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  • a_messy_perfection_ 17w

    Do you remember me?
    Do you remember the smile I had
    When you shyly gave me that rose,
    Or the trembles you felt on my hand
    When you held them for the first time,
    Do you remember?

    Do you remember the day when I wore your sweatshirt
    And I made you laugh with those dangling loose sleeves,
    Or the pillow fight we had
    Just because we both wanted that last slice of pizza,
    Do you remember?

    Do you remember the evening strolls in the park
    Or cycling by the bay?
    Or the cozy evenings in the house
    With my head on your lap and you reading our favorite stories to me,
    Do you remember?

    Do you remember the time when you had to be a busy bee
    When you were not able to call me the whole day,
    But you still managed to make my day
    With the simple text saying you missed me that day,
    Do you remember?

    Do you remember the bond we had
    The emotions we shared?
    Or those hard moments
    That forged our bond with each passing moment,
    Do you remember?

    Do you remember the storms that felt like breeze
    Just because we had each other,
    Or the little things that built up to be a big bliss
    That enlightened the love in our hearts,
    Do you remember?

  • a_messy_perfection_ 17w

    The song started playing
    A chorus trickling through a melody serene
    Clueless what the verses hide
    Possibly different stories as verses ticking by
    One at a time.

    The verse I thought would stay
    The verse ended soon
    The verse I thought is a short eternity
    The verse turned out to be a disdain soon
    And all I knew when the chorus started for the first time
    I wanted this verse to never be seen
    Never be in this song of mine.

    The verse started again when I wanted to go numb
    The verse made me listen to melodies and thumping drums
    Soft music? No! I wanted it to boom a little louder
    Each time the piano tunes played in the background the same chords
    This verse took over, only words now hover
    The melodies faded and so did my nerves
    The verse I thought was perfect was just an imaginary cloud
    Neither too soft to soothe nor really loud
    The verse I sensed wasn’t perfect but wrong
    And when the chorus started again,
    I realized the verse was long gone.

    The verse started again when this time I faced the music
    Enough of just thuds and giggles
    I wanted this verse to be perfect like it belonged to me
    With this verse I kept humming the song in me
    The verse turned unique when it reached halfway
    I wanted this verse to be a never-ending syllable
    The verse in the next half sounded like a different chord
    The verse I thought would be till I tattooed my smile permanently
    Ended smoothly in the middle of the hallway.

    The chorus began, but this time like space
    It carried celestials of the verses that played
    The chorus neither made me numb nor smile
    I reckon understanding the chorus took me a little more while
    The humming was prominent, the chords were dissolved
    Like greens behind the mist of a new dawn
    The chorus made my heart sway like no verse could
    The song is still playing
    But now I like listening to the chorus in loop…

  • a_messy_perfection_ 18w

    Being human mandates all kinds of thoughts and feelings
    What differentiates you is how you manage to filter those and reflect on what's right or good


  • a_messy_perfection_ 18w

    We know each other very well
    Not by touch or smell
    Not like i know your favorites or while shopping we gel
    I know him by the pauses he takes while narrating his day
    By the sighs of relief and stress
    By the voice of breath on call
    I know he's sound asleep
    I know him by the way he punctuates his texts
    By the number of commas and fullstop in a single sentence
    I know him by the five different tones of anger and irritation tinged with his definition of a bad day
    I know him by the way he chuckles in a unique way for a unique degree of happiness and excitement
    I know him by the tiny bits of expressions caught in a second of reaction
    By his trembles of hesitation when he says No worries
    I know him not by holding hands or forehead touch
    But by the way he looks in silence of the most gentle smile
    I know him not by the warmth of hugs
    But I know him by the grace of his sleepy whispers every night...

  • a_messy_perfection_ 18w

    Meeting you wasn't like I imagined
    It was like how the fall sneaks through the spring without a knock
    And we realize it's here only when every bit of nature is covered in scarlet hues of passion
    of love
    I met you like the waves greet the ocean
    But for a change, you came as a shell that stays with the shore
    Seeing you was how a child looks at the fireflies for the first time
    Wondering how this creature held the power to fade darkness with its spark
    Walking towards you was the longest stride and I wanted it to be slow
    For this moment was a cliche I would love to hang on forever
    I kept matching your laugh and chortles with the sighs I heard on calls
    Now I'd have a perfect picture for all your little emotions on my wall
    I kept rediscovering you with each minute spent teasing and smiling
    Kept drooling over the way you shy away
    But the horizon was near, I should have known
    To not let you see the ocean I hid behind a mountain too tall
    You spoke with the voice of wind chimes
    The echoes I cling on to even from a distance so far
    You expressed like silence
    Untouched by words, only eyes play their part
    We met like my lips meet to say your name
    Where the connection is momentary but the intimacy lingers
    And I slipped my heart in the slimmest benefit of doubt
    Like the sun shines through the dense canopy above
    All happening like I see the different shapes in the cloud
    Only I know the world I kept shaping with all your gestures and words said aloud
    We met like a rare treat of nature
    Momentary, yet humbly proud...


  • a_messy_perfection_ 18w

    Lo maan liya bekhauf ho tum
    Adaa par itrane wali hawa ki surkh rukh ho tum
    Alhad si ek rut ho
    Lo maan liya badalta waqt ho tum

    Theherna na seekha jisne
    Woh kalam ki likhawat ho tum
    Rang odhkar chale anjani si jo
    Woh titli ki udaan ho tum
    Alhad si ek rut ho
    Lo maan liya, phisalti ret ka kann ho tum

    Jo saya dhundhu toh kun-kuni si satane wali dhup ho tum
    Jo aashaa khoju toh na tootnewali umeed jo tum
    Lehron ki gehraai mein band koi raaz ho tum
    Lambe raaston ke intezaar ka ehsaas ho tum
    Alhad si ek rut ho
    Lo maan liya bekhauf si, bebaak ho tum

  • a_messy_perfection_ 18w

    The days veiled with silence
    are days that never stop screaming in the memory lane...

  • a_messy_perfection_ 19w

    Khamoshi ki kitaab kabhi padhna nahi sikhati
    Aahat aur ehsaas ka aina dikhati hai
    Khamoshiyon ki kahani panno par nahi
    Aksar aankhon ki gehrai mein doobi reh jaati hai
    Iss moti ko paana itna mushkil bhi nahi
    Fir bhi, doobna har ek ke bas ki nahi
    Nihatte jaa sako bas aisi duniya hai khamoshi
    Jaha kisi naqaab ka koi vajood nahi

  • a_messy_perfection_ 20w

    I always thought
    There might be a secret behind the big minds that are able to make sense out of every detail
    Turns out there's a simple trick to have a knack for
    Every pore
    Every part of the brain
    Every corner of the heart
    Including what's rusted with pain
    Every puzzle that's fixed despite the crack
    Every ounce of blood remaining
    That runs the big loop of hopeless memorial stuffs
    Break till the bits turn to dust
    Fall till the rustling leaves merge with the earths crust
    Dismantle till the very core where attention is needed
    And till the nook of your hidden faces, till the honest crux
    The secret lies in seeing the parts forbidden
    That never made it to the world in speech or silent emotion
    Everything that we ever quest for stays intact for us to see
    We ourselves are the whole we look for in abandoned, secret situations...

  • a_messy_perfection_ 20w

    Bikul yahi jagah thi
    Bilkul yahi mausam
    Bilkul yahi mai thi
    Bilkul yahi do dhadkan
    Aankhe mund bas naam le lu
    Toh lamha aaj bhi teher jaata hai
    Kaisi kahani chap gayi unn panno par
    Ki padhkar aaj bhi jazbaaton ka sailaab umad aata hai
    Rishta nahi ab na hi koi haq hai
    Tasveeron mein meri tumhara chehera kahi khoya hua sa, kahi ghum hai
    Saansein tham jaaye itni woh galiya tang hai
    Fir bhi unn hawaon mein teri mehek kisi khusbu si bedhang hai
    Kyu iss kadar aaj bhi mujhe tum rang jaate ho
    Kyu aaj bhi tees nahi bas gulaab bankar mann ko chu jaate ho
    Gulaal apne naam ka kyu mere rom rom par laga jaate ho
    Aaj bhi kyu apne shabdon ka swaad meri zubaan par chod jaate ho
    Jana nahi tha magar dobaara uss mod mai mud gayi
    Jaanti thi lautna mushkil hoga fir bhi tere angan mein kho gayi
    Jaha din raat ka bodh nahi waha shaam ke intezaar mein mashroof ho gayi
    Dekho na, ek baar fir mai tumhari ho gayi
    Bina umeed iss baar bhi tere naam se judkar sukoon paa gayi
    Tere chadar mein lipatkar mai bhi rangeen ho gayi
    Bilkul yahi jagah, yahi mausam, isi dhakan ki taal par mai thirak gayi
    Ek baar fir tere bina mai teri bankar reh gayi...