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  • _urvi__ 3d


    How the morning comes in
    Chasing away the night
    Riding on the sun
    Awakening the world from its slumber
    Sprinkling the grass with dew drops
    As the birds chirp above
    To welcome it
    With songs so sweet
    Commencing a new beginning
    And the start of a new day
    Full of hopes.

  • _urvi__ 2w

    Sometimes you feel like you don't fit in
    Like the piece of a puzzle
    That's put in the wrong one.

  • _urvi__ 2w

    Elfchen poem

    Are a
    Portal to numerous
    Worlds of magic and

  • _urvi__ 2w

    Sitting under the stars on the grass
    Measuring the humongous distance
    Between us
    Feeling so small yet so full
    So varied yet so similar
    Comprehending how I am made
    Of what the sky and the stars in it are made of
    That we are of the same element
    We dim and shine throughout our life
    And we have travelled far and wide
    That they are a part of me
    And I am a part of them
    Together we thus make the universe .
    -Urvi Dedhia

  • _urvi__ 3w


    If we'd meet
    The world would become
    A smaller place to interpret.

  • _urvi__ 3w

    Like a rickety ride
    Each day goes by
    I read a lot
    I study a lot
    I observe a lot
    Sometimes I do a lot
    Sometimes I do nothing
    Sometimes I feel like dancing
    Sometimes I feel like sleeping
    But this is life
    Nothing about it is simple.

  • _urvi__ 4w

    A person turns into a poet

    When the mind is a canvas of imagination
    When the eyes look deeper into the world
    When the hand carves emotions into words.
    -Urvi Dedhia

  • _urvi__ 4w

    Someday somewhere

    Someday, somewhere when I will be at the peak of my dreams
    I shall look down at my path so far
    At the person who went through it all
    Who experienced sadness and happiness
    Who made mistakes and rectified them
    Who wanted to give up but still stood up
    But most importantly at what I didn't achieve
    For this is life and no one gets everything.

  • _urvi__ 6w


    When the night falls
    The world is under a spell
    That puts some to sleep
    And awakens some
    To a world of endless thoughts ,
    As the silence of the night creeps in.

  • _urvi__ 8w

    Our little world

    Our little world
    Seems so small
    Yet so big.

    Our little world
    Revolves around people we love
    And things we cling onto.

    Our little world
    Is an infinite expanse
    Of hopes and dreams.

    Our little world
    Is a haven
    That we never want to leave
    For the world outside
    Is harsh and real.