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  • _vaish 4d

    All your

    Life is all yours.
    Live it the way your inner
    child cheers.

    Don't let in the fears.
    That too much of happiness
    will later turn into tears.

    It's you who will loose your pleasures,
    And the moment that is all your.

    It is not given you back never.
    So do not refuse the hour,
    Pondering about the future.
    live it up to your fuller.

    Life is an empty paper.
    You are your life's painter.
    The brush is all your.

    Add colours that are of your dear.
    And paint it as fascinating as you are!

  • _vaish 3w

    Since I've been a poet

    I Developed spotting and minding every pocket-sized thing that adds to my art.
    Oh! Should I write this as a poem?
    I'll add some aesthetic words too!

    The flowers look so artistic The sky too!
    The birds chirping adds its own
    beauty too! That's when I had been looking to The brighter sides of things

    How expressive it is being a poet!
    That doesn't take any expensive ball-point nor a journal but a benevolent heart and a desire towards something.

    It isnt rooted but flows into
    like a effulgent butterfly across
    the dead leaves Aah! It's all about
    putting together inner words on
    A peice of paper!


  • _vaish 6w

    Just tried!.. sharing one of my experiences when i dint have career plans and was amazed how the world is.....

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    As i grew

    In this extensive wide world
    I was a little girl living at my fullest
    Amazed by the towering
    refrigerator so tall.
    Seeing it shut the door
    on its own.
    Mom patted powder
    onto my face, combed
    my hair holding cheeks.
    I Went running behind those
    flying colourful creatures,
    to see if they had eyes
    everywhere because they
    ran away every time I went closer.
    How minute I am in this
    immense wide world.
    Now amazed by the
    number of people and
    the high sky, this world holds.
    The world is full of life lessons,
    Regrets, disappointments,
    happiness joy and many
    Be sure, both black and white keys give
    melody to life And I realized.

  • _vaish 7w

    How to drive

    When you learn to drive
    You should know to turn the keys,
    check the gasoline,

    Accelerate slowly look to each side
    Know where to apply brakes.
    Take turns too!

    Have the license of confidence.
    Stop when you feel worn out.
    Horn if someone jams your way.

    You may tend to drop down
    But know how to stand up
    The steering is all yours.

    Be cautious.Wait for the signal to
    turn green And keep going!

  • _vaish 9w

    Little changes

    When i once kept note books in
    the smaller compartment, and the
    textbooks in the bigger one.

    And now notes in the larger
    section and readers in the
    smaller as the size of the
    note books were bigger.

    i knew i was growing...
    when i had to comb on my
    Own, and now mom had to
    braid them, since they were mane
    and healthy I knew i was growing!

    When they say Hey! you're grown
    up now.Desiderate me want to enjoy
    the ephemeral i have in my
    childhood.And i knew i was growing..

  • _vaish 11w

    Look around

    look around, you will spot
    people noticing you.
    Look back and you’ll see
    your art

    A peacock never know how
    elegant its own feathers are. And
    the world applauds at its blessings
    in an unknown language

    You are a beautiful peacock.
    Sooner or later you will know
    it wasn’t a miracle but your own
    existing inner beauty only when,
    your feathers start falling off and show up.

  • _vaish 12w

    Sometimes the way out you are
    looking for
    Are right in front of you but not
    visible to you because they are
    not in the same language that you
    know. For you have to learn that language to Get out!

  • _vaish 12w

    Through what
    You go through!


  • _vaish 12w

    By unknown writer

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    Black & white
    Keys give melody

  • _vaish 12w


    As i look up to you with euphoria,
    Feeling myself. cool breeze over
    me smiling to your vibrant colour's..

    Smile! People are making memories capturing your canopy of colours
    .Clear as crystal in Aurora.
    I feel the deep breaths as i see you.

    Sun shade between your clouds,
    How the rays extends till me
    crossing those walls and give
    way to raise and shine

    Your pink and purple shades
    Displays the ethereal artistry
    of nature.And The greys manifiests
    its time to rain! Darkness is put to
    an end and its time to shine again!