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  • adorable_girl 1h

    To rise the bloom

    Liquefy an aromatic tea,
    To start a good day,
    Jumping into work,
    To rise the bloom,
    Crafting an art,
    With excited hues,
    Falling into a,
    Dream called nap,
    An evening walk with,
    Friends in rustling breeze,
    And a eye conversation,
    With the dusky moon.

  • adorable_girl 1d

    As a...

    Remember me as a shadow,
    That never leaves you,
    Either you glow or not,
    As a weed that picks,
    The bad behavior in you,
    As a moon that bursts stress,
    Like a warm hug, that makes,
    You to sense the home nature,
    As a risk to challenge strength,
    As a regret to never face again,
    As a smile to sculpture the laughs,
    As a sorrow to unweighted the sadness,
    As a thorn to uplift the petals,
    As a larva to transform,
    As a kid who never forget to play,
    As a friend who supports you,
    As a soul that appreciates you,
    Remember me as good or bad,
    But am your fond of essence memories.

  • adorable_girl 5d


    She can be a magic,
    When butterflies fly around her,
    She can be explosion,
    When tears of cyclone drowns,
    She craves the tonight vibes,
    If freedom swings along in stars,
    She holds the self love and respect,
    To uplift her head with a grin,
    She ties her messy hair to work hard,
    To envy the reflects of sun,
    She revolves in her dreams into reality,
    As earth revolves around,
    She dare to be anywhere in it.

  • adorable_girl 6w

    Mondo of love

    Why I fell in love?
    What happens if your road divides?
    Might a destiny come to rejoin us!!
    Why he reflects me much?
    What is the magic behind that??
    Coz the fragrance of love overwhelmed.!!
    Why his efforts are so effective??
    To hold your hand constantly!!
    Why he fell in love with me?
    Coz your flaws are attractive!!
    Why I chooses him??
    You're his soulmate:
    Someone who holds the imperfect;

  • adorable_girl 9w

    Traveller Universe

    I wanna travel into a universe,
    Where every place is like,
    Full of architectures,
    Sculptured with love's.
    I wanna hang into universe,
    Where snow bliss the eyes,
    Flowers bloom the hearts,
    Autumn falls;Spring rises,
    I wanna ride into a universe,
    Where fragrance inhales,
    Chill embellishes the miles,
    Light engulfs the darkness,
    A place where the kinda of,
    Kindness matches the moon.

  • adorable_girl 10w

    Smiles on wrinkled faces

    Smiles flows like immortal,
    On a wrinkled faces,
    Shivering hands and legs,
    Embellished their journey,
    Remembering their story,
    Always swallow their hearts,
    One seed of love knot their,
    Relation into a couple,
    And reproduce into many branches,
    Finally the destiny made,
    Them into again one soul.

  • adorable_girl 10w

    Purest Gift's

    Bond that comes from inner soul,
    Take stands to hold your hands,
    Excites me on your every,
    Special day more than you,
    Rectifies my mistakes,
    Make silly unweird things,
    Even quarrel brings tranquil,
    After we hug each other,
    Best friends whom we never,
    Place them in friendszone,
    A comfort zone from the born,
    Might be am mature enough,
    To tell the love, but action can always.

  • adorable_girl 11w

    The cause for Euphoria

    The smiles of being with you,
    Touches the alluring moments,
    To travel beyond the sky,
    Takeoff to shower the blooming,
    The shores of paradise,
    Tend to tame thoroughly,
    To twinkle the sparkles.

  • adorable_girl 11w

    Finally flowering

    My road is frail with thorns,
    Fate is faithfully void,
    But actions as taken,
    To write the fairy tail,
    Facing the fears to,
    Come out with strength,
    Fighting for the roses,
    Conceive the dream echo,
    For every moment,
    Spraying the rainbow hues,
    On my limb roots,
    Finally flowering,
    Blooms in my heart.

  • adorable_girl 12w

    We are apart But....

    Staring at each other made,
    More talkative,
    Rather than words,
    Holding the hands,
    And for getting the miles,
    Facing loyalty became,
    The strength to stand by,
    Bearing the distance,
    Pulled the together,
    Looking into hidden,
    Fears and dares,
    Is an art of love,
    Seeing the stars in eyes
    Through telescope,
    Painted an achievement
    Collecting the butterflies,
    To fly high above the sky,
    We are apart but,
    The hearts worn the,
    One's oceans smiles.