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  • a_dream_book 63w

    In my way :)

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  • a_dream_book 63w

    Thank You so much
    @writersnetwork for the repost[4]��♥️
    I love you��♥️

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    If I were a zephyr
    you randomly
    feel through
    the window beside
    your couch,

    Will you
    feel my soft,
    gentle cwtch
    olfact my fragrance
    of heartstrings
    hear my deep
    whisper of hiraeth?

    If I were a flower
    you randomly
    see in your lawn,

    will you
    be allured by my
    pulchritudinous petals
    realize why I bloom
    everyday to wither
    pick me in your hand
    to keep until I wilt?

    And Darling,

    I'm a half written
    unloved poetry
    living in a parchment,
    on the right corner
    of your table,

    I die every blink of an eye
    to know whether
    you will complete and
    keep me inside the drawer
    crumble, tore apart and
    throw me outside your room.


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    Thanks for the ❤ @writersnetwork ��

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  • a_dream_book 65w

    I would like to tag here each and every Gems traveling with me since my first day.. but our home doesn't allow us to do.. I'm thankful to all of you sweet souls!

    //I didn't string the words with metaphors and simile here.This post mirrors my heart in simple verses.//

    Thank you very much for
    the repost[3] Dear♥️ @writersnetwork ��

    @fromwitchpen @itsme_ashh

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    M I R A K E E

    A Cute Little Journey!


    >>>M I R A K E E<<<
    ~is not just a word but an EMOTION~

    Life is all about ups and downs
    On the toughest days of life
    Some said writing heals
    Some said reading heals
    And some said Your beloved hobby heals
    I've never believed in any.

    At some point I thought
    why couldn't I write my Heart
    as well as others when I lost my voice.
    I found the platform called "Mirakee"
    I became a mirakeean named
    and how cute, My first post was about "Dreams"

    I received so many likes, comments and also reposts from the Gems already inlaid Here more than I expected. I have never knew whether my writings were perfect or not since I was not a poet or writer. The way they encouraged made me write more and daily. I was unaware of mirakee prompt. Hence I wrote some own pieces from my heart.

    This moment, I can't even believe that I have written 75 posts, I have 645 hearts to read my words and I cherish all happened in just 7 weeks of my new journey. I'm overwhelmed with tears.
    These are all may be nothing or imbecile to some people, but for me this is so very unexpected and I never ever believed in whatever I had now. A new talent in me was discovered because of you, Mirakee. And I love you more for this worthy reason!

    Followers became Family when they care more than who is beside us. When they encourage and motivate and also help in gain more knowledge about this application without knowing even gender, name, city, black or white, rich or poor and so on.

    The novel and exquisite experiences I have here are, When Writersnetwork reposts they adore the community and everyone congratulates each other with pleasure as I said above without even knowing them.

    I love being here because People are here see
    the ink and heart not more than that!
    And I love this new World called "MIRAKEE"
    And also most importantly, the Family I have here are my Gems I got luckily I would die to treasure them for.
    Not for words sake, I convey this from my heart.
    I adore you all and I'm so grateful to you Mirakee(home)!

    -Sana || 14-02-2021

  • a_dream_book 65w

    I purple you all mirakee family��!

    PC : @a_dream_book (Me)��

    Thank you for the ❤ @writersnetwork ��

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  • a_dream_book 65w

    Let's fall in love,
    where my eyes speak
    your heart listens.

    Let's fall in love,
    where you write poetry
    through my hand.

    Let's fall in love,
    where promises live
    in endeavors than words.

    Let's fall in love,
    where ferocity immersed
    in essence of lenity.

    Let's fall in love,
    where melancholy withers
    and euphoria blossoms.

    Let's fall in love,
    where my selcouth beauty
    lures you towards forever!

    /And Darling,
    Abduct me to the world
    where forlorn eyes
    and caged souls never hide
    behind smiling faces!/



    PC: @a_dream_book
    Thank you @writersnetwork for the ��
    You've never forgot to like mine!��

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  • a_dream_book 65w

    When I was a wee bairn
    I planted a little tree at
    shady corner of my Garden
    Every day, dawn to dusk,
    I hastened excitedly
    from home to garden.
    And happily I watered my little tree.
    A few days passed,
    An anticipation came over me
    why could not my little
    tree turn into a big tree
    I was watering with nostalgia
    for when it would get bigger
    I didn’t know the biorhythm
    since I was a kid
    In course of time I neglected
    visiting the garden
    Infancy was over and
    juvenescence has begun
    I had gone abroad for
    my tertiary school and returned
    home as a jobholder
    That huge tree in my garden
    greeted me by trembling his branches
    I stared at him with amazement
    and the thoughts of our old days
    penetrated my head
    I breached the confined curbs
    and melancholy in
    his shadow, warmth, serenity
    and love, I laid on his lap for a while.
    From childhood to old age
    We are in a hurtle to run towards
    something and
    We forget to enjoy the
    tiny little raptures in between.



    @writersnetwork thank you for the ❤

    #lifestages #fiction

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  • a_dream_book 65w

    And Darling,
    I never desired on
    Your promises to
    Stars and Moon,
    as they are
    just the words
    strung in a sentence
    When our hearts beat
    the rhythm of
    love beyond eternity
    Love me like
    a neonate loves
    his mother
    for no reason!



    PC : @a_dream_book
    Thank you for the �� @writersnetwork

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  • a_dream_book 65w

    It was a beautiful dawn.
    While the Sun stirs,
    he peers his head out from
    underneath a blanket of
    the wintry night sky.
    He kissed my face and
    was ready to embrace
    the world again.

    And I,
    I slowly opened my
    heavy eyelids,
    I inhaled the morning dew,
    My clinomania ends.
    I stood by the window and
    gazed at my Garden.

    Basking butterflies
    Sprouting Seeds
    Chirping Birds
    Spinning Spiders
    Dancing Daffodils
    Sanctuarizing Trees
    implied "It's a new day,
    fresh and young!"

    The zephyr whispered
    "It's another Day of your Life,
    and you are alive
    as your eyes captured
    another sun rise;
    it's time to rise and shine
    and you deserve happiness.
    Perhaps, not everyone is
    guaranteed for next Day!"

    And that moment,
    I valued the existence
    of myself!



    It's long yet serene��
    PC: @a_dream_book

    Thanks for the ❤ @writersnetwork ��

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  • a_dream_book 66w

    I'm a Pisces -)-(- Girl !

    Yes, I'm a pisces girl lives in two worlds,
    the real world and the spiritual or mystical where I interpret what I see into what I want. I do this to avoid all the reality of misery and suffering in the world. I have extremes of emotions and feel both good and bad intensively.

    My heart is as enormous as the universe, if only people would see that. I'm a simple person often dreaming, constantly trying to find out the meaning. I'm good at understanding people for I have the ability to delve into the psyche see behind the person's motivations.

    Neptune is the ruling planet of mine and it is the planet of oneness and imagination. I'm intuitive and that helps me to take the right decisions. I'm always ready to help people who needs me in life. I have a very honest and idealistic approach to life. I always follow my heart and pave my own way.

    I get along with many types of people. I'm a great listener with good memory. I never mind doing even the smallest of things to make someone happy. If someone breaks my heart I go through a long stage of sadness and I realize my own strength and get over it.

    As I am a pisces, I prefer a partner who would love me beyond time. I love to surprise my partner in different ways and that makes me a thoughtful person in love. I'm too sensitive when it comes to my feelings and I can't express my love openly. But I like to be mushy at times. My kisses are passionate and I'm an ideal partner everyone would love to have.

    A pisces heart is the most tender of all the signs and that heart must be handled with delicate care.



    I'm so thankful to each and every soul read this��
    And It's my first long write-up.��

    PC: @a_dream_book

    Thank you for the repost[2]! @writersnetwork ��

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