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  • _the_horsemen 72w


    I don't know why I feel drifted when there is no breeze,
    Hearing it's Hazing sounds and vibration my soul stands freeze.
    There is a silent twitch in my heart but no feeling,
    My body stands lonely had some progress but not healing.
    Just waiting for some stillness in my mind but time is wheeling.

    It's alright but not right,
    I am unable to sleep tight.
    My thoughts are in a fight,
    I wanna study but lazy enough to switch on the lights.

    With motivation I am fired,
    Within hours I feel tired.
    Books laughing at me which I hired,
    I wanna live in comfort without pain but still success I desired.

    I feel confused,
    My mind is just fused.
    Body full of strains and diffused,
    Sticking to my lonely chamber of thoughts Of muse.

  • _the_horsemen 86w

    And I am in the thoughts of your memories
    It's like a cage here I am feeling misery
    Daunting on my imagination,
    I am holding your hand in every situation
    The moon resembles your loving smile
    I am that star waiting for you to be mine

    Every night in my dreams I saw you with myself,
    Walking by the sea shore hand in hand.
    The moment I look into your eyes,
    I see my future in your sky.

    I was wondering why I am so happy all the time,
    And then I saw you.
    I was like the mirror and you were my reflection.
    Hearing the first letter of your name my heart starts giving reaction
    It's not something new happens to me,
    But it gets stronger and let it be.
    I wanna feel lost in the mist of your love,
    But this dream ends cause the sun wakes me up..

  • _the_horsemen 88w


    Into that intensified darkness, lies the secret of introvert shadows.
    Hidden from consciousness submerged into the depth of words.
    Roaming in the poetic verses which were never heard.
    Lies the occult diary of the deterred soul into the tree hollows.

    Full of chatters and enchanting thoughts,
    Like the withered flowers and the lost road where silence vaunt.
    All alone near the horizon adjacent to bank where the water flaunts,
    And the sun bows through the pale reddish smile just to daunt.

    It's where all my secrets flows as I am too an introvert shadow after all.

  • _the_horsemen 93w

    You need to starve in order to know the value of it

  • _the_horsemen 95w


  • _the_horsemen 100w

    Tale of love

    Tale isn't about any love story or feelings for someone instead it's about these four letters pronounced as 'LOVE'.
    It's a beautiful word with equal layers of pleasure and pain,
    Google says, it's an intense feeling of deep affection.
    But that varies from person to person.
    It's more than just feelings and is next to life.
    It's the flow of energy and the spread of positive aura in which the universe is bound.

    It is the smile that shines on the faces of our parents.
    It's the shadow of their soul who just want to see us happy.
    It's in the touch of those hands swirling our hairs during mid night while we are asleep.
    It's their in those hidden tears when they find us crying in pain.
    It's there in the warmth of that hug which makes us forget the pains we possess.
    After all its the synonym of parents.
    It's that soul who is made for us.
    It's not only about writing long paragraph for someone to make them feel just special rather it must be lived in the very moment of the eye contact.

    When the time seems to freeze for a while and when your heart speaks through your eyes, the happiness at that time is what we call love.
    It's not always about doing something extraordinary for your loved ones,
    Instead it lives in those ordinary things which we miss to cherish.
    It's not about expensive gifts, Actually it's your presence which matters after all.
    It's a very beautiful feeling to feel, afterall we all want to be loved.

  • _the_horsemen 100w

    We all are facing same kinda problems of feelings and emotions which entered our life differently.
    with due advantage Lonliness has knocked the door of each one of us, and we have welcomed it very cheerfully.

  • _the_horsemen 102w

    Waked mind

    Eyes staring ceiling every night,
    Something suspicious I don't feel right.
    Body is fully tired to its height,
    Still not able to sleep situation getting fright.
    What to do of this waked mind
    Who is thinking all the time.

    Things getting worse,
    My mind flirts.
    I am playing with words,
    And it's lurking tonnes of blurs.

    It's something different this time,
    It's something strange but kind.
    Lust is getting all the shine,
    Love is faith which is perfectly blind.
    And my mind crumbles thoughts
    because it's always thinking all the time.

    This waked mind
    Who is kind,
    It's clever but tiring me all the time.
    I am writing things short and tight,
    As this mind is dining with this mid night.

  • _the_horsemen 102w


    I meant to love you,
    You just ignored.
    I meant to cherish you,
    You just ignored.

    My heart was beating for your soul,
    You told me it was never mine at all.
    I was feeling your every breathe,
    You started breathing for someone else fair and tall.

    Like this air I wanted to be with you always,
    But the wind took you away.
    I wanted to shine in your eyes like the sunrise,
    You fell in love with the sunset by the way.

    Prying to the gloom,
    My days were in the doom.
    And my heart repels my mind,
    Soul thinks like a blind.

    Like magnets we were together,
    But seprated being of the same pole.
    I wanted to shine with you like a star,
    But end up fading in my own scar.

    Part of me was ghosted by the feelings,
    Part of me was roasted by the reality.
    This world is full of Cruelty,
    Luck always showcases it's brutality.

    Shattered like I never been before,
    The person I was fainted in pieces on the floor.
    Hurt is the only lesson driven out of these,
    I rose up changed on my feet.

    The change was painfull for the memories,
    I was happy living in my own selfless love theories.
    To become bad out of my own nature was irrelevant for me,
    There were some bad arrogance pushing me to be.

    Then I saw someone I never cared for,
    Into the mirror I looked therefore.

  • _the_horsemen 103w

    Hypothetical you

    Let me drown myself into the blemishes of those beautiful eyes,
    Lingre upon the smiling lips and chicks
    I wanna feel those swirling hairs
    And cherish that beautiful soul
    All that I need is you and your love
    After all,
    My heart feels demise without you,
    When my eyes just have a glimpse of yours.
    Feelings awakens the whole soul from inside.
    Like this sunrise are those glittering steps,
    When you breath my mind peacefully slepts.
    Those fingers when touches my forehead reminds me to garden of rose.
    The sunsets reminds your feel which is just like rose.
    Its where my dream ends and blows.