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  • aditi_bhandari 46w

    Compliments that aren't about your physical appearance hit different

  • aditi_bhandari 49w

    The nightmare which used to trigger me every night is reality now
    And it does not even bother me

  • aditi_bhandari 57w

    Thank you to all men out there.....
    And a very happy brother's dayyy��

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    Being a man is not easy

    You go through all the stress and pain and don't let your family know
    You are not allowed to cry in public as it is not normal to do so
    You are pressurised by expectations of carrying your family alone on your shoulders
    You are pressurised for being strong and masculine

  • aditi_bhandari 58w

    Baate khud ki hi
    Khud se chupati hu m aajkl

  • aditi_bhandari 65w

    Just a thought�� or maybe a feeling ��

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    Sometimes the anxiety in your heart reminds you of what you feel
    You may be depressed all day and don't know what happened and then you see that one person and your anxiety vanishes like the darkness vanishes at the arrival of the sun

  • aditi_bhandari 83w

    So obsessed with fairness cream
    Thought it would complete all my dreams
    Who likes a girl who is brown????
    These words dragged us down

    "I got you a recipe, grab your seat!"
    "Oh that's so nice, I love to eat"
    "Oh no, not for food, it's for your face"
    These comments often made us debased

    Why to listen to society???
    They aren't my almighty
    "I love the color the colour of my skin
    And will show all them, how i win"

    She's too fat and she's too thin
    Look at her she does not have flawless skin
    Curvy slim tall or short, we all are girls
    Why does it even matter we have straight hair or curls

    "Be beautiful just the way you are"
    You don't need to be one
    As long as you have a good heart
    There is no better way to start

  • aditi_bhandari 91w

    Choose the one who makes you the only choice

  • aditi_bhandari 105w

    Best Comeback- I

    "Tumare parents to bade lambe h pr tum....."
    "Aunty aapke parents bhi to intelligent h pr aap..... "

  • aditi_bhandari 106w

    Some boys will be like not again����‍♀️��...... But I do think this need to be shared.....

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    Is world m girls
    ke lye itni saare problems
    wait kr rhi hoti h
    For e. g. lelo
    Agr chote kapde pehne to
    "she want to show
    herself off"
    Suit pehne to
    Ladko se baat kre to
    "character less"
    Baat na kre to

  • aditi_bhandari 106w


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    Ever fell in love with somebody, you know you can't be together with??