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  • abikrish 34w

    My thoughts

    Recently, I travelled in metro train. I was about to take a seat and I found an empty cigarette packet at its corner. I hesitated to sit there and took a seat adjacent to it.

    A man boarded in the next station. He took a seat opposite to where this cigarette packet was lying. He took it in his hand, crushed it and cooly kept it. I was wondering as "What is he doing"

    Few more stations passed by, he got out from the train and just dropped it in a dustbin and went away coolly

    I was amazed. How many of us will do that? I was reluctant to sit there, also running thoughts in my mind as why don't people throw away their wastes or take it with them!

    But this guy just changed my perspective. Instead of complaining its better to do, if possible. He also taught me that even our small action will create an impact in others. He didnt even know I learnt something from him

    Stay happy Spread love!❤️ Spread positivity


  • abikrish 37w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word one-liner on Memories

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    Bouquet of roses on spring from my beloved

  • abikrish 81w

    You are my painkiller,
    And now don't kill me giving pain.

  • abikrish 82w


    Pattern change of clouds reflects my feel,
    It soothes my soul amidst my scars

  • abikrish 88w

    I asked myself where do I get my happiness?

    I found in the smile of grandpa staying opposite to our house after conversing for few minutes with him. His smile indicates my happiness.

    It is after cooking for our loved ones. It also feels good, after encouraging people around us on their good deeds.

    After providing a meal to the staff who cleans our street gave happiness.

    Buying a biscuit pack for Tommy in my neighbours house and seeing him happily shaking his tail for me gave me a blush.

    It is everywhere around us. Live the moment. Spread love, spread positivity. Happiness is all around.

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    Happiness is all around

    I miss you and wandering for happiness,
    I struggled to get out of that moment.

    You went miles away from me to achieve your dream
    I encouraged and supported you, but I couldn't help myself.

    I slowly start to live the moment and found,
    My happiness is all around!

  • abikrish 96w

    It's hard for me to maintain silence to loved one. Is it wrong in expecting the same from them?

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    If you really love me, how can you not talk to me for days for whatever reason.

    Though I know you love me so much, yet am unable to figure out your nature.

    It's been a decade and love is still a mystery.
    Knowing you well, I agreed to exchange the ring.

    Was I trapped in Love?
    I still wonder what made me fall for you!

    Probably if I find the reason,
    Love might not prevail between us.

  • abikrish 104w

    Everything feels so fresh even now...
    More than a decade of friendship tat remains same,
    She feel very comfortable being with us and even if we ask her to go away, she doesn't wanna move. Her name is Love.

    Am definite, none could make justice as a partner as he does.
    I am not sure if he is my everything, but am sure that there could be nothing without him.

    Thanks to all our well wishers and special thanks to those who criticised us from behind

    Happy first anniversary my love!!! ❤️

    #nature #love #life #friendship #thoughts @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Happy anniversary!!!

    Decade of friendship remains the same
    My diary is full of your name

    Petty fights always gets vanished
    A year ago rings were exchanged

    We may have lost our track
    Love always pave way to repack❣️

    Cheers to all our well wishers
    For their constant support

    Kudos to our critisizers
    Who keeps us motivated

    Happy happy anniversary to us ❤️


  • abikrish 106w

    #love #writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli @geraldine_mary

    My heart skipped a beat when I cross our favourite place
    Tears roll down my eyes while listening alone to our favourite song

    Missing your annoying act which u silently enjoy
    Every second in ticking clock reminds me of you

    May this miles of separation helps us achieve a milestone of success
    My aura is with you always to console your loneliness ❤️��

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    Across the Miles!!!

    My heart skipped a beat when I cross our favourite place
    Every second in ticking clock reminds me of you

    May this miles of separation helps us achieve a milestone of success
    My aura is with you always to console your lonely soul ❤️


  • abikrish 116w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Annoying

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    My friend is not as annoying as my brother is!

  • abikrish 151w

    It's ur Presence which is a wonderful Present,
    And never those expensive matierialistic gifts