Just a nap for decades ����

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  • _soundless_ 16h

    My mind used to be out of control earlier now same applies to my hands ��

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    Pen holds my hand and flows till no end.

  • _soundless_ 19h

    Mystic shrieks...3

    Shreya had fallen upon her knees and was rapidly scouring the floor with a stain remover and detergent...in a few moments no trace of blood stain could be seen.

    Atmosphere seemed to be tensed because she had certainly come to...no doubt there was some trouble coming to the house.

    A rough morning wasn't something normal for sure, she took a couple of minutes and wondering what exactly happened, she began to hear whispers and found some strange going-ons in her room. She stayed numb for seconds and got no such creepy voices for next 15 minutes until a dreadful shriek of laughter made her startled. It started raining out and fear could have seen all around.

    Suddenly the same creaks of wood she heard at very first of time spread chill thrills in the aura. She tottered off to her room and looked the window shaking abnormally, she had never kept it open since day one and that happs.

    "How could it be possible..?" Shreya uttered to herself. Slowly stepped towards the window to pull it off but, she froze to hear that laughter again exactly coming behind from the window and this time it was more louder than before.

    'Ding-dong'....she flinched as the doorbell rang. It was cold...glancing at the curtains the sound was gone, the windows were still, a deep silence around...'ding-dong...'again it ranges and someone outside knocked the door.

    She went out of her room holding her breath and unlocked the door, found her colleagues who were there just to get her status check. Came inside with flowers and a box full of candies in their hands.

    "What happened?" One of them (Maya) kept the flowers down and put her palm over Shreya's sweating forehead.
    "Looks like you aren't well...why are you looking so scared ?" Another one (Rheyan) asked her formerly.

    "Scared...? No...nothing like this...I'm all good." Shreya replied instantly and closed the door.

    Shreya : so good to see you guys here. It's very first time someone came to me.

    Shreya offered them some snacks and then the chit-chats began. Somehow made her out of fear for while.

    "Well it's quite silent around...isn't it?" Rheyan uttered to Shreya

    Maya then replied in a wink "Hmmm..yea because this place is out of reach from guys like you naa" (giggled)

    Rheyan : Ohh...I'm sorry...but don't you think it's just because this spot is having no maya over here like no M-A-Y-A...Maya (he said humorously)

    Maya : excuse please...you can't joke my name like this, it's something beyond personal Haan I'm not gonna tolerate such mess...got it.

    Shreya then instantly interrupt in mid "guys...guys...come on..it's not the point to argue with, well yeah it seems quite here but to be very honest it's actually peaceful and soothing here."

    She just didn't want to let her friends know about the fearful happs of the spot so just kept it unsaid and engaged herself in their gossips and all.

    They all had done with their brunch and planned for a fun game to make the evening adventurous.
    So the game was a kind of Brimley game, more likely a paranormal experiment overall.

    Story to be continued...

  • _soundless_ 2d

    A person can hold on silence until the things won't hit the limits and breaks the patience.

    #brave #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    //They knocked me down entire of time
    And I couldn't object the crime
    They hoax me to the most of phase
    And poor I always quiten the blaze
    Bit by bit they drove me to the hell
    And rather beating it back I prefered to dwell//

    //An evil then broke me down to the core
    Darkened my aura and used me to his chore.
    I was so far from my divine fam
    Couldn't have gain hoping help from them//

    How long I would have bide this?

    //I couldn't have let him leave at ease
    Else he would have trashed my peace
    The moment he gone beyond the limit
    I bashed on back and smashed him it//

    //At the very moment I felt so proud
    The way I fought my fear alone
    And fired the evil to the ground//

  • _soundless_ 3d

    It's all about last night
    When demon called my name
    Dark clouds over my head
    I was suffering from intense pain.

    My head was aching so hard
    I wasn't able to flicker my eyes
    More likely with a void in mind
    I was lying over the depths

    Exact at mid of night
    I called her once..."Maa"
    Despite having pain in back
    She instantly woke up
    And gave me pills then

    She pat my head
    And held my hand
    I found my heaven
    In her arms then.

    That's her spirit towards the fam
    All of her she provides selflessly
    To gain that warmth as return
    She Just love unconditionally

    I don't know how it would be
    The day I had to leave her
    I wouldn't be able to alive

    I can't express my gratitude to this soul
    She's my very essence to the core.

  • _soundless_ 3d

    कोई सुने अगर सब्र से
    तो सुनाऊ कितना कुछ कहना है
    ज़रा बैठो...बातें कुछ लम्बी चलेंगी
    ये पल दो पल की कहानी नहीं
    दरिया से समंदर तक बहना है
    हम सवार हैं जिसमे अभी
    वो काग़ज़ की एक कश्ती है
    हवा से बनती बिगड़ती उसकी
    किनारे को भटकती है
    बसती है पानी पर जान
    और पानी को ही तरसती है।

    लगता है जैसे कोई
    तूफ़ान सा उफन रहा
    ये ख़ामोशी...ये सन्नाटा...
    किसी आंधी का आगाज़ कर रहा
    तेज़ लहरों ने रुख मोड़ दिया फिर
    बड़ा बेचैन सा हो गया दिल मेरा
    ना जाने कोनसा शहर छूट रहा।

    अंधेरा सा छाया हुआ हर तरफ
    साहिल का सब्र टूट रहा
    अब ना जाने क्या होगा किसको खबर
    कश्ती डूब जायेगी गहराइयों में
    या किसी नए किरदार का आगाज़ होगा।
    या होगा ऐसा कि....
    किसी पुराने की यादों का सहारा लेकर
    कुछ दूर नज़र आता कोई किनारा होगा।
    अब जो भी हो आगे तो बढ़ना है
    पीछे जा नहीं सकते वर्ना सिर्फ मरना है।

    तो क्या किया जाए
    जो छूट गया उसे तलाशें
    या सफ़र ज़ारी रखा जाए।

  • _soundless_ 4d


    �������� ���� ���� ������ ������

    Memories are the only thing I have left
    Wish I could have told you everything before you left
    I haven't eaten, I haven't slept
    I haven't smiled, I've only wept
    I'm replaying every single word you said

    Am I really dreaming?
    Are you really gone?
    Are you really gone?
    Am I done believing
    Or is hope forever gone?
    My mind is moving on

    Fantasies are the only thing I can't shake
    Think about all the memories we could have made
    Fast is gone and I'm still here
    Wondering if you'll reappear
    I'm replaying every song we've every sung

    Am I really dreaming?
    Are you really gone?
    Are you really gone?
    Am I done believing
    Or is hope forever gone?
    My mind is moving on

    You always smiled and kept me safe
    You held my hand and led the way
    You found the beauty in the pain
    Now you're gone, now you're gone
    Cannot hide the joy in life
    You left behind for me to find
    So I will sing this song aloud
    I'll make you proud, I'll make you proud

    Am I really dreaming?
    I know you're really gone
    It's time to move on
    I'll never stop believing
    That I'll see you again
    I'll miss you until then
    Saudade, Saudade

    #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Something I found so tiring and it taking over me...

    //Whenever I fall my lids down
    I see you
    Whenever I roll my eyes up
    I miss you//

    Just the thing I don't miss
    Was that cruel leave
    But despite everything
    The truth is...I miss you
    I miss you every second of my life
    And will do it till the eternity.

  • _soundless_ 4d

    Mystic shrieks...2

    A day went off and Shreya kept herself busy
    Besides that she used to spend most of her time in living room listening radio and prepping snacks for spare time. In the midst of all she was continuously staring at the curtains all around the hall as she often sensed if something had a watch over her...

    Hours passed by and the clock stuck on '10'.
    She was all alone in the house, late at night when someone rang the doorbell...she unlocked the door to outside and found no one literally no one out there. "Seriously...?" She uttered inquisitivly.
    And banged the door to wall annoyingly, as she stepped to the couch, suddenly, a flower vase on the shelf behind her fell and crushed into sharps.

    She jumped instantly and almost screaming with fear. Unfortunately, one of her toe was harmed by those broken pieces of glass over floor and began to bleed harshly.

    Shreya somehow managed to reach first aid pouch and clothed the wounds with bandage.
    Tic-tic-tic...on the clock and it was around '11' of night. She was still lying on couch anxiously. When she saw the glasses almost spread over the wooden floor, she stood and swayed on her feet, took a few tottering steps, assembled the cracked pieces one by one and wiped off the floor with dry mop.

    "Holy fuck" she uttered herself "fuck".
    Her skin burst into goosebumps a voice whispered "fuck" into her ears not her own, the whisper came again "fuck".

    She wanted to scream and run when the voice raised the pitch moment-by-moment into her left ear it was closer this time. There was no one in the house except herself. Trembling...she turned to her tab and started dialing numbers...it was then behind her back and cold breeze passed quickly with a weeze...Shreya got panicky and fell off her tab on floor.

    Her face was covered with cold sweat she held her chest and observed no such signs again in next few hours. Finally she sighed with relief and went to her bed.

    Alarm banged her head and she flickered her eyes slightly open up and considered that last night incident as a nightmare.

    But it was just her sense of cooling down back then...because next morning she was Terribly shocked to see a red liquor all over the kitchen floor which was more likely to be a stain of blood...that was scary...gave her cold creeps.

    So the nightmare wasn't actually a nightmare.
    Story to be continued...

  • _soundless_ 1w

    Ps : I'll try not to stretch the story so long ��

    #storytime #horror PART-1

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    Mystic shrieks...1

    . .

    Shreya's room was always cold, she had just moved into a well furnished house with her mother in Bangalore it was a new town and a new beginning for the two. Their place was merely a lone building all around the location. Followed by the trashed garage at the adjacent.

    Her room was situated at the almost corner of the house also with no sunlight. Compared to the previous place the atmosphere was bit quiet all around. She was often haunted by the strange silence of the spot.

    Bangalore is itself or cold and freezed area in December usually, she had a hard time adjusting in all new aura.

    She felt like already bothering her mother quite a lot in setting up the house and even worked overtime to the schedule.

    A few days after all things were settled entirely. Shreya was sick due to cold weather her mother arranged some medicines and gave her a fine attention until she set at ease.

    Being a single mother her mum always treated her with excellent of all. She never let her girl sense any kind of deficiency. She worked harder to provide her with the good basic facilities and education to grew her daughter capable enough to earn the good perks at famed position.

    Shreya was still aspiring her dreams being a college student but as a bliss she was appointed for an interview through her internship applications and eventually alloted with a fair paid job as an assistant PR manager at a well-known company located in Bangalore.

    Once on a Sunday Eve Shreya stayed there all alone in the house. Her mother went out as some groceries were to be brought from the local market usually held on Sundays.

    Nothing more around bothering her except the Pierced silence at while. And instantly it seemed as if the weather was going odd, so to the next moment dark heavy clouds engulfed the sky and began to pitter-patter drenching down the woods...cold breeze entered the room...curtains fluttered and slightly slide over the window glass.
    And the strange creaks of wood buzzed her weirdly. But it just knocked her up as she never left her windows open.

    Then ignoringly she pulled the windows off considering the fact that it might be due to air the windows enclosed back.

    It appeared to be normal then after, she was able to perform well in job beside her studies. And even had the pleasant of times with her mother.

    Days passed weeks went off, it was around 2 of the months being a casual resident at the place.
    Now the silence doesn't bother her much as she was engaged herself into several chores plus had enough busy schedule all of the day that in the evening time she used to prefer that silence more peaceful and embrace her precious hours in chit-chats with her mother under the nature's virtue.

    But all of sudden there was an urgent call from her grandparents for her mother so she had to visit them and few of those days were to be spent all alone by Shreya at the home which was quite normal to be in. Next Day her mother left for station while Shreya was her way to job.

    And from there story will be continued...


  • _soundless_ 1w

    The wind blows east settles in the west
    Because it all ends in the end!!!

    The love of eternity is longing of the best
    Because it all remains till the end!!!

    Hence the vision says :- Bond might even end at last but, the souls in love never let it split throughout the journey.

    And so why, a short tale of zillions of intensity mirrors through the phase :-

    "When he failed in getting his lady-love he committed suicide.And she chased him until they both met in heaven eventually"

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    Awwwwweeee moonie ����❤

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    Imagine yourself under moonlight
    having dark in heart
    And then Moon says
    I wish could be closer
    Coz alone you seem so sad☺