Love yourself, forgive the broken, accept defeat& strive for success

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  • adeahsmommy1587 18w


    There's always chaos in my mind.
    Running wild, one of a kind.
    Yet, somewhere in the mess it makes,
    There is peace to be found in its breaks.
    That piece is you, the sound of your voice,
    The touch of your hand, my heart's first choice.
    All of my chaos and my soul feels you.
    I yearn for your embrace, but what can I do?
    A vicious cycle day after day, it begins yet again.
    Always my forever until life's end.

  • adeahsmommy1587 19w

    I Trusted You

    I trusted you to love me, now I'm broken and I hurt;
    Remembering when my tears made mud, when we left us in the dirt.
    I trusted every word you said, even to this day I do.
    I can't let go, I've tried so hard,
    I'm stuck in love with you.
    I trusted we were stronger in the struggles we had beat.
    In the end we fought alone, we accepted our defeat.
    You did not want me, I could not love me,
    Both too blind to see.
    Time apart, we confessed a lot, but not enough to win.
    Instead we live in separate homes, indulging in our sin.

    I loved you then;
    I love you now,
    More than I did before...
    Always my forever
    Our story has so much more...

  • adeahsmommy1587 22w

    As Long As....

    As long as I'm still breathing, I will not accept defeat.
    As long as I'm your mommy, every struggle I will beat.
    As long as I do better than I did the day before, my pockets can remain empty, because my heart is never poor.

  • adeahsmommy1587 23w

    Control your emotions, your thoughts, and your pain.
    Your tongue will speak, before your thoughts become sane.

  • adeahsmommy1587 26w


    There was a time when your touch was the force that diffused all of my anger,
    And mine, made you forget I was once a stranger.

    Conscious of the cause we swore to refrain from ever causing that hurt again

    Because tears from a broken heart falling from the one we love, don't look good in pain

    Time goes by and love isn't trembling butterflies
    It eternal and dies when nobody tries

    Your trophy, your soul, your heart, or your crazy
    Fighting and screaming is the result of being selfish and lazy

    Sorry doesn't cut it when you want to be heard
    I'm truly sorry matters when I vow you're my forever, my always, and I mean EVERY word

    Even as adults sometimes we just wanna hear "looks good" even if it doesn't...we all have the artwork of a dog that looks like an exorcism gone bad lol.

    A hug when all we wanna do is punch thru brick walls, and even a moment of silence, and, told it's okay to cry.

    We are accustomed to the daily cycle of life. Explaining our reasons, defending our emotions, and justifying our actions.

    Forgetting two wrongs (double negative), don't make it right. (Only in mathematics)
    And by no means should we take an eye, for an eye.

    We are all unique and made in our own ways but one thing defeats all

  • adeahsmommy1587 27w


    No scar is made without a story to tell.
    Did you fall from heaven?
    Did you live through hell?

    Fights are lost,
    Battles are won.
    Did you look down the barrel, or did you hold the gun?

  • adeahsmommy1587 36w

    An Hour...

    Borrowed time, borrowed lives, borrowed hearts, and borrowed lies.
    An hour is all I need I swear, so listen to my cries.

    "And whom exactly would you get this hour from?"

    I'd like to borrow my own time.
    An hour from my past.
    It's the only time that matters.
    I need to make this last.
    I'd change a simple gesture, an answer, and reaction.
    I'd visit those old memories.
    I'd change every lost infraction.


    Because it was never supposed to be this way.
    A broken home to set our way.
    Nobody's time will ever matter.
    Nobody's but my own.

    Take me back to find all that's lost.
    To mend our broken souls.
    An hour will save our family's pain, and stop the tears that flow.

    An hour would save our child from tears, confusion, and it's pain.
    She'd have us both in just one house, beautifully insane.

    We didn't make our bed, we left that shit a mess.
    We wanted more from one another,and offered it up less.

    So all I need to borrow, is a simple guarantee;
    One that brings me back my love, and sets our burdens free.
    But even life can't guarantee that we wake at morning light.
    But at least we could stand together, one love, one fight.

  • adeahsmommy1587 44w


    A broken angel with intentions so pure.
    A smile of hope no matter the fear.
    Entrusting in words that have no intent,
    She believes and hopes, it's time well spent.
    She believes each day is a chance to change.
    To act, not speak, to rearrange.
    With a broken heart it's love she'll give.
    She embraces every moment that she is given to live.

  • adeahsmommy1587 44w


    If I could go back...
    I would face the facts...

    I would pay attention more,
    I would comment less.
    Listen to who needs heard,
    Not listen for them to confess.

    If I could back,
    I would have stood my ground.
    I wouldn't have gotten so lost,

    I'm happy I was found.

    If I could go back...
    I would face the facts...

    Like how you can't go back,
    It's in the past.
    Times are too short,
    It's memories that last.
    Our regrets becomes lessons,
    Once we accept what we can't change.
    Be your own destiny, rearrange.

  • adeahsmommy1587 45w


    Rimjhim falling from the sky.
    I see the angels have begun to cry...

    Soothing the soul, and easing the pain,
    Add some thunder, to this beautiful rain.
    Just like us, the clouds bottle up.
    Then they release. No words. Yup.

    So, open your mouth, catch a drop.
    We can puddy stomp, if this don't stop.
    Every storm runs out of rain.
    Like every heart heals from pain.
    Look out the window as you close your eyes.
    Hear, what you see, rimjhim is peace