Computers are predictable, humans are not.

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  • aesthete_novice 93w

    The salty scent of the sea and the horizon where glee and grief meet.

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    I saw a thousand star in the sky lying on the prickly soft grass. While listening to the cricket's chorus, I gazed at the moon. Neither I was in a mellow mood nor in a melancholic one. I laid motionless on the ground humming an old song. My eyes trying to close as my body surrendering. I thought about the rusty memories which were like mere photographs. Tried to feel the warmth of that sunny day at the beach and some recognizable voices were echoing in my ears. My fingers impelled to feel the warm golden sand but to my dismay, I felt numb cold grass. The salty scent of the sea and the horizon where glee and grief meet was crystal clear in my imagination. The sound of the foaming waves and the seagulls catching their prey were soothing my innumerable agonies and leisurely made me smile and gradually my soul started to abandon my body to begin a voyage to that same beach which was preserved in my memory as an old, crumbly and yellowed polaroid.

  • aesthete_novice 94w

    For the ones facing the heat!!

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    When all goes right,
    You got nothing to do.
    No hustle, no worries,
    No stress on you.

    No setbacks just sit back,
    On a lovely comfy couch;
    Take a moment to think,
    Where you've been and where you're now.

    You see my friend,
    You've come a long way,
    Fighting the odds,
    Willing to win someday.

    Hopes were with you,
    Even when you lost.
    The fears that controlled you,
    Are now the qualities that you boast.

    A butterfly was a caterpillar once,
    It gained it's beauty, being in a cocoon for months,
    Don't suffer to be the best,
    Just be better to outdo the rest.

    At last you need to take a deep breath,
    Steady yourself to face the next.
    Challenges are like the waves of the sea,
    To master them all, a stiff stone you have to be.

  • aesthete_novice 97w


    Hardwork must help me win,
    When talent cannot;
    Like the legs of an antelope helps it to escape ,
    When it's prideful antlers cannot.

    Through the years I tried to fight,
    But fought without the might I had;
    Then learnt to leap and growl and roar,
    And regained the confidence before ages I had.

    Started the journey in a bumpy way ,
    With trembling hands and shaky feet;
    Today I am on the top of the hill,
    With an intent mind filled more with dreams.

  • aesthete_novice 98w

    Give it read and then a thought!!!!

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    Heroes are praised, villains are not.Why?
    Because they are condemned. Let's narrow it down to smaller aspects, good and bad folks. We are well versed with both types but feed our complex minds with the good deeds of a good man. Perhaps everyone wants to be a good person, then why the world is still like this? Now here comes the magnificent role of the villains. They were just like the good guys but something or the other changed them. The real thing with villains are that they have found the other way out to do good and they are even smarter than the superheroes. They try to do their job in a different way to bring a greater effect on the people. Villains are similar to the night sky, neither the stars nor the moon, jusr the dark sky. We might have seen the dark sky without moon and stars because they can hide behind the clouds but darkness doesn't. But surprisingly it would be weird if the stars or the moon is without the dark sky which signifies the significance of iniquity in our lives.

    The most beautiful eyes have wept the most and the worst person was kindest before.

  • aesthete_novice 104w

    We aren't the same face we see in the mirror.

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    ____THAT FACE____

    I saw a bland and quiet face in the mirror;
    Wonder who can it be?
    I've seen that face crying often;
    Wonder what she needs?

    A chubby face with dark brown eyes with thin and less but beautiful hair,
    But also could see the cracked lips and the darkness below her eyes.

    So once I asked her, "What is it in your heart?".
    "What is it which holds you to smile?".
    "Tell me so I can help you,
    And assist you to walk a mile."

    She remained quiet and silent as dead,
    Like she was thinking deep to answer,
    Waiting for her answer I gazed at her lips pink but had numerous slits.

    For once I forgot that I asked her questions,
    She didn't spoke but raised her finger pointing at me,
    I couldn't understand at first but, understood everything gradually.

    The face was me and I was that face,
    Lost in darkness but still had that grace;
    Nothing to say now and nothing to hear,
    As everything I saw on the mirror was crystal clear.

  • aesthete_novice 109w

    Dedicated to the world we are seeing today.

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    A keyhole can show the world's insanity,
    From forbidden antiquities to modern profanity;
    Several faces whose stories are painful;
    Been cheated by people always being awful.
    Peeping through the notch I see,
    Such useful a keyhole can be.

    Folks becoming pessimists,
    Teens turning into narcissists;
    Downfall of the nations are excessive;
    As the society's mindset isn't much progressive.
    Peeping through the notch I see,
    Such useful a keyhole can be.

    The poor is seeking redemption,
    Their generations facing suppression;
    Trying to heal so as to recover;
    But still thr rich's misdeeds they're unable to uncover.
    Peeping through the notch I see,
    Such useful a keyhole can be.

    Men without diligence gaining glory,
    For achievement their soul is in a great hurry;
    Since they know infinite shortcuts to succeed;
    And reluctant to accept that their devastation is indeed.
    Peeping through the notch I see,
    Such useful a keyhole can be.

  • aesthete_novice 113w

    No extra love needed........I've got enough already.

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    Thought to make them the beginning of my poetry.....but ended up with writing for myself.

  • aesthete_novice 137w

    ____A FRAIL YOUNG LADY____

    She was the victim,
    She felt the pain.
    She wrote these words,
    Over and over again.

    Though she thought she was stronger,
    Though she thought to be a warrior,
    But little did she knew, she was a bird in a cage,
    Staring at the twilight after every sunset.

    She tried to escape the cold,
    She tried to gather some warmth.
    She tried to last as long,
    In her battle against life.

    Though she fought with all her might,
    Though she sought to live again.
    But little did she knew, she couldn't move,
    As the realms of her past held her tight.

  • aesthete_novice 152w


    If feelings are regarded abstract nouns then why do people always struggle for what can't be seen or touched instead just felt?

  • aesthete_novice 156w

    ____KIDS IN LOVE____

    We were the kids in love,
    Holding hands forever.
    Away from all the misconceptions,
    When we were the young kids in love.

    Time flew so swiftly,
    That we didn't even realise we became grownups kids,
    Holding hands wasn't enough now,
    But instead trying to explore each other,
    When we were the kids in love.

    Our love seemed endless like the horizon. Never really over,
    But now we were more pressurised to be something better,
    Conversations became short and we started letting each other go,
    But it was fun thinking about the things we did
    When we were the kids in love.

    Every story has an end, so does this,
    Love turned into malice this time,
    Pretending to be strangers.
    Never thought something would happen so worse,
    When we were the kids in love.