when they leave, don't ask them why! .......From Mumbai.

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  • abhishekkamble 6w

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    Image credit - instagram page ©jonihobiholiday
    Words in the image belongs to me!

    To my love,

    "If sky was a sea, we would have swam more dreams than we see the clouds". I had never doubted the sky even after listening to 'the sky is falling' but maybe I ironically existed to only day dream about 'thousand reasons why would it be' and if I had to convince the sky, I would say, "you don't have to drown me in, I am already a cloud floating, but I hope to capsize soon into your blues" so I keep finding shapes in them like a toddler and finding meanings like an adult. But that evening, a little in me changed, that was the first time, I stared the life into a falling raindrop, slipping miserably from my palms and I looked above the black and gray clouds to only find a sky that was so clear, the winds breezing through the jacket, stopped in the slits and pockets where I always covered the cold fingers.
    Every morning sky, where the wrinkled bed sheets, where the half filled jug, where the repeated songs, dominated me, she opened the door to the green grasses that waited for my barefooted walk, where the dew drops waited to heal the cracked feet, where her bangles rung the alarm and where the sun rose in my bedroom upon my eyelid, She changed 'the arm chair sleep' into sound snores and 'afternoon unbearable sky' into her shadows that played in me, every afternoon where my unread book was left opened, where the lunch never filled the stomach, where the TV turned blank, she always found an excuse to search the 'me'. She never hesitated to hold the story book for me to find a child in me, she knew the dusk's purple and reddish sky had him color blinded but she knows how to let him see the colors, she knows the biggest fear in me was when the sky turned black again, he will shiver for all the grays. So she never stopped me talking to the walls, instead she let me count the stars where I was left behind holding someone's finger who taught me how to walk and I would today say, 'you changed the skies I had once seen'.

    'Now I only the see the fluffy clouds,
    Romanticizing the shapes we see together'

    The boy whom you taught the colors


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  • abhishekkamble 9w

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    #love #romance #stories #shortstory #author #relatable #rains #stress #tension #writersnetwork #mirakee #ceesreposts #mumbai #citytales #monsoon

    Image credit to me

    Dedicated to someone special❤

    (Him,he = I )

    A rainy wall!
    She worn the summer as her eyes flew the airplanes she drew, they never flee but fell with their tips dampened upon the rainy condensed walls that moistened her fingers where she touched him when she longed for herself, where her braid opened the wet hair she showered with insecurities, where she danced the red nose away as he swayed her sneezes on his chest and where she smelled his t shirt's presence on herself, her silhouette struck her eyes and she felt her palm on the wall in anguish and bent over to lean on in distress, to only hammer the fist that once knew how to hide a little toffee, she heard how the thunderstorm snapped the pictures that midnight and how the metal sheds on terrace rusted one more year, she then sat down and rested her aches on the window sill as the umbrella out drew her name.
    He rubbed the window pane slid across the curtains that always played peekaboo, today with her sighs! The drizzles that lashed his face had her eyes looking frail, he was looking through her yet afar, she thought is he seeing those same needles falling down that loosened the stitches he had woven and that the thread from the woollen ball is worn out from the piece of cloth he wore but he knew she would never let the umbrella be thrown away, he knew the walls she had torn apart to believe the faith in him and she knew he will not keep the slate blank, but he didn't stop pondering over her blank stare, he knew he was a tear in her eyes, he couldn't fall into deep slumber unless he will dwell a 'hot tea with her curious talks' in her dreams.

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  • abhishekkamble 11w

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    Dedicated to mom❤

    #mothersday #mom #summer #backagain #ceesreposts #slampoetry #longverse #stories #poems #imaginary #love #tales #cities #shortstories

    Image credit to the unsplash.com
    Photo by - ©EdwardHowell

    One evening, I found a sunflower in your purse,
    A day before I found a candy in,
    I never knew if a chocolate too fit in,
    Then one afternoon I asked you,
    If you would hold the brush,
    So I could paint the water colors,
    On my page of abstract scribbles,
    You drew patiently while I rushed,
    You sat with me in the balcony then,
    Once the dusk came, I saw the traffic on lanes,
    You said, look at that glowing signal, popping lights!
    I never thought, if simple road had a luring sight,
    Where I threw the spoons and cups,
    You brought them again so I won't hiccup
    Little tiny gulps of cereals and soups,
    Is what a sour tongue would eat on a loop,
    You tip toed the tiny steps,
    So I could stand firm on heavy,
    You held the palms softly, so I could grip the rush hour train easily,
    You said, first word was papa, but I couldn't agree,
    I believe I had spoken thousand unsaid words before I spoke,
    But you know, in between the unsaid and said, I exclaimed,
    To call you maa, it took me some more aims,
    You know, I am still your child that used to wipe face on your dress,
    Just I know I am a little nights older than the last summer stress,
    You are my first glance though an unnoticed stare,
    I cannot be in the cradle again and I cannot swing at the funfare,
    But I know I can still tie the garland in your bun is that fair?
    I know that's not, cause I was good at entangles rather than triangles,
    In my math book, you taught me how shapes looks like,
    But really when I left your finger, I found you away than the obtuse angle,
    I know you still wait to have dinner and you will forever,
    So I promise to come home early today, won't that be a lie ever?
    When I removed the cloak of time, I found a changed me,
    You were yet the same mommy, you didn't age,
    Rather I aged between the years I lived and years I didn't,
    And I wish to feed you, my hand longs to touch softly those shying cheeks,
    I am not careless yet I broke your favorite vase of rose that day,
    But I know like always I would hold ears and say sorry,
    Without you i can't just find a way,
    I can't see you having any kind of a worry!

    PS: after a long writers block!

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    A melodious harmony!


  • abhishekkamble 21w

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @theultimateinsane @_still_in_mess @sou_scribbles_

    #hindi #shayari #zindagi #alfaaz #kavita #lines #poetry #shortverse #writersnetwork #life #inspire #motivation #defeat

    Image credit to unsplash.com
    Photo by - ©Eliecer Gallegos

    Thodisi shayari.....

    1)Mene dekha 'dhalte' samay me,
    Mene dekha 'dhalte' samay me,
    Tumne palko ko Jalate hue Kuch raste bhooja diye,
    Aur kisi ke dar par apni subah Chhod gaye,
    Malum hai mujhe Tum us raat asman me Chhat doondhte rahe

    2)Zindagi hai adalat na banao,
    Zindagi hai adalat na banao,
    Unhone toh rishwat se kharid li hai,
    Bas Tum apni sanso ko jubani na banao

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  • abhishekkamble 22w

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    #zindagi #life #writersnetwork #mirakee #shortverse #sadness #lost #fight #rains #summer #ceesreposts

    Toota ayna ( broken mirror)

    Mera Jeena hai ab us sapne tak,
    Jo Dekha Mene khudko bikharne tak,
    Uske baad hai Sab muqammal,
    Bas shayad hi hoga uske baad koi pal,
    Khali hai meri Yeh jholi,
    Rang toh hote hi hai, jaise Ho holi,
    Bas Mujhe unki baate rang degi thodi.

    Na rahegi koi shikayat Ankhein moondne par,
    Aur Yeh kisi ki shikayat na ho jaye yahi hai dar,
    Khair Jee raha hu apne saanso me,
    Warna me toh reh gaya un lakdiyo me,
    Jo jalenge ab mere jeene se,
    Lekin janaze par na rona mere,
    Jab na hi the tum kehlane ko mere.


    My life is devoted to that dream,
    Which I saw till I was weakened to bones,
    After that, completes everything,
    Leaving no moment for my life later,
    My bag is empty yet,
    But there are colors like the one's in 'Holi'
    Alas! I got covered by their camouflaging words.

    It won't be the same once I close my eyes,
    And I hope people won't complain even for it,
    Well I live in the breathes,
    Otherwise I was remained in the pyre,
    Now Burning as I live more,
    Don't worry, don't cry on my funeral,
    When I didn't belong to you all anymore.

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    Toota ayna


  • abhishekkamble 22w

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    #life #death #flock #birds #departure #home #love #finally #philosophy #hope #ceesreposts #writersnetwork #shortstory #story #unending

    Image credit to unsplash.com
    Photo by - ©AnnieSpratt

    Hospital walls

    A wavering spark got out from the grasses struck on in those small pots that found its way to flickering burns of the sun, Alas! The glass walls alleged themselves of mocking the patience, dying in their eyes, walls refrained from saying the least a prayer could do, weren't they culprit for illusioning those white lilies?
    When the sky outside turns so less assured, the walls will grow those bean stalk creepers, only to slither around the illness, going creepy. That Support even be a traitor for those who left the finger prints on a handle that grasped 'holding hands' , between the rhetorical questions that screamed from the cracks and fallen skin of the walls, there was always a dampened 'yes' or 'no' unheard, of whether you suffered to live or waited for the leaf to be blown!
    Can't the rainbows 'lie' without the clouds?you realize someday, the day is counting you when you count the days and I could finally see the flock of birds departing but couldn't see them across curtains, did I live for that 'moment' or died?

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  • abhishekkamble 24w

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    #lost #love #unromantic #story #broken #city #kahani #hindi #shortstory #incidents #feelings #writersnetwork #mirakee #life

    //Now suddenly you're asking for it back
    Could you tell me, where'd you get the nerve?
    Yeah, you could say you miss all that we had
    But I don't really care how bad it hurts
    When you broke me first//

    Song - You broke me first ©Tate Mcrae

    Image credit unsplash.com
    Photo by - ©JankoFerlič

    Tumhari marzi

    Us ghar me ab uske payal nahi zhumenge par mene bhi us dehleez se kaha is pyaar ke pehre ko andha karne, shayad uske shikayat ko usne pyaar mana aur apne jajbaato ko mera khyal, uski ahat toh hui, usse Pata tha aur usne kaha bhi, kya hum ab dhur ho sakte hai? kyu? Iska jawab toh aaj khoye hue un kagazo me hai Jaha humari der raat baatein hui.
    Lekin meri phalke abhi bhi Unhi tasveero me bandh hai Jaha Humne pehli baar is rishte ke Ankhon ko nayi duniya dikhayi thi bas wahi yaadein ab bandh Ankhon me hai, Usee yaad hoga na mene diye hue Phul usne bade dhyan Se pakadkar apne gale lagaye, un phulo me aaj uski mehak hogi par Is barsaat ko Fir na dikhana Chhate ka brahm, unhi boondo me ab bhig jaunga jo humare Chhate se roothkar gir gaye bas aaj nahi roka mene usee aur mere asuo ko usne apni marzi mana, kuch khushiya shayad hotho par hi hasti hai lekin Zindagi me nahi.

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  • abhishekkamble 25w

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    #sadness #life #shortstory #stories #incident #real #philosophy #fallen #depressed #lost #awaiting #fight #struggle #ceesreposts #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod

    Image credit to unsplash.com
    Picture by - ©ArtemMaltsev

    2017, 10pm

    Hunger and empty walls!

    Those neon lights got struck into his tired eyeballs as he could not walk straight to streets, he had a sullen face dropped to jaws for his guts were enough to show how much had he been carelessly seen.

    Thoughts of "Aree kal first exam hai" ran through his adrenaline that was scared of tumbling the balance under his feets, slowly he stumbled upon the burger joint that was already ridden in pockets, a sudden approach he made to the counter, shocked them.

    "Yes, what would you like to have?", Order taker asked with a gentle gesture

    Confused on what his throbbing hunger would scream over, he hesitantly ordered two Aloo Tikki,
    Order taker nodded his head and saw a spark in him that was never on the brink of closing down.

    While the watch was already late, chairs were quiet vacate, he sat over with a brooding posture that was well matured to question philosophy, order taker couldn't resist to talk him out as he got towards him tip toeing,

    "these hours barely had anyone coming over, I am surprised to see you", order taker said softly.

    He saw the order taker interrupting his calm temple, with a glare he uttered, "maybe few spaces are not to be trespassed, yes I have come cause I have no work?".

    The rude and prideful disguise was torn apart when the order taker spoke, "See little man, I understand maybe we know this on equal levels just less my age from yours? Maybe some strings are puppeting you?".

    He broke to the tiny drips, however not falling to pieces he said, "but that I know, I am just stuck, lately I have realized it had to be two burgers and not a full dinner!"

    Order taker sighed and looked quietly to say, see, we have to be left in some way? Maybe not every home is really a home right?

    He wished to say it all but ended up with a belittled yes, meanwhile from the counter someone spoke "hey this is your order thank you sir", He held the hot and freshly baked burgers and gave a slight cheers to his smile as he waved a bye to order taker.

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  • abhishekkamble 26w

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    #writersnetwork #shortpoetry #poetry #verses #life #unromantic #love #defeat #lost #photographs #poet #pod #ceesreposts

    Image credit to unsplash.com
    Photo by - ©JankoFerlič

    Kuch tasveero ko talashte Baitha,
    Pata laga bhuji hui mumbatti bhi Jami rahi,
    Uski Roshni ko na me Kaid kar saka, woh toh dhal gayi,
    Shayad Ankhon se par hatho se nahi,
    Kuch boonde bolne lagi us kanch ke tukde se sahi.


    I was searching for some pictures,
    But I came to know these candles have been together upon melting,
    I couldn't catch the flames, it was then extinguished,
    Not with the hands but with eyes,
    Some drops could speak through glass.

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    Mere tasveero me


  • abhishekkamble 26w

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    #missing #love #lost #northstar #guide #home #war #struggle #shortstory #stories #poet #writersnetwork #mirakee #ceesreposts

    Image credit to the unsplash.com
    Photo by - ©ScottHewitt

    Unimagined euphoria ( part 4)


    "These chips are tasty, mommy! Tomorrow I want to go out". He said with a stubborn expression having the last day of rejoiced vacation.

    "No we ain't going anywhere beta, we will prepare something nice at home for you" but the mommy was knowing how to get her disturbed kid into his tiny world of fairies that never flew.

    His slumber couldn't be more a sleep as he found his loosened control on over speeding the yellow gleam inside the tunnel as he was a shocked himself.

    The sign boards were only a merely ignored plates that had a wanderlust for every wheel that could slip down the line, his reddish turned eye stressed with yawns mixtured the emotional fury,

    "Man! How much more? I want to eat now I didn't even get sip of wines, I can't stop this whip on sideways, exclaimed while being irritated. Oh yes! One is away 50kms where buses halt too, not to be missed".

    As he went along the way, he found the magic in the myriad of tail lights, sometimes the pole star always lure you to stare at it for every twinkle would speak, "guide me home I ain't lost but I can't move".

    To be continued in part 5*

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