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  • _thebrunettegirl_ 105w

    I am not like the others...

    I don't like the usual stuffs, I don't like to have a long night chat, or hangout with pals.
    I don't like outgoing and loud parties, or go on a journey with friends.
    I don't like high heels, or make-up.
    I don't like shopping, or play dress-ups.
    I don't like to talk much, or share my precious secrets to anyone.
    I don't want to tag along with the group, or make fun of the silly talks.

    You must be thinking I'm a loner and a loser.
    I'm not like the others.
    I never wanted to be like everyone.
    I always try to convince myself.

    Because, no one wants to have me.
    They think I am this opaque glass which cannot be seen from the outside and from the inside, it's the same dull carvings.
    Which when thrown in the dump will minimise the dullness from this open dome of life.
    But, if only they'd wanted me a little more, I would have been the layer to protect from the sorrowful rays.

  • _thebrunettegirl_ 106w

    Vision of tangled veins...

    It's all damaged veins;
    It only delivers pain.

    Nothing can bind us together now;
    It's getting too cold.

    So, STOP chasing the unknown;
    I will not turn back this time.

    The veins between us, it all got tangled;
    The last beat is at its peak of dangle.

    The emotions are cut out;
    The love and hatred is all distorted.

  • _thebrunettegirl_ 114w

    That night, he was looking delicious.

  • _thebrunettegirl_ 114w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word micro-tale on Prism

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    Refraction of prisms

  • _thebrunettegirl_ 114w

    It's void inside of me; the moment you pushed yourself on me.
    It's getting colder and it feels no longer the same to me.
    I have gone through a lot and forced myself to take up all the guilt, which I have never done.
    I have got issues with the ignoring, shouting and abuse you have given me.
    I just want to make it an end game.
    It's over.
    Even if you're not able to deny it; it's an end game.


  • _thebrunettegirl_ 114w


    Snoozing and yawning we used to wake up every time. Weight lifting our bags to reach the classroom used to be a great achievement.
    When the bell used to sing it's favourite song,
    "TR-i-i-i-n-g" we had to form a line in the assembly hall.
    Answering to a question or making an excuse for not doing the homeworks, used to be the battlefield of our lives.
    The opening of the Tiffin boxes and sharing of the meals with one another and the child's play of 'chor-police' (thief-police) and the 4 sided paper games used to be our mantras.
    To wishing the teachers in a rhythmic song, "Goooooooood morninnnngggTeacher" to asking for "Ma'm may I go to the toliet" used to be our daily melody.
    Waiting for our favourite period, "the games period" when everyone used to either play or sit and chat with one another will always be cherished.
    The gossips coming from the different sections and the proposals of the hopeless romantics used to be the breaking news of the corridors.
    And the bunking of classes and standing infront of the Principal's office by the naughtiest kids were a treat to watch.
    Celebrating the most important day by treating the whole class with two chocolates and giving a bonus one to our best friend. And receiving the love and gifts of the friends will always remain in a special corner of our hearts.
    The cramming for last minute preparation for the exam used to be the best way of studying.
    And helping ourselves and our friends during an exam was like surviving in a zombie apocalypse.
    The P.T.M used to be like, standing infront of the supreme court's judge and getting our judgement done.
    Those lazy lectures during the history classes, always used to make us fall asleep.
    And the practicing of being a disciplined kid whenever there used to be an inspection would make us feel like an army candidate.
    Running like wild boars after the last period of the school used to be the best part of the innocent little kid in ourselves.
    Closing this chapter of our lives, is quite really a difficult task, as the moments we made will always remain in our hearts full of treasure.

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    The best memories of our lives.
    Read the caption and enjoy the memorable moments of our lives.

  • _thebrunettegirl_ 114w

    Everyone is unique in their own way.
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    That kind of girl...

    She is that kind of girl who is quietly introverted; but those who knows her really well, are able to see the real lunatic in her.
    She smiles and laughs a lot (mostly in inappropriate places and times).
    Yet, she is the open book anyone can ever read.

    She trips over thin air, yet she is the strongest to not get easily disappear.
    She loves to observe, think and portray in the mystic world she has in her mind rather than talking like a parrot.
    She is clumsy, shy, weird, strange.
    But, it's hers or mine or everybody else's personality and it's unique.

  • _thebrunettegirl_ 114w

    My mind, soul and body captivates the wonderful beginning of winter as the seagulls make their way home.

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  • _thebrunettegirl_ 114w

    She whispered whether or not
    it was correct. It felt like it was though.

    "How many secrets can you keep?"
    She glared at me and waited for my response.
    I nodded with a yes; she took a deep breath and started of by saying a story.
    It starts like this.

    "You know how much I like my mom and dad right?", she said. Again nodded with a yes.
    "So, you remember I used to speak about my nightmares to you?", she asked with a high pitched voice. This time I didn't respond anything in return.
    "The secret I want to share with you is really a big thing to me, I believe I can trust you on this." she confronted by putting her hand on mine. I kept my hand on hers and pressed it a little, gesturing my belief in her.
    "You remember I used to tell you about my nightmares and the blood I used to see in my dreams?", she asked and started to scribble on the table with a imaginary pen.
    "I killed him." she blurted out. "I killed him." she whispered.
    I didn't understand for a minute what was she trying to say. I asked "What are you talking about?"
    "I used to have a brother, when we used to live in the other city. Now, he is gone, because of me. I killed him." she glared through my soul as if she was gonna reap it open.
    I gulped a bit and asked her to continue.

    "I didn't mean to kill him, but he was making really loud noises that's why I scoved him with a pillow. I didn't mean to kill him." she looked at me with fuller eyes and tilted her head towards left.
    "My parents kept it a secret and you're the only person besides them who knows it." she said.
    I moved my hand and placed it on my side of the table. She hurriedly grabbed it again and rubbed it with firmness and smiled.
    "Don't fear from me, remember we're best friends", she said and smirked.
    I faked a smiled as my heart was pacing at a horse speed.
    "Good, I hope you can keep this a secret", she whispered.

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    Secrets: something we fear to share.
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