There's miles to go before I sleep❤️

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  • _unknown_writer13 2w

    You're the best thing that ever happened to me this year<3

  • _unknown_writer13 7w

    Nibbis be like I get jealous but then I remember I look like this
    Yes baby girl u're right u look like one of those bunch of monkeys

  • _unknown_writer13 9w

    The words rolled off your tongue, you paused first & then you took aim. You meant for it to hurt me. VICTORY for you!!! It hurt my heart, so bad I don't even want to start crying because it will be difficult to stop. I never thought u would do this to me but I'll never forget it. This is the mother & daughter relationship we had :) ~Abha

  • _unknown_writer13 12w

    My biggest flex?
    I got the best dad❤

  • _unknown_writer13 15w

    Happy birthday<3❤

    Many many happy returns of the day to the best person I've ever met in my life❤️Idk what should I even write ik it might be really weird & idk what not but I just wanted to write down few things & I hope that u'll read it :) It's been exactly 2 years today since I've known u & I swear I'd never thought that u would mean so much to me :) from being a stranger to good friends & then.... & now someone who I can't stop thinking about :) Abhas I really wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me through my thick & think thankyou for always understanding me like no other thankyou for making me feel so special & the happiest girl on this planet Earththankyou for always consoling me & giving me the best advice/suggestions I can say it with no doubt that u are the best just the way u are❤️u're always gonna be the same Abhas that I knew for me :) I wish the best for you & I always remember u in my prayers I pray that u achieve each & everything & I hope to see u as a successful human being in upcoming futureit doesn't matter if we talk or not but ull always have a special place in my heart♡ which nobody can have no matter how hard they try... At once uk I felt that Abha has finally found the Abhas to her Abha & I still can't believe the fact that we're not together I tried my level best but idk what's wrong ughhh ain't nobody gon' love u like I love you♡ ain't nobody gon' trust u like I trust you♡ I know we're not together anymore but if the world was watching I'd still dance with you I still get butterflies when I read our old texts & laugh like a idiotI wish I could turn back time to those good old days
    What ever we had uk it's just memories now but I'll forever cherish those days which we had spent together tho we never got to meet each other after 1st jan I always had hopes that someday we'll meet but maybe somehow we couldn't :) I really miss talking with you & sharing with you bout my day my life my school & so on I really miss annoying you & m still so sorry for annoying you but thankyou for tolerating me for almost 2 years abhas uk m just speechless rn & idk what m I even writing forgive me ok??? Nobody feels like you & nobody can ever replace you as u're abhas the great sachinai timi mahan raixaw Ik maile timlai pura satako chu abhas feri pani m sorry hai ‍♀️lakhau vetey maya ko sahar ma sakthe ma ni launa kehi ta cha hera timro najar ma sansar tehi pau ma maya haina vanxaw vane dekhai dinthe manai kholera :) ❤️so many songs just reminds me of nobody else but you ❤️no one compares you stand alone<3 nobody compares to you <3 taha chaina timi sangha bolnu ni sakdina aajkal ta tehi paila ko text haru herdai hasdai baschu timro ek duita pictures haru ni herdai socchu sachinai there is something in him❤️ u're the first and only guy for whom I had such strong feelings ani with whom I had even seen my futurewe couldn't keep our promises & all the things which we had planned tyo haru ni aile ta kata harayo harayo hola m still trying abhas Tara its not so easy raixa paila sanghai hunda ta kati risai basthiye sanu sanu kura ma kati annoy garthiye tara aile sanghai na hunda kosto jhal jhal yaad audai raixa :) I wish it was just a bad dream haw chya but kei ta garnu sakdina :) Abhas I was always there for you I still m & will always be there for you❤️timle eti kamti time ma malai kosto special feel garako chaw timlai tha ni chaina hola I'll always remember us this way :)
    May God always bless you and may u find happiness joy & peace❤️please do eat well & take care of yourself if u're going through anything know that this too shall passu're strong great amazing and the best happy 17th may this new age be a better one for you than the last one study well & I wish u all the best for ur upcoming future ik u will make ur loved ones proud‍♀️❤️
    It was you its still younobody feels like youI know we don't talk anymore but thankyou for the happiest year of my life❤️wish I could go back & enjoy some memories again for second time 8th oct 2019 1st jan 2020 & 4th jan 2020 will forever be the best days of my life and I can never forget it no matter how hard I try stay happy blesses healthy & safe stay cool and as amazing u areI ope that u have an amazing birthday enjoy ur day pleaseee keep smiling❤️ik mo dherai nai boley hola but abhas it has not been easy at all I miss you so muchh❤️finally alik va pani guts ayo timlai etti kura vanne :) I'll always be glad that I had met such an amazing person like you u're a blessing❤️never thought that one day I'd be losing uidk after reading this whether we'll talk or not but please do read it luss❤its ok if u don't wanna reply❤️ull always have my back 4L❤️wish we could end up together but idkkk k k vayo vayom again sorry la I don't wanna ruin ur birthday happy birthday abhas<3❤know that u r 4L❤️always & forever♾️❤️our names our similar hai

    ~Abha :)

  • _unknown_writer13 18w

    I don't care about losing people anymore all I care about is my mental peace I don't have enough time to give him/her explanation toobut comparing ur self & saying shits about the people I have rn isn't good at all if u were there for me earlier then they're equally there for me rn when nobody else was there for me & I can honestly say that I am so happy with the people I have in my life rn& a big shoutout to all of themlosing people is a part of our life too :)

  • _unknown_writer13 19w

    Distance gives us reason to love harder❤️

  • _unknown_writer13 19w

    You are hundred miles away but no else is closer to my heart than you❤️

  • _unknown_writer13 19w

    Missing you everyday makes my heart feel heavy but I know that everyday is a day closer to seeing you again❤

  • _unknown_writer13 19w

    I love you with all my heart, and my feelings for you grow stronger with every day I am the luckiest person on Earth because I have the most wonderful person by my side Thank you for being my rock, my baby❤thank you for everything you have done for me You are my sweetheart, and I will always love you
    Words are not enough to express my feelings for you. But my hug will help you understand how much I love you My wish for you is to stay happy and cheerful always Have the best Birthday maya❤️