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  • _the_horsemen 47w

    I was overwhelmed by some whimsical gesture of hope, then there I found my soul chilling with the dancing lights

  • _the_horsemen 48w


    Been sucked by this feeling of emptiness,
    Something is incomplete and it's creating mess.
    Have lot of people to talk,
    Still End of the day there nobody to feel I guess.

    We are playing with our lives because our hearts being played.
    We accept it right, But why do it still pains.
    With regular ups and down and a constant headache.
    Taking so much pain over pleasure just for getting well paid.

    A constant journey with no intervals,
    Everyday is like new levels.
    Past keeps banging the doors I kept closed,
    The movement it enters even my heart gets frozed.

    A perpetual cycle of pains and pleasure,
    With a small interval of restless leisure.
    A fake smile and with a love letter,
    Will again carried away for something better.

  • _the_horsemen 51w

    Love is a knot.
    Fastening two unique threads in a single band.
    Loyality is the bond which hold it together.
    It's singular in nature but It's a plural effort.
    The very moment one looses it the knot breaks.
    And no matter how hard one try, the knot won't tie again without the plural effort.

  • _the_horsemen 52w


    What are they,
    The sensations of strange ways.
    Like a stress reliever for a say,
    Something which binds human days.
    It's happiness,
    It's sadness,
    It's anger,
    It's calmness,
    It's love,
    It's lust.
    Everything which binds human emotions,
    Without them life looses it's motion.
    We crave for it and sometimes we hate it.
    It gets stronger with attachment of someone,
    And reaches its extreme with detachment of that one.
    Some says it's a blessing, and some perceive it's a curse.
    Uncountable strings attached with the same fate.
    It's the "GAME OF FEELINGS" some encounters early and yes there some who are always late.

  • _the_horsemen 53w

    Scratching the past will give you nothing but rashes

  • _the_horsemen 55w

    Why do I loose my focus when I miss something within myself.
    This feeling...............f


  • _the_horsemen 55w

    When I wanna talk someone I barely hear anything other than my heartbeat.
    But the moment I am craving for silence,
    I found every other person banging my door.

  • _the_horsemen 55w

    All I do everyday,
    Break myself into small fragments and rearrange them again and again.
    All I get some damn reason to never loose hope
    and try again.

  • _the_horsemen 56w

    Damn someone

    Someone needs to be comfort.
    Someone needs to be loved.
    Someone feels the pain,
    Someone was in hurt.
    Someone needs the moonlight,
    Someone too loves the dark side.
    Someone always smiles,
    Someone too cries.
    Someone is lazy sometimes crazy.
    Someone is shy and a perfect ally.
    Someone wants to be pure still jeleous of rest of all.
    Someone someone damn someone.

  • _the_horsemen 59w

    Where is my sleep

    Between the cages, my heart blazes.
    Like the fireball, My sound praises.
    I guess you gotta feel me,
    I guess you gotta know.
    I am afraid to breath in,
    Feels like a hyperbole.

    Almost sleeping up tight,
    A thought pops up right.
    You gotta adhere it first,
    Or it be more worst.

    This mind really freaks me,
    Oh Ghosh lend me some sleep.
    A moment ago I had mine,
    But now where is my sleep.

    Sounds crazy, my eyes are hazy.
    Mind still waked up, Body is lazy.
    My table on right,
    Picking a glass water seems a fight.

    I think I'll loose my night,
    In search of my sleep so I can sleep tight.