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  • _spxys_stories 25w

    1.30 AM

    I could spend the whole night just looking at you, the way our smell mingled...enjoying our little world were no one matters and now the crave for your aroma Incursion taking my nights

  • _spxys_stories 26w

    Over thinker

    Finally he decided to end... In all way!
    She already had an idea about how everything will end, but she believed his words... Hope...

  • _spxys_stories 26w

    For the last time

    This might be the last time she unfolds.
    I know I'm going to broke into pieces.... You might have purposefully trying to forget me,
    But I've to say this before you arrive...
    Don't forget to give me your smile.
    this will never be like you came before.. No surprises...! Maybe planned for someone . No chocolates..! You might have already brought for someone. Not the same you.. Even if you're but you cannot never show...
    You are the only one who promised me tht you will be there for me for everything...forever.... And you're the one who vanished when I need you the most, look at me now...I'm the same one..But struggling ...struggling to smile everyday...
    Not letting anyone to know what I'm going through!!
    Who were talked anything and everything to everyone became what both you nd me never wanted.

  • _spxys_stories 35w

    All the surprises

    She was not surprised when she heard about his wedding date, she was not even get out from the surprised change in his behavior.

  • _spxys_stories 36w


    She lived in a fairytale, where she could keep a human diary.

  • _spxys_stories 37w

    Living another September

    Finally she changed, like the way she always wanted to be. Not letting anyone to her world of emotions and feelings.She gave birth to you in herself, rather giving birth to your kids.

  • _spxys_stories 38w

    The little world

    They were lived in a fairytale, their world. No one done any role in their little world, just them and their love.. No any Jinx touched them, they survived every of it.The boundaries to entry into their world was strong.

  • _spxys_stories 39w

    Helpless me

    I know you are struggling, struggling of opening up your feelings to someone. I'm helpless, you will overcome this. Your beautiful soul will survive this one day...

  • _spxys_stories 39w

    Millions of memories

    It was onam there and she went for onam purchase,it was the very first time she was going for any purchase without his knowing in these long 6 years...
    it was very tough for her to select a dress without sending a pic to him..
    She should have control her self, but she lose her control in the trial room where he saw her million times...

  • _spxys_stories 39w

    My soul

    What I have expected is going to happen soon...
    And the questions still remain
    How easily you get out of our life to your life!
    I know this is the last time I'm seeing you with half of mine, the other half is already left me...
    I'm accepting that the next time when we meet, there will be someone with you who theft the other half of you from me.. And then she will be having YOU.