lost my baby,
    Then how it is possible am I going crazy??

    Dark room thumping sound again,
    Sweat all over my body,
    And my heart is feeling tremendous pain,
    I am in my room,
    & Again I have seen the dream,
    Because deep inside baby I am still holding onto you...

    I miss you day and night,
    Wish to meet you soon,
    Maybe not in this world,
    But up there in the sky,
    Wait for me I'll be there,
    For now take care of our little bear...

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    Thumping voice


  • _sahista_ 6w

    मुश्किल वक्त में तू है साथ तेरे,
    कोई ना समझेगा जज्बात तेरे,
    रास्ता तेरा है,
    मंजिल तेरी है,
    चलती रहे बस बिना डरे।।

    लोग क्या कहेंगे?
    कौन क्या सोचेगा?
    इससे क्या मतलब है!
    तू ठंड में बिन कम्बल के सोई थी,
    रात भर भूख से रोई थी,
    तब कहा थे ये लोग भला।।

    सही क्या है?
    गलत क्या है ?
    तुझे है सब पता,
    सोच वही, कर वही,
    जिससे हो तेरा भला।।

    खुद के लिए लड़,
    बना अपनी जगह,
    तू साथ तेरे है,
    फिर कैसी है चिन्ता!
    तू साथ तेरे है,
    याद रख कर अपना भला।।

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    तू साथ तेरे है।।


  • _sahista_ 8w

    Unexpectedly you entered into my life,
    Without any permission broken all barriers of my heart,
    With a wild ride shaken my world,
    Now I am getting addicted,
    To all this fun...

    I would be lying,
    If I say I do not think of us,
    Together in the future...

    The way you intentionally annoy me,
    And treat me like a doll,
    Is the thing I prayed to get,
    From my partner with whom I behave crazy,
    With no judgmental thoughts...

    I would be lying,
    If I say that I do not watch you,
    When you sleep at night or you are busy in some work...

    It's just that life has become colour ful,
    After your arrival,
    And I am enjoying,
    Every bit & pieces of it,
    With smiles & giggles,
    Which is a gift from you the duffer,
    To whom I love to the moon and back,

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  • _sahista_ 8w

    It is easy to debate,
    To fight and erase,
    Then to feel the things,
    And wait that everything will fall back to its own place...

    Why to waste tears?
    And show that you too have emotions,
    When simply you can manipulate,
    And hurt them just like they fucked with your brains...

    Why to play saint?
    And let go things,
    When deep inside you are angry,
    And want the revenge...

    The fire inside you burns every time,
    Either ignite it or burn your own soul,
    You have choices to decide,
    Make them pay for their deeds,
    Show them you are worthy of all the things,
    Don't argue or give the satisfaction that their words affects you,
    Instead build the castle and rule the kingdom,
    Make them the slave,
    That they are (society slaves)
    But never let down your position,
    Win the battle with the dignity which makes you better...

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    Fight with dignity


  • _sahista_ 8w

    The place looks still the same,
    The only change is that after a decade,
    There are more than 100 names written on the tree,
    Which previously had only one name Rose...

    He met Rosa here in this garden,
    10 years ago she was digging a hole,
    For planting the baby tree with her soft hands,
    After almost 1 hour when she was done,
    She wrote her name with his,
    Just like the baby of his she has been carrying inside her womb...

    She was happy that her World is complete,
    As she do not need anything,
    But every happiness faces it's fate,
    When at the time of delivery,
    Rose has taken her last breath...

    Along with the child rose lost her life,
    He have to live alone,
    For the rest of his life,
    He loved her alot the things were good between them,
    But then why God has snatched his soulmate, his lover?

    The tree reminds him of her,
    & Every year he keeps coming here,
    In the same place,
    With the hope that maybe he will feel something,
    & Free the doctor who operated her,
    But he returned back to the basement,
    Provide food to the innocent man and then locked him there in the dark prison cell,
    As a punishment for not saving his child & her woman from the death bed...

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  • _sahista_ 8w

    गुनाह की हर हद्द पार कर चुकी हु,
    तेरी गुनेहगार हु,
    तेरे सामने झुकी हु,
    अपनी हिफाजत में महफूज करले,
    जो खता हुई है उसको माफ करदे।।

    सजदों में तेरे मेरा सर झुका है,
    दरगाह में ये कदम आ रुका है,
    कुछ तो इंसानियत अब भी है मुझ में,
    तेरे घर पे तभी पनाह मिला है मुझे।।

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    दरगाह में सजदा


  • _sahista_ 9w

    You are the one,
    With whom my heart feels alive.
    You are the one,
    Whose presence is enough for me to smile.
    You are the one,
    I want to build my future.
    You are the only one,
    That made me realise how it felt when someone truly cares...

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    You are the one