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  • a_silent_orchestra 11w

    Love extraodinare

    love extraordinaire
    you and your exuberant habit,
    me and my detained personality
    like water to fire, I tried,
    to cancel you every single time.

    your wings I clipped,
    restraining you and your soaring.
    i have my ideologies to loath,
    for not seeing what you were,
    the bird that needed to be set free.

    you told me once, of your father,
    you showed me once, the lashes,
    If i ever met him in the flesh,
    but I only need look in the mirror
    to see the man I have become today.

    in deep remorse even, i snigger
    for I have lost you, and you have found yourself,
    now go on you free bird,
    set fire to the old tradition,
    Oh, love extraodinare.

  • a_silent_orchestra 34w


    Sadness is not when we part for it ia inevitable
    Sadness is when we met for, we wouldn't have parted if we hadn't met in the first place.

  • a_silent_orchestra 52w

    Time and me

    Time it seems to be floating away
    I try to grasp it, with all my might
    like a fistful of sand, it streams away,
    a little sand remains as do memories.

    It was only yesterday
    That I was a chid,
    But yesterday I laid still
    Doing nothing but reminscing.

    As I remember my past,
    Not too good to me has it been
    But in a heartbeat will I give all away,
    Just to be in that sad old past.

    Cherish is all I can,
    In deep remorse with a gentle flicker,
    The memories of everything,
    Vivid, lost in time, yet priceless...

  • a_silent_orchestra 52w


    Why is success measured in money?

  • a_silent_orchestra 72w

    Rejuvenated and restored
    Just to be exfoliated again.


  • a_silent_orchestra 75w

    While walking down the path
    Of old memory lane
    Reminisced he hath
    All the sadness and pain.

    Of the people he had known
    And that girl he had loved
    The treachery he was shown
    And weak was he dubbed.

    He hath tried the good ol hangin'
    And of the neverending sleep,
    All the while his head was bangin'
    The remorse was yet not too deep,

    But he fought his way through
    The dark deep swamp of grief,
    For there were still people who
    Have had upon him their belief


  • a_silent_orchestra 75w


    There comes this moment of despair, when i am sad for no apparent reason, a shred of happiness is so afar, i am estranged and deranged, and in so many ways i am sad, i try to dig it up, find out the reason that is, but apparently there is none, there are so many yet there is none.

  • a_silent_orchestra 80w

    By unknown writer

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    The past is dark and scary

  • a_silent_orchestra 80w

    Oh my old friend you!
    Everything yet nothing,
    All of my senses keen and sharp but one,
    I don't know if I need you,
    I dont know if i can withstand, the light.
    Darkness, oh my old friend you.

  • a_silent_orchestra 96w


    I hide myself,
    Behind this smile,
    For it is merely a costume,
    To hide all the wounds,
    That are my sorrows and sadness,
    Because you have left,
    Left me wounded and in despair.