There's miles to go before I sleep❤️

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  • _unknown_writer13 48w

    I don't know from where shall I start or how should I start well well well
    It's just been a year since I've known u
    But you know it feels like I've known u from so long
    I still remember when I saw u for the first time Kaka and I felt a Lil awkward to talk to you and I guess even u felt the same After few weeks u came to our house and u started living with us tho I never use to have a great conversation with you but later on u turned out to be a really different person than my imagination u were one of the most jolly friendly sweet funny and understanding person I've ever met U were like my 2nd dad U still r And u will always be♡
    I know that u always feel that u haven't done anything for us but lemme tell u that I wanna thank-you from the bottom of my heart for each and everything that u've done for us :-)
    Days passed and u had become really close to us and u had become a part of our family and u will always be :-) I don't know how to put u into words m just speechless right now U have become a really important person for all of us I wanna thank-you for always caring for us and being concerned for us Thank-you for all the tips and tricks and for ur guidance I'll always be remembering those things which u had taught me
    U've always been so concerned about me and u've always treated me like the best it's really hard to put u into words but m still trying so pls cop upjust penning down my heart out I had never ever thought that we'll be this close but m so grateful

  • _unknown_writer13 50w

    Girls be acting like pro players
    But deep down dies for that one guy

  • _unknown_writer13 51w

    Maybe we weren't meant to be :)

    In a world where people have their lover's name on their body somewhere U had my name in ur name itself and our names were so similar but we felt in love anyway :)

    I still remember the exact day
    When we started talking &
    I'll never forget that day throughout my life
    I came across ur profile & foundsomeone
    Who's name was as similar as mine
    And to be very honest this was the only reason
    Why I actually followed u

    After a while u followed me back
    And it all started with a virtual 'Hey'
    Instead of replying with a hi hello hey
    I replied with happy birthday
    Our names are similar hai
    Moving on...

    We started texting each other very often
    We started knowing each other day by day
    We exchanged numbers
    And we became friends really soon
    And then from friends to close friends

    Days were really strange
    And I was going through a lot
    And I can't thank u enough for being there with me
    During my hard times :)

    We had to pretend that we were in a relationship
    There was a reason behind this too
    U had helped me so much at that time
    And u had helped me to get out of something
    Which I couldn't since a long time

    Well I started falling for u
    For the way u were
    For the way u treated me
    For the way u cared for me
    I was just so in love with you
    As days passed

    U had to leave for hostel
    And then we barely talked
    But uk I used to eagerly wait for Sundays
    Just to talk with u over the phone :)
    Those days were one of the best days of my life
    And I'll always cherish it...

    I really didn't know whether it was the same from u Or not & that is y I was really scared to confess
    And I didn't want to lose
    Someone like you :)

    And then
    We finally met tbh it was not planned actually
    But m glad that we did :)
    That day was one of the best days of my life
    Tho we didn't spend much time but still we
    had a great time and then it was time for u to leave

    I wish I could tell u
    Each and everything
    The way I feel for u and so on
    But unfortunately I didn't
    But then...

    3 days later...
    We started dating :)
    From a stranger to friends
    From pretending to actually being in a relationship
    With each other we had come a long way :)

    Everything was alright
    We were always there for each other
    We celebrated months of being together
    And even a year later on :)
    Tho it was a long distance relationship

    U were just too good to be true
    My feelings were still the same for you
    I was still so in love with ur voice
    In love with the way u were
    And in love with the way u made me feel special
    U were all that I could ever wished for
    U were my one and only :)

    Tho we argued at times
    Even broke up
    But we never gave up on each other
    We always tried to sort out things
    And make it better

    Tbh the worst thing was
    We couldn't meet each other :)
    We couldn't even help
    As the situation was so worst :)

    Then we stopped talking
    We barely talked
    And there were so many things
    which wasn't going on well

    I said I felt it wasn't working
    And I decided to end it rather than holding on :)
    U said alright
    U deserve someone better :)

    I had so much more to say
    I wish I could meet u
    and see u again :)
    But now I can just wish for that
    Cox ik it isn't possible now

    We had so many plans
    We made so many promises
    But now it's over
    And those r just memories now :)

    Thank you for the happiest year of my life
    Thank you for making me feel so special
    Thank you for always being there for me
    No matter what

    Ik we tried our best to make it work
    But sometimes it's just not meant to be
    No matter how hard we try
    But m glad that we met
    M glad that we were together
    M glad that I got to know you
    M glad that u were a part of my life :)

    Uk there's a saying that
    "We don't really have pictures with those people
    With whom we r soo close "
    And I guess I can relate it with us :)

    I never thought
    Anyone would ever make me smile, laugh
    And capture my heart as fast as u did
    But after all
    Maybe we weren't mean to me :)♡

  • _unknown_writer13 51w

    That one touch

    She was happy
    She was so joyful
    She was so full of life
    She was just one of the happiest girl of her age
    She used to be so happy playing with her toys
    Receiving so much of love and care
    And everything was just so perfect for her

    But one fine day
    Her cousin brother came to visit her
    With lots of gifts and chocolates for her
    And she was just so happy
    & considered him as her favourite cousin

    As soon as her parents went out due to some reason
    He start taking advantage of that particular time
    Little girl started feeling weird and uncomfortable
    She didn't even know is that right or wrong :(
    He started feeling her and guess what
    It was a bad touch :(

    That one touch :(
    Changed her completely
    She started keeping so quiet
    And she was so scared of everything
    Every time he visited her house
    He used to keep on doing the same

    Poor little girl kept quiet :(
    It went on happening
    She grew up and turned 16 finally
    She finally came to know about bad & good touch
    But it was too late uk :(
    She still couldn't speak up about this to anyone
    She's just too scared
    That something worse might happen

    She gets nightmares :(
    She goes through mental breakdowns :(
    She goes through anxiety :(
    She's all alone :(

    She can't even share this to anybody :(
    When it was her time to play with toys
    Somebody treated her like a toy
    When it was her time to speak up
    That one bad touch made her just so weak
    That she still can't get over it :(

    That one touch
    Completely changed her from a happy soul
    To a sad soul :(
    From strong to weak :(
    From confident to nervousness :(
    Fears and fears and fears :(

    She can never forget the way they treated her
    The way they used her
    Just because she was weak enough to keep quiet:(

    Trusting someone is still so hard for her
    Just because of that one touch
    Calling someone her brother is still so hard for her
    Just because of that one touch
    Speaking up has still been so hard for her
    Just because of that one touch :(

    She's still waiting for that one day
    When she'll not have to pretend that she's happy
    When she'll really be happy
    She's still waiting for that day
    When she'll really be strong confident
    When she'll really be not scared

    And she's still waiting to get over that
    And she's trying her best everyday
    And she's still trying to speak up for her :)
    That one touch changed her completely ):(

  • _unknown_writer13 90w

    I m incomplete without u

    "Uk we often fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time(-:"

    I was just scrolling feeds on ig
    It all started with a follow or unfollow
    I saw ur profile I found u cute
    But I was confused whether to follow u or not...

    Well I followed u
    & I got a follow back really soon
    Our convo didn't started with a hey hi or hello
    U randomly asked me for a s/o

    & then we started talking
    I still remember u asked me
    What's ur name? at the first
    Then where do u stay & so on

    I started stalking u by then onwards
    & tbh I kinda got attracted to u
    U asked for my num & then u called me
    Trust me when I heard ur voice for the 1st time it I was literally like awwwww

    Slowly we started talking from morning
    To late night
    I never realized how the time use to pass by so soon

    Talking to u always made my day
    From a hey good morning to
    R u there? R u ok?
    We became really close to each other
    & yea I knew it was love

    Whenever ur text use to pop in
    I could feel butterflies in my tummy
    The song which u use to sing for me
    I couldn't stop blushing after listening to it....

    Then one fine day I wished u goodnight
    & I was about to sleep
    U said wait I wanna tell u something
    Trust me I was so scared but I was hoping for something good

    U wrote a long para & u expressed ur feelings... I couldn't wait to tell u that
    I do feel the same
    It was the best day of my life
    & I can never forget it

    We use to meet once in a week
    Everything was all normal
    We celebrated monthsaries together
    We created a hell lot of memories..

    U made me feel the most special person on this planet.. .
    The little surprises gave me a lot of happiness & being with u was all that I wanted & wished for(-:

    U were just too good to me
    & I was falling more for u every single day(-:
    U always made sure that m happy
    U were the reason being my happiness

    It was our monthsary
    & I received a text from u
    I couldn't wait to read what did u write for me.. But
    while I was reading it I broke down(-:

    U said we can't be together anymore(-:
    I had lot many things to say
    But unfortunately I couldn't
    I was just blank & speechless
    I couldn't say anything more than thank you(-:

    Maybe it was easy for u to leave
    But it was hard for me to let u go(-:
    How could I forget u
    when u gave me so much to remember

    I still cry when I c our pictures
    I try to delete them but I can't:(
    I still pray that u're fine there
    Tho we don't talk anymore
    I still have hopes that u'll come back

    It's been so long but I still can't moveon
    I had never felt for anybody like this before..I m still waiting for u(-:
    I still love u the same & I miss you
    I m incomplete without u:(

  • _unknown_writer13 91w

    It's something More than friendship(-:

    I still remember the day
    The exact date
    The exact month
    When we started talking(-:

    It all started with a virtual hey
    Then we found same kinda interests in each other
    Starting from editing to clicking photographs & a lot many more...

    From a stranger u became one of the closest person in my life
    Ur silly jokes always made my day
    Ur cute little smile was something
    That my eyes wanted to see
    Ur charming voice was something
    Which my ears always wanted to hear

    As the days were passing by
    I knew somewhere or the other
    I was getting attracted to u
    Still I always tried to avoid it

    U were always there for me
    When I needed u the most
    A true genuine person like u
    Was really hard to find

    We share such a good bond of friendship
    U r the bestest friend I have
    U always make sure that m ok here
    Yet we're a little far from one another

    Idk y my heart doesn't agree
    That we're just friends
    I always avoided it & I still do(-:
    But it's really hard for me now

    I always wait for that one reply from u
    Uk it just makes me so happy
    Knowing that at least I've someone
    Who genuinely cares for me
    I don't wanna loose a person like u
    Maybe that is y m sacred to express my feelings to u(-:

    U might not even know
    That how much do I love u
    How much do I care for u
    How much do I wait for u

    U just mean so so much to me
    & I don't wanna let u go
    I think of expressing my feelings to u
    But I feel its not the same from u(-:

    Even if u're ok with us being friends
    I'll somewhere tryna accept it
    But uk it's something More than friendship(-:❤️

  • _unknown_writer13 96w

    To someone who has changed(-:

    I often think about those days when u were always there with me & there for me no matter what(-: u were the happiest one when I was born u were the one who use to hold my hands & u use to teach me how to walk one by one step by step(-: I use to love hearing to ur childhood stories before I go to bed whenever I use to fall sick i could c u suffering as well u always made sure to put a smile on my face whenever I scribble(-:u were always there by my side i use to consider u as my superhero uggh i still do(-: u always use to spend time with me no matter how busy u were If I ever wanted something u use to bring that for me by hook or crook u were the best of best u made me feel the most special & precious one(-: & u made me consider u as the best one(-:
    Now I feel u're completely changed I miss the old u and I really do now days we hardly talk(-: Ik that u're often busy but now u don't bother about me nor give me time u don't even ask me how m I feeling & so on idk what's the thing that is changing u but it really hurts me deep inside(-: I love u the most & I'll l always doIt's just that I miss the old u

  • _unknown_writer13 102w

    What was it?

    Uk in our life sometimes
    There's a time when we're completely lost tired rid of this life & so on
    And we hope for someone who stand by us throughout that time
    Lucky ones r those who have one in their life(-:

    While I was just done with my life
    U stepped in as a ray of hope for me
    I considered myself pretty lucky
    Cox I felt that I found one kinda person like that(-:

    We started talking
    We started knowing each other
    We started sharing how do we feel
    & guess what we had the same kinda story (-:

    We became friends
    In a very short spam of time
    But I felt we weren't just friends
    I wanted to tell u that y dont u understand we aren't just friends^_^

    But I had a fear to tell u that
    U meant a lot to me
    & yea I knew that I was falling for u
    It was so unexpected but was so true

    Ur voice was the only sound ny ears wished to hear
    Ur smile was the only thing these eyes would wanted to c
    Ur happiness was just so precious to me
    Over that u were someone really special to me❤️

    Well I still didn't had the guts to confess u
    But who knew that even u felt the same
    When u said ily for the1st time
    My heartbeat skipped a bit
    Tbh I could not believe the fact

    Then we started dating
    It was an ldr but yea our love was true
    I never met u in real life
    But u always made sure that
    I could feel ur presence

    Everything was just going so well
    Until u changed
    Yea I understand that u had personal problems
    But I could feel u changing

    Then suddenly we stopped talking
    I could not get out of u
    U were always on my mind
    There was no day when I didn't think of u or missed u

    Well I was all into u
    And I never felt for anybody like this before
    How could I forget u when u gave me so much to remember
    How could I forget u when u made me feel so special
    Ur voice always haunted in my ears

    I still didn't loose hope
    I was waiting for u
    I was waiting for ur one text in my notification
    I was waiting to hear ur voice(-:

    After few days

    U finally texted
    I was so in love with u
    That I didn't even think
    Before giving u a second chance

    I could feel a bag of mixed feelings that time
    I thought that u loved me as much as I do
    But yea I was a fool thinking that(-:

    Maybe my love was not enough for u
    Maybe It was just a one sided love
    Maybe what not
    But I still keep on thinking
    What was it? (-:

  • _unknown_writer13 103w

    It's still you(-:

    I never believed in love at 1st sight
    But few years ago,
    When I saw u for the 1st time
    It was just like

    "Hey pretty stranger"
    " I think u look cute"
    "Can I get ur number"
    " I really wanna know u^_^"

    I kinda started liking u that time
    As the days passed
    & I was eagerly waiting to talk to u
    I was lucky enough & I got ur num really soon

    I was feeling kinda shy
    To talk to you
    But I couldn't wait & I just did it
    I blushed each & every time when we use to talk(-:

    We started talking more & more
    & then I realized that I was falling for u
    After few days I got to know that
    It was the same from u(-:

    Then our story started
    I still cannot express that feeling
    Which I felt when we started dating
    It was just so wonderful

    We created a lot of memories every other day
    I considered myself so damn lucky & blessed
    Cox I had u in my life
    I could see my future in you (-:

    U made me feel so special & precious
    U use to remember the every little thing which I said(-:
    We celebrated monthsaries & anniversaries together
    & our love was just growing fonder day by day❤️

    Even our relationship had ups & down
    Even we fought for no reason
    & u always use to come & convince me
    U were just so perfect babe(-:❤️

    Time flies in just a blink of an eye
    Idk but I could feel u changing
    We started talking very less
    U stopped giving me time

    Idk what changed u(-:
    U said me to forget u
    But how can I forget u
    When u gave me so much to remember

    I never even thought in my bad dreams
    That u would turned out to be like this
    Maybe I wasn't enough for u
    Maybe u replaced me with some other

    I thought of spending my life with u
    But maybe we weren't made for each other:'(:'(
    But babe I still can't get over u
    U're always on my mind

    Though our bond didn't have a happy ending
    But I still love u<3
    It's you it's always u &
    It's still u(-:
    ~Urs maimu(-:

  • _unknown_writer13 104w

    Let it be(-:

    I believed in 11:11
    But it was 4:4
    When u stepped in
    And everything just changed

    U looked at me & so did I
    The next day it all started with a hey
    There were mixed feelings at that time
    I could feel butterflies in my tummy

    The little things u did for me
    Gave me a bunch of happiness
    Whenever ur text popped out
    I couldn't wait to text u back(-:

    Day by day we started talking more
    I got to know u more
    Our silly fights
    Being angry for no reason

    U were just a crush at the beginning
    But I never knew I would end up falling for u:-)
    I always said yea we're just friends
    But deep inside I knew I felt for u

    The feelings were so new
    Was so damn true
    I was in love love u yea I felt for u
    Everything u did made me fall for u

    I was waiting for a right time 2 express
    My feelings for u
    My love for u the way I cared for u
    I was just afraid to loose u X (-:

    Well time flies
    & u started getting attracted towards somebody else(-:
    U didn't even thought once
    Before saying all that words to me
    Well my heart was already broken
    & instead of healing u hurted me more

    U meant so much to me
    And u still do
    I called it a one sided love
    Bcox it wasn't the same from u

    My love for u is still the same
    And it will always remain the same
    I just pray for ur happiness
    With or without me I had hopes
    But now I don't have it any more

    U left me all alone when I needed u
    Every piece of me still aches for u
    Yet I still can't get over u
    So let it be, let it be, let it be(-: