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  • a_messy_perfection_ 2w

    I have the courage to ditch that scarf
    I have the guts to seperate those threads
    And clip the ties that held me binded to our past
    I got the strength to look back
    Right into the eyes of your stories
    And say I cherish you, but I have moved past
    I can seperate the need of feeling and wanting the human
    I can break free from the helplessness of choices
    And see you as a part that made me, not a scar
    I have the will and power to say I am over your senses
    And the Cologne that lingered like breath
    I have the love I have always been desperate for
    I can finally say
    I'm stopped reliving you...

  • a_messy_perfection_ 4w

    There's this little secret added to my diary
    The secret feeling of a single moment, those 3 minutes 46 seconds
    Where peace got a new definition
    Where home was shelled in a new address
    The moment where eyes were closed but the heart was receiving
    A home that was caring, a moment no longer deceiving
    This little secret started on his shoulder and ended in my heart
    Tranquil the tap when his cheek rested on my hair
    Smothered in the scent of magic this secret was born
    Like folklore known to many but felt by just one
    I'll treasure the moment that held time still
    As dreamy as unicorns, as true as a nightingale
    A moment tenderly crafted by childish love
    One moment built with care and a lots of trust...

  • a_messy_perfection_ 4w

    Ek aisi qaid se nikal paana aasaan hai jaha bediyon ne aapka shareer jakad kar rakha ho,
    Par agar mann ke pankho par bediyaan bandhi ho toh use todna ek raat ki chalaki nahi
    Har din ke sabar ka tinka, har himmat ki boond
    Har umeed ki dhundhli kiran milkar hi tod paati hai..

  • a_messy_perfection_ 6w

    The kind of observer
    You are reading a book and you bookmark the page. You get busy but then two days later feel like reading again. You ask him to pass you the book and he passes the exact same book from the whole bunch of scattered books!


  • a_messy_perfection_ 7w

    Aap chronology samajhiye

    Earlier women simply had cloth wrapped or draped around their bodies and they roamed around and worked freely. One day, someone got a bad intention seeded in his brain. Then? Behold the introduction of women's role in the house! She is safe when she's in. Women, protected. His seed started growing and never stopped. The intention was a new normal enemy.
    Years later, the seed grew and branched further, like a sapling. Now the intentional person came inside the house and used the super power of imagination to get lost in the thoughts of what hides behind the drape. Behold the introduction of Parda! Because women should be protected from the evil right? Hmm... So women, protected and the sapling, it remains and branches out further.
    Years passed by and this superpower of imagination evolved to look past the parda (covering or extra layer of cloth) making eyes an x-ray machine. Oh no! Women needs to be protected! Layers added to the dressing and house was the best spot for spending a life. The x ray machine's evolution never stopped. But women were so amazingly protected yet again. Welcome the new normal enemy, x-ray vision.
    Years passed, the sapling grew into a small tree. It was now getting leaves of lust which didn't care about consent. The branches now took over movements of hands and legs too. After so long, or rather after the new normal was no more new, women again started stepping out into the world, in public places too. The branches now were so excited that they moved hands and legs and eyes to follow every single beauty they found appeasing.
    Oh no! Women needs protection! Dear women, you should carry a cutter, pepper spray, knife or chilli powder with you for your safety. Come home early ok? Dark place, no no, not at all. Hush, women are protected again! Oopsie! No one thought about the tree? Well, it never stopped growing. Welcome the new normal enemy, eveteasing, public teasing and unwanted touch.
    Well, guess what, new normal was also not new after few years. The tree was now strong, at both the ends, trunk standing tall and roots grabbing the base firm. It began bearing fruits, rather poisonous fruits that had seeds of rape culture in it. Cases of rape started coming up like a chain reaction, one after another! Oh God! Not again! Women needs to be protected urgently!!! So the earlier restrictions grew a little stronger, but this time, law stepped in. New rules, new laws and acts that said the judiciary and law is available 24*7 for getting you justice in any kind of wrong acts anywhere in the country, just name them once. Now this was on the top level of hierarchy so it will definitely take time to reach down to the lowest levels. Till that time, a new normal entered, rape culture. Examples of earlier life and restrictions started justifying the whys of current scenario. Protecting women is important after all! When the law stepped in, the trees started feeling insecure about not being anonymous anymore. Hmm... What to do? Let's kill the victim, no recognition, no punishment, simple right?
    Guess the new normal now? Rape and murder...
    It's not a fight against just those who grow heinous all of sudden, it's a fight against that one wrong direction of steps taken in the past and the ripple effect it caused all these years that waved higher with each ripple! The tree is strong, firm at its roots, its evolving too, everyday. It's not a time to accept the new normal and not a time to take revenge wrongfully by doing the exact same thing the fight is for. It's not a time to get stuck in loops of blame games.
    It's time for uprooting the tree, one blow at a time. Every voice raised is a blow on the tree, every blow is important. Aap chronology samajhiye, new normal ke tareeke nahi..!

  • a_messy_perfection_ 7w

    Wanting to be by their side is not enough
    They should be ready to let you be by their side


  • a_messy_perfection_ 9w

    "The day wasn't that good though but i guess visiting the cafe would make it better. The bell tinkling like delicate anklets with the swinging door, the wind chimes by the second window to the right, it's perfect as ever!
    'An espresso and one cinnamon roll please'
    That always goes well with Murakami."
    The bell tinkles again and he turns to see who entered. Grace
    "She's here on a weekday? Probably her day off. A little bow, that bright smile and soft tones of greetings, how is she never off her charm. She will surely take the second chair to the right by the wind chimes and flicker it slightly, a kid discovering the new environment? Sweet. It's time for those school kids to pass by. It's strange how you form a connection with someone you never even spoke to, just saw everyday that's it. There's something that connects them, I constantly see those colorful threads between hearts, they are binded isn't it? Her thread is turquoise, serene with a tinge of depth, love with unanswered whys, warmth of deep water with chills of ice. One cafe mocha and a walnut muffin, wait, why was I so sure about this, tee hee. Hair will be a problem. She ties her hair in a messy bun like an artist giving a flawless curve to the beauty she creates. She's creating herself every moment though. When she chose to greet the doorman, when she chose to wave the kids goodbye, when that day she chose to embrace my weakest self, when that day she fell asleep in my lap, when she chose to end the silly fight and sit by the balcony with her warm caramelized coffee treat, when she said I mean the world to her, when she said she will cherish our bond forever, when she made my little bunch of precious moments our eternity, when she braced my arm while walking, when she signed up to be a teammate in my struggles, she was creating Grace. Grace, the twirling ball of soothing sighs, the glorious sunsets and peaceful sunrise, the footprints of giggling spring and cool fall, the glaze of tropical water on corals spread all along. She created herself in to y bits and look, she's creating an art still. She's licking the corner of her mouth again for the last bit of sweetness of the coffee.
    'Sir, your order.'
    The cafe is buzzling, kids and elderly and the young. The second window to the right has the view of school kids, but the elderly couple there just flashed their brightest smiles, no waving hi or goodbye. The kids did though. Guess they saw her too.
    I feel you...

  • a_messy_perfection_ 10w

    The two hands they are cupping around my world with their cold
    I am longing for the warmth engulfed in your embrace
    The world's closing in on my sanity
    I crave for the bravery you gave
    There's this dark abyss I hate to face
    Darling I wish your brightness never left my site
    This war is getting dense and the weapons are blunt
    I am yearning for the strength of your words
    I am a fighter, I will make it through
    I am strong, I'll rise like a Phoenix too
    But on days when eyelids feel heavy blocking the tears
    I long for your caressing fingers on my face

  • a_messy_perfection_ 12w

    Do you remember me?
    Do you remember the smile I had
    When you shyly gave me that rose,
    Or the trembles you felt on my hand
    When you held them for the first time,
    Do you remember?

    Do you remember the day when I wore your sweatshirt
    And I made you laugh with those dangling loose sleeves,
    Or the pillow fight we had
    Just because we both wanted that last slice of pizza,
    Do you remember?

    Do you remember the evening strolls in the park
    Or cycling by the bay?
    Or the cozy evenings in the house
    With my head on your lap and you reading our favorite stories to me,
    Do you remember?

    Do you remember the time when you had to be a busy bee
    When you were not able to call me the whole day,
    But you still managed to make my day
    With the simple text saying you missed me that day,
    Do you remember?

    Do you remember the bond we had
    The emotions we shared?
    Or those hard moments
    That forged our bond with each passing moment,
    Do you remember?

    Do you remember the storms that felt like breeze
    Just because we had each other,
    Or the little things that built up to be a big bliss
    That enlightened the love in our hearts,
    Do you remember?

  • a_messy_perfection_ 12w

    The song started playing
    A chorus trickling through a melody serene
    Clueless what the verses hide
    Possibly different stories as verses ticking by
    One at a time.

    The verse I thought would stay
    The verse ended soon
    The verse I thought is a short eternity
    The verse turned out to be a disdain soon
    And all I knew when the chorus started for the first time
    I wanted this verse to never be seen
    Never be in this song of mine.

    The verse started again when I wanted to go numb
    The verse made me listen to melodies and thumping drums
    Soft music? No! I wanted it to boom a little louder
    Each time the piano tunes played in the background the same chords
    This verse took over, only words now hover
    The melodies faded and so did my nerves
    The verse I thought was perfect was just an imaginary cloud
    Neither too soft to soothe nor really loud
    The verse I sensed wasn’t perfect but wrong
    And when the chorus started again,
    I realized the verse was long gone.

    The verse started again when this time I faced the music
    Enough of just thuds and giggles
    I wanted this verse to be perfect like it belonged to me
    With this verse I kept humming the song in me
    The verse turned unique when it reached halfway
    I wanted this verse to be a never-ending syllable
    The verse in the next half sounded like a different chord
    The verse I thought would be till I tattooed my smile permanently
    Ended smoothly in the middle of the hallway.

    The chorus began, but this time like space
    It carried celestials of the verses that played
    The chorus neither made me numb nor smile
    I reckon understanding the chorus took me a little more while
    The humming was prominent, the chords were dissolved
    Like greens behind the mist of a new dawn
    The chorus made my heart sway like no verse could
    The song is still playing
    But now I like listening to the chorus in loop…